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Why Good Resume is Very Important

Why Having A Good Resume Is More Important Than You Think

Why is having a good resume very important?

You might have all the skills and an impressive amount of experience, but none of that matters if you can’t convey it with a convincing resume. But first…

What Is a Resume?

A resume is a brief written summary of a job applicant’s past employment history, education, and other pertinent information. The term resume is used primarily in America, where it has taken the place of the Latin expression curriculum vitae.

It’s with your resume that you make the first favourable impression on your prospective employer. If your resume is good, you have a chance of being invited for a face-to-face interview.

A good resume might be one of the most important documents that you will ever create because most employers won’t consider you unless your resume is amazing, outstanding and leaves nothing untouched.

Oftentimes, companies hire the services of human resource firms to help them sort out applicants with bad or unprofessional resumes and invite a few of those whose resumes are outstanding.

Considering the fact that you won’t be there when this thorough sorting will be carried out, it’s important that you pay rapt attention to why you must prepare the best resume you can ever think of.

In this article, we shall be showing you exactly why good resumes are so important for your economic future. So, if you’ve not sat down to articulate the importance of a well-written professional resume, now is the time to do so.

Why Having A Good Resume Is More Important Than You Think

Too Many Applicants

Employers are swamped with applications. It’s not uncommon for a manager to spend hours or days looking through numerous resumes in search of the ones with an explicit objective.

Not only that but from this huge pile they need to choose a dozen or fewer people to call for the interview. This is a dizzying amount of work and employers only have enough time to read resumes that immediately impress them.

So, if truly you need that job, your resume must be good enough to capture and keep their attention.

You have to literally fight the other applicants before even getting to the interview. And you know, what? The best way to do this is to have a great resume, especially one that has an impeccable design like those from Live Career.

When a resume is perfectly and professionally designed to look as good as it sounds, you stand the best chance of being called for the interview.

Convery Ability and Intelligence

You probably aren’t going for a job where writing is a major priority, but like it or not you are being harshly judged on your ability to write an outstanding resume.

An employer is more likely to trust your ability and respect your intelligence if your resume is perfectly written. Using the right words and phrases can mean the difference between being hired or being looked over.

Employers want workers who are capable and they want you to prove that before the interview.

Communication is becoming a highly-prized skill because you’ll need to communicate with other businesses, separate departments and nearby coworkers. Despite how important your hard skills are, they are no more enough to land you your dream job in our today’s society if you go about submitting a wacky resume. This is why so many resumes get rejected.

Consider this your first trial for showing how competent you are. Put your best foot forward and show the employer just how great you can be.

Impersonal Impression

The first impression is always the most important. This is especially true with employers. You can easily cover mistakes in the interview with clever language, get the manager to laugh or clarify certain points, but you can’t do that with a resume. Or can you?

This document gives the employer an impersonal look into how you write, convey yourself and what you have done in the past.

Many people dislike writing resumes because they are so impersonal, but you have to do it so that you can show employers how great you are during the interview.

Write your resume in a way that shows you are a professional and that you are worthy of the position that you are applying to.

7 Things You Must Keep Off Your Resume

If you are fully prepared to steal the attention of recruiters and make them give you the job there are top 7 irrelevant things you must not include in your resume.

On a normal day, these things are okay to be on your resume but when you understand that recruiters don’t have all the time, you must save them the stress of having to read things about you that don’t increase your chances of being hired.

These 7 things you must keep off your resume include but are not limited to:

  1. Do not include irrelevant work experiences in your resume that do not add up in increasing your chances of getting the job.
  2. Nobody cares to know your relationship status in a professional resume. Knock it off.
  3. Your hobbies aren’t relevant in a professional resume.
  4. Consciously avoid adding your age in a professional resume because it could be a hindrance to not giving the opportunity to come for a face-to-face interview. It’s not every company that adheres to anti-age discrimination law.
  5. Don’t include your upcoming vacation on your resume.
  6. Do not add your boss’ name on your resume except you are okay with them contacting him and you are 100% sure it will increase your chances of being hired.
  7. Adding short-term employment in your professional resume will completely damage your chances of becoming the preferred candidate.

Having understood what a resume is and what you should never include in your resume, let’s look at what resume parsing software is, why you need it, how it works and where to get one.

What Is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing software is an artificial intelligence tool used by recruiters to help them scan resumes from applicants written in multiple languages, analyze them and extract specific keywords, skills and other relevant information. With this AI tool, you can identify the best applicants suited for the job.

Why Should Your Company Use a Resume Parser?

A resume parser helps recruiters to screen applicants, making the hiring process a lot faster. You can visit this website to see how parsing technology is helping businesses like yours to electronically collect, store and organize large quantities of resumes.


A good resume is a perfect way to show that you are a professional. If you are wondering how to make your job application letter stand out, your resume should not be left out.

On the surface, resumes tell employers about your skills, experience and education. The truth is that they do so much more than that. They show how intelligent and capable you are, help distinguish you from other candidates and give employers their very first impression about you.

Be sure to really polish your resume before sending it so that employers get the right impression of you. If you are still thinking that resumes don’t work, please, think again.

A quick search around different career websites near you can give you access to resume templates you can model yours after if you have no idea where to start writing your own resume.

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