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What Does an Economic Expert Do?

What are the top roles of an economic expert in the United States

Who is an economic expert? What are the roles of economic authorities in sustaining small businesses? And how do you know when you need an economic expert?

Although an economic expert’s title might bring to mind some Wallstreet pro, who’s capable of taking down corporations and hedging their bets: real financial experts are incredibly trained professionals. These doctorate-level economists are pros at analyzing everything from damage statistics to economic loss and hardship. Despite their brilliant job, their court work makes them both friendly and capable of explaining anything in simple terms.

Who’s an Economic Expert?

An economic expert is a doctorate-level economist who serves as a key witness uniquely equipped to opine on damage calculations, wage disputes, business valuations, lost earnings, wage disputes, and other complex financial corporate issues, including securities and stock forecasting.

Here are the four unique things economic experts do that makes them so incredible.

1. One of the Roles of Economic Experts is to Look at the Validity of an Allegation

An essential part of an economic expert’s job is to study what caused a court case once one has sprung up. They will investigate the allegation and look for proof to see if it will have any court grounds. To gather this information, an economic expert would look at both hiring and employment data in a case like workplace discrimination and see if there are any trends to lead this to be true. If they realize it is true, there’s not much you can do for the court case- but if they discover it’s false: they can help you in court.

Who’s an expert by legal implication? An expert is someone who has special knowledge that may assist the trier of fact in making decisions about facts in a case.

One of the ways to know when you need an economic expert is the case of a wrongful dismissal where labor standards were infringed upon.


2. An Economic Expert Serves as an Expert Witness

In court, an economic expert helps show how the allegation is false and uses unbiased facts to prove it. They have to be extremely personable and capable of simplifying complex ideas and information so that the judge and jury can easily understand them. If they aren’t personable, they risk losing the case even if their information is correct. A company should review their previous issues and interview them thoroughly before hiring them to take on a topic.

Their main objective is to make it as straightforward as possible that the case should be thrown out if the information is in favor of the company. 

3. Economic Authorities Aid Small Businesses in Staying Open

Most small businesses can’t afford a large lawsuit. Not only is it time and energy the owner has to put into a court case, but it’s also money that they stand to lose in the court costs. Hiring an economic expert can help their chances of winning. If they lost, instead, most small businesses would have to fold. This would put many people out of work and could cost the business owner their livelihood. An economic expert is often the only thing standing between a business closing and staying open.

Since the rise of the COVID pandemic, over 400,000 small businesses have closed down in the United States.


4. Help a Company Avoid Future Lawsuits

They’re not just pros in court!  Economic experts are also fantastic at helping businesses prepare for and avoid future cases. They can do this by going over the numbers to show how a company may have biased hiring and tell them how they can fix this. Although their jobs are mostly numbers-based, this knowledge helps them know which tactics do and don’t work when they’re putting in the time, helping turn a business around.  

In the end, an economic expert is there to ensure your business stays open.  They can help you guard against a future lawsuit or help you prepare for a current one.  In court, they’re whip-smart and know what to do to help you win.

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