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Why You Should Start a Blog Today and How to Outrank Popular Sites without Backlinks

How to start a blog and outrank popular sites with little or no backlink

If social media platforms decide to permanently disable your account today, will you still be in business?

Will people still know you exist?

How else will you reach out to people that already know, like and trust you?

Or you’ve zeroed your mind that you wouldn’t mind starting all over again?

Well, you can say “God forbid” all you can but as long as you’re building your skyscrapers on another man’s land, the continuous existence of you as a personal brand on social media and that of your business depends on them.

Unfortunately, not many people have any contingency plan.

Those that will be badly hit when it happens are those online businesspeople using Facebook and Instagram as their only source of traffic.

If you are sitting on this table, I advise you to kindly come down because very soon, Mark Zuckerberg will scatter it and you will be tempted to blame it on unforeseen forces.

You’ve heard it time and time again that you do not have a sustainable business if you don’t have a platform of your own. This is unarguable.

Not only that, getting repeat customers on demand will be a struggle if you don’t have prospects and customers’ lists.

So where exactly should you start from right now?

1. Start a Blog in Your Business Niche

Starting a blog right now will help you achieve the following:

  • It will help you get organic traffic to your business.
  • It will serve as a platform where you can freely advertise your products and services without any hindrance.
  • It will serve as another stream of income as you continue to grow it.
  • Your prospects and customers will know exactly where to find you and only you without been distracted by your competitors.
  • It positions you as an expert in your industry. You can bank on your expert status (if you know how to) to earn in one day what many “hustling” entrepreneurs earn in a month. [I discuss this in my Inner Circle Program – send email to [email protected] to be part of it.]

2. Build Your Prospects’ and Customers’ Lists

Here are some verifiable reasons why building an email list is super important today:

  • You speak to your prospects and customers directly without any interference.
  • You won’t have to pay extra money to get a new customer if you have existing prospects or say a general list.
  • You can sell just anything to them as long as they remain in your list and Mark Zuckerberg won’t come for your head. You can achieve this through list segmentation.
  • Don’t gift Mark Zuckerberg your hard-earned money by running ads on Facebook or Instagram without directly or indirectly building your list (Email and Messenger bot) with it.

I’m writing this to pre-inform you because these platforms aren’t smiling anymore.

A few days ago, they unpublished a job vacancy post I shared on their job site, saying that it violated their job terms.

Why? Because I stated it specifically that I needed only 3 ladies and 2 young men, and living in a certain popular city was an advantage.

Can a small blog outrank a famous blog? The answer is yes. Here’s a unique strategy you can use to achieve it even you are completely new and unknown in your blogging niche.

A Simple Strategy You Can Use to Outrank Popular Sites on Search Engine Even without a Single Backlink

Timeroid Technique

I feel some kind of way when I see people struggling to make money from their blogs.

If it were those days I didn’t know much about how life works I would have been quick to say that they are lazy.

But you know, what?

Life has taught me that what I see as a common-sense may be a big deal for someone else. That has also taught me to appreciate what I know.

Let me explain what I mean before I dive right into the subject of discussion.

Ever since I started blogging professionally in September 2016, I have gone on to generate tens of thousands of dollars just by creating unique content on subjects a lot of people are interested in.

Over the years of doing this ONE THING every single day, I’ve been able to master exactly what profitable keywords to target, how to find low-hanging fruits in my niche and how to create attention-grabbing headlines.

I have focused my energy on learning one thing again and again and it will be silly of me to conclude that someone that is just starting out or has never invested the same amount of energy and creativity to this craft is lazy.

I’m not saying this to throw support for mediocrity but I just need you to know that there’s still hope for you if you find yourself struggling to make a living from your blog.

One of the ways I will prove that to you today is by teaching you a simple strategy you can use to outrank popular sites in your niche and stay on the first SERP for a long time. Yes, it is possible for a small blog to outrank famous blogs with a proper SEO strategy.

Here’s why this is important…

If your blog posts rank on the first page of search engine for profitable keywords (keywords that bring sales, either for you or your clients/sponsors) hitting $1,000 monthly will be the easiest thing you will ever do.

So the question is,

How do you make a new post rank so high even without a single backlink to it?

The answer is by using what we called, “Timeroid Technique.”

Timeroid technique is an SEO strategy where you create content about a future year or event and periodically update it with fresh content, and also manually re-index it every single time.

Good examples are;

“2030 Digital Marketing Trends”

“Top 100 United States-Trained Biafran Engineers”

“3 People President Trump Will Likely Hand Power Over To In 2023”

“3 Thought Leaders Most Likely To Marry In 2021”

Got the idea?

Looking at the last example above, your blog post on that subject will likely rank on the first page in 2021 if people go on the search engine to look for thought leaders that married in 2021.

If you are smart enough to utilize my strategy for appearing on FEATURED SNIPPET as explained in my Blogging Business Masterclass, you will not only rank No.1 but also appear on the featured snippet for multiple keywords.

Using timeroid technique can help you outrank your competitor even if your blog isn’t famous yet. I have put together an article that will teach you exactly how to increase your blog traffic to your e-commerce store and online course.

I do hope that you’ve learned something from this article today?

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