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5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is a Great Career Choice

Why cyber security is such a great career in the United States. The best ways to fight cybersecurity threats include
Cybersecurity jobs is a high paying job

Why is cybersecurity becoming such an important career choice? What do big brand companies and tech-enabled small businesses stand to gain when they hire cybersecurity experts in their firm? Why exactly do we need more cybersecurity professionals in various businesses today? And what’s the volume of cybersecurity threats in 2020?

According to Statista, between 2015 to 2018, global spending on cyber security rose to $66 billion as a result of numerous cyber threats.

Everyone is becoming more dependent on the latest inventions in systems, devices, and networks. From simple everyday technology like smart home door locks to more critical infrastructure used by corporate institutions, there seems to be no limit to human reliance on technology. The impact of IoT on businesses alone is a beauty to behold.

At the same time, news of cyber attacks is making headlines daily. The vulnerabilities in the systems that people have become so reliant on are exploited continuously by cybercriminals and terrorists. Individuals with malicious intent are adapting to the latest technology just as fast as the rest of us.

The obvious solution to cybercrime lies in the advancement of cybersecurity. Growing demand for professionals in this field is an expected consequence. White hats who can mitigate the constant stream of cyber security attacks are an invaluable asset, but this is not the only reason why you should consider a cybersecurity career.

To help you further understand why choosing to handle cyber security threats for corporations as a career is worth it, here are five genuine reasons.

Why Helping Companies Fight Cybersecurity Threats Will Make a Great Career

1. There is Zero Percent Unemployment in Cybersecurity

The US Bureau of Labor projects a 32% growth rate for employment in the cybersecurity industry. This is twice the growth rate for all occupations. The demand for professionals in this field is at an all-time high, yet there is a shortage of qualified people to take up these jobs.

A report by ISC showed this industry has one of the largest workforce gaps. Globally, the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals is close to 3 billion.  These numbers are proofs that when you choose a career in cybersecurity, you have a 100% chance of getting a job.

From research obtained, it was discovered that nothing less than 4 billion records, including credit card numbers, home addresses, phone numbers and other highly sensitive information have been exposed through data breaches in 2019 which is a case study year.

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2. The Pay is Great Even at Entry Level

If you have been contemplating embracing this profession and you want to know how much cyber security professionals make, we have good news for you.

Cybersecurity is one of the highest paying industries at the moment.  This is because of the high demand for professionals and the shortage of talented individuals. According to the US Bureau of Labor, the median wage in this industry as of 2018 was $98, 350. More qualified candidates earn much more, going up to six figures a year. With each advanced degree or certification, professionals are paid more. There are also contract agreements that offer one-off payments.

3. Your Career Growth is Guaranteed

The making of a cyber security expert and the various cybersecurity threats to fight

One fact that will always remain true about cybersecurity is that learning never stops. There’s always a new skill to master. The future of cybersecurity is in each day that comes with new cyber threats that translate into learning opportunities.

While working a cybersecurity job, you get to understand organization and risk management as well as decision making. Your professional value increases, making it much easier for you to get a better paying job. Getting advanced degrees and certifications unlocks even more opportunities in your career. The high volume of cybersecurity skills shortage is alarming.

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4. You Get to Work in Various Industries

Corporations such as banks and financial institutions are continually looking for ways to shore up their business network security in the face of continuous cyberattacks. The healthcare industry has moved to using electronic medical records. This translates to finding ways of protecting patients’ information and personal data. All these tasks call for qualified cybersecurity personnel.

In today’s digital era, every industry will require some level of information security. You will not be restricted to any particular industry while looking for a cybersecurity job. In fact, a cybersecurity degree can be gotten in addition to your first degree in any field.

5. It Gives Job Satisfaction

Jobs in cybersecurity may not be as glamorous as they seem in movies. You will not be jetting off to discreet locations at a moment’s notice to hack into terrorist networks. However, you will be making a real impact on the future of individuals and corporations. A serious shortage of cybersecurity experts is already costing companies millions of dollars annually. So can you see how effective your position will be?

As a professional in this industry, you will be constantly working to avert crises. Whether you are protecting customers’ valuable bank information, home security systems, or working on more critical infrastructure, the bottom line is you are keeping people safe. This is not a job to be taken lightly. When you look at the bigger picture, your individual contribution makes a lot of difference.

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For as long as cyber security threats exist, the demand for cybersecurity professionals will continue to grow. This industry is one of the few that guarantees you not only a job but also opportunities to grow your career.

The high pay is also a motivating factor for anyone looking for a stable profession. If the typical salary and growth of a cybersecurity professional do not tempt you, the prospects of job satisfaction will.

How would you like to work in the industry of your choice while making an impact? Cybersecurity is fused into many industries, from banking to healthcare. Furthermore, mitigating attacks that would have disastrous outcomes is a great thing to be doing on a daily basis. With these five reasons, it is clear that cyber security is a great career choice.


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