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Prosum Pro – The Best Assistant in the World of Innovations and Modern Technologies

Why Prosum Pro is the best assistant in the world of innovations

The best IT specialists from Prosum Pro will solve any technical problem. A great chance to get a full package of software services.

Prosum Pro – The Best Assistant in the World of Innovations and Modern Technologies

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Prosum Pro is an international software facility that successfully operates since 2014. Prosum Holdings’ main goal is to support businesses in IT consulting, software development, untangling issues, and challenges. The company provides a wide range of services, from disposable consultations to long–term maintenance.

The team of Prosum professionals includes experts with multi-year experience and attainments in different fields. The main goal of all specialists is to supply their customers with full-time assistance. Prosum Holdings ensures an accident-free functioning of the software system, controls each stage of establishment and operation and proposes the best innovative solutions.

Prosum Pro offers the following services:

  • independent software testing;
  • mobile application development and support;
  • turnkey decisions;
  • e-commerce decisions;
  • analysis of usability;
  • service of maintenance;
  • web and Intranet portal;
  • development of products and platforms;
  • optimization of business systems!

The company guarantees not only the process of software delivery but also the procedure of idea creation and concept elaboration.

Independent Software Testing

A unique complex of testing methods, instruments, and expertise is available for Prosum Holdings’ clients. Every customer can use:

  • standing test maintenance;
  • special lab;
  • mobile center;
  • qualification testing!

The enterprise is responsible for every step, from plan creation to post-production assistance.

Mobile Application Development and Support

The facility offers the creation of an app design, integration processes, and administration service. This option is accessible for Android and iOS users.

Turnkey Decisions

Qualitative software development demands a lot of time and effort as well as special knowledge. So, it is better to use professional advice to avoid hindering the firm progress.

E-commerce Decisions

Most sales procedures were digitalized, and all operations transformed into electronic format. That is why e-commerce decisions save businesses’ finance and effort. In addition, e-commerce solutions give companies more possibilities to achieve success on national and international levels.

Analysis of Usability

Prosum Pro analyzes attendance statistics and tries to simplify apps and websites to attract a wider audience. The Prosum team explores product features and determines their adjustment to usability standards.

Service of Maintenance

The facility provides an individual approach, daily phone support, and bug fix management.

Web and Intranet Portal

A well-structured online platform is important for every organization. To ensure unobstructed communication, Prosum Pro offers integration with payment systems, directory and share-point services, social media, and cloud services.

Development of Products and Platforms

The company creates an effective workflow and generative relations and increases product quality by providing a certified complex of software operations.

Optimizations of Business Systems

Business efficiency requires a lot of procedures like invoicing or payrolls, and Prosum Pro is ready to improve and simplify every one of them.

Prosum agency will satisfy the preferences of every customer by using verified methods and reliable techniques.

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