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Invoicing with Apps: How You Can Streamline Your Company’s Process

How to use invoicing app like FieldPulse

For the successful running of your company, you need to have a flawless invoicing system. But getting an impeccable invoicing system can only be possible if you have a devoted accounting team.

Now, what happens if you have too much on your plate and are unable to follow up on your payment effectively? Assume? Of course not! Or hire more accounting staff?

The best solution… Get an invoice app!

With an invoice app, you will streamline your company’s processes and ensure that you issue invoices on time. With just a click, you’ll know what invoices are still pending, what is already paid, and your online bank balance.

Amazing, right?

I know your next question, ‘which is the best invoicing app?’


While it’s possible to use PayPal to generate invoice for your customer, it has its own limitation that ultimately knocked it off as a good alternative.

Here Are Some Of The Best Invoicing Apps

However big or small your company is, you will benefit greatly from using an invoicing app. All you need is to choose the right app, and you will get amazed at how well it will streamline your company’s process.


Quickbooks is among the most popular invoice apps that is a must-have for your company. With Quickbooks, you will be able to update all invoices from one dashboard and automatically send the invoices to respective clients.

Using this invoicing app called Quickbooks, you’ll be able to know how your bill payment is affecting your cash flow.

And there is more… you’ll be able to connect the company’s online account to the app. This will enable you to eliminate the errors that would have occurred if you had entered the data manually.

The Cost: 15 Euros per month.


Do you need an invoicing app that have simple automated features that will carry out the invoicing on your behalf?

The app will create and send invoices as you concentrate on enlarging your business. You will no longer have to worry about tracking your expenses as the app will do this as well.

Beyond that, this app called FreshBooks also include a feature that accepts online payment, and this will make thing quite easy for you.


Wave is a free invoicing app that will only charge for payment, payroll or premium support.

If you are just starting off, Wave is a great app for your company as you’ll only pay for what you need.


Some of the best Wave features are customizations, the creation of recurring invoices, reminder settings, and column editing.

How To Streamline Your Company’s Processes Using Invoicing Apps

Even without a dedicated accounting team, it is still possible to streamline your processes and ensure that everything is perfect. With an invoicing app, you’ll be able to send out invoices on time and get your payment on time as well.

Here’s how an invoice app will ensure the smooth running of your company.

1. You will be more consistent

With an invoice app, you will be able to send the invoices on the day you promised your clients. It will also ensure that there will be no cases of double-invoicing, and this will win you more loyal clients. This is what you want, right?

2. You will achieve high accuracy levels in your company’s operations

It is common knowledge that humans are prone to errors… I mean, mistakes can occur even when you do everything to make things perfect.

But with an invoicing app, there is no room for errors! The app will track every invoice and ensure that there are no slip ups.

3. You will be more flexible in your operations

If you get a cloud-based invoicing app, it will be possible to invoice on the go, either using your phone or a tablet. When you get back to your office, you will follow up to ensure that everything worked out well.

With an invoicing app, you will no longer need to miss out on that important occasion. You will be able to work and make merry all at once!

4. There will be enough time to deal with more pressing issues

With the right invoicing app in place, you will free up some time so that you take care of growing your business. Once you import your clients’ data, it will be possible to make, print, and send an invoice to a client in less than a minute.

There will be no chances of delays in sending invoices and this will ensure that your cash flow is on point as well.

5. You will establish your brand’s identity

In addition to streamlining your operations using an invoicing app, you can add your company’s logo and color schemes to the automated invoice.

Every time a client receives an invoice on time that your brand’s identity is on it, his attachment to your company will grow.


And there is more you can achieve… sending customized messages using the app! A simple, ‘Thank You!’ will go a long way to enhance your brand image. You can even upsell your new product within the appreciation message.

6. The company’s operations will be more secure

Using an invoicing app is secure, contrary to what people think. In any case, how many cases get reported about fraud carried out by accountants or clients? Regardless of all this, companies still send paper invoices to their clients.

There are various security measures you can put in place to ensure that your connection is secure. For instance, you can encrypt your connection such that no fraudster will access your invoicing app without your knowledge.

7. It will save your company cost

How can I forget the greatest benefit you will get from an invoicing app? Saving on cost!

You will no longer have to employ a high number of accountants to send invoices and follow up on the payments. With the app, you can send the invoices yourself or employ a few people to do this.

If you have been struggling financially, the invoicing app will reduce your operating costs. You will still be able to serve your clients better than before and generate more revenue.


The important factor is getting the right invoicing app, preferably a cloud-powered app that you will use anywhere.

With the best invoicing app at your reach, you will have time to take care of more pressing issues without missing a deadline.

Like we’ve seen above, the cost you will pay to install the app is little, but the benefits are enormous. Your company’s operations will never get halted whether you are in the office or you are out having fun.

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