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10 Websites to Apply for Remote Jobs from Anywhere in the World

The pandemic has pushed the remote work culture to the forefront of corporate work. With the current trends, there’s no going back. Remote work is here to stay.

Websites where you can apply for remote jobs


If you want to know the top websites where you can apply for remote jobs from anywhere in the world, we

What’s better than spending hours on long commutes, getting home exhausted and having to repeat the cycle every day? Working from the comfort of your home! 

If you’re seriously considering working from home or from anywhere in the world, remote work has made it easy for you. 

Thanks to the pandemic, companies have begun to include options for remote work in their job offerings. This means you don’t have to come to the physical office to work. Currently, many workers are beginning to opt for the remote option. 

A study by the Bureau of Labour Statistics pegs the number to 27 % of the US workforce. That’s a lot of people if you think about it.

Thankfully, there are lots of websites to apply for remote jobs. In this article, we will explore the various websites you can apply for your desired remote jobs.

Websites Where You Can Apply for Remote Work

Securing remote work follows almost the same pattern as getting a commute work. You need to apply to job boards designated for it. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a remote job in Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Copywriting, Data Entry, etc. You can find any job on these websites. Some of the remote jobs you will get from these websites come with visa sponsorship.

Here are 10 websites you can apply to get remote jobs today.

1. FlexJobs

If you’re looking for a website that attracts fully remote companies, FlexJobs is the place to go. This website was founded by Sara Sutton who took the ‘If you can’t find it? Create it,’ mantra seriously. In 2007, she created one of the biggest remote job boards around.

So, what kind of jobs can you find on FlexJobs? Pretty much everything. Here, there are IT jobs like web development, data analysis and cybersecurity. 

You can also find administrative and accounting jobs, bookkeeping jobs, data entry jobs, digital marketing jobs, writing jobs, etc. on the website. All you need to do is sign up on FlexJobs and browse through your favorite category. You can never miss out on the best remote roles companies are hiring for if you follow FlexJobs corporation news.

2. Remotive 

If you are looking for technical jobs like software engineering, cloud computing, website development and cyber security, Remotive is the website you should visit. 

They have a wide range of jobs with their salaries clearly written on each job so that you know the financial premise of each job before you apply. The only downside to this website is that you may have to pay $75 to unlock more jobs. 

Given that cybersecurity experts earn $132,962 and web developers earn about $89,581 annually, you may want to consider paying the access fee. That way, you get to access more jobs. The goal is to apply to as many companies as possible.

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3. Remote.co

Wondering where to apply with your data entry and virtual assistant skills? Remote.co has job listings for administrative positions like data entry lead, virtual assistant, digital marketer, etc.

If you are ready to earn more, it’s time to sign up on this platform. And why not? You don’t need to keep your skills lying dormant or be underemployed when you can earn more in the global market, from the comfort of your home.

If you are a data entry expert, you can earn as much as $59,000 a year. Virtual assistants earn as much as $60,000 annually and $72,432 per year as a digital marketer. See why you need to get on this website and start applying immediately?

4. Remote OK

Remote OK is another website to apply for remote work. Here, you can be sure of a steady stream of job postings from companies all over the world, from the USA to Canada, Germany and other nations of the world. 

One of the major features of this website is that it allows you to have a quick glance at the skills that each job entails. 

With no access fee to pay, you can access hundreds of remote jobs in different industries ranging from IT to administration to communications and marketing.

5. We Work Remotely

Though this website has a balanced mix of tech jobs and non-tech jobs, you can find multiple writing and copywriting jobs here. It’s a great platform for anyone just making a transition into tech or desiring to switch to a tech career.

If you are looking to work for a company as their copywriter, start by signing up to this website and then go through the job postings. Whatever jobs you apply for, you can be sure that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

While we are at it, it’s worth noting that as a copywriter, you can earn an annual salary of $76,412. That’s enough motivation to start applying for writing jobs on this website right away.

6. Virtual Vocations

Looking for jobs as an accountant, administrator (virtual assistant), customer service professional, data entry expert, or writer? Virtual Vocation has got you covered. 

But that’s not all, you can also find suitable remote jobs if you are a video editor, teacher, graphic designer, etc. 

There are also job openings for people in healthcare, human resources Information Technology, marketing and the legal sector. Like most remote job websites, there is something for everyone.

Here’s a guide from Virtual Vocations that showcases how it works.

7. Working Nomads

According to working nomads, they have “100% remote job opportunities for those looking to start their telecommuting career.”

On this website, you can find from tech-inclined jobs like front-end and back-end development to non-tech jobs like writing and marketing jobs.

But mostly you will find tech-related jobs. That’s good news if you are in the tech industry. Just sign up and go through the multiple job postings that come in every day.

8. Indeed.com

Indeed is a hybrid job board that caters to both traditional office jobs and remote work. To get the best results, you will have to filter the search to show you only remote jobs.

That way, you get to see only jobs you can do from home. The good thing about Indeed.com is that they have been in the job market industry for a long time. This means that a lot of established companies bring their job postings to the website. 

So, if you put a lot of effort into your application – CV and portfolio – you can land a really good job with a Fortune 500 company.

9. Arc

This website is specifically developed as a job board for finding developers. If you are a web developer, front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer, you should be on this website

For those in the tech sector, Arc allows you to create a profile and apply for jobs. Depending on your skill level, you can apply for entry-level positions or senior developers positions. 

To make things easier, the website also matches you with the right companies based on the skill sets on your profile and the skills the company is looking for.

10. Upwork

Upwork is maintaining the tenth position because it is more of a freelancing site than a job board. But it does provide remote positions indirectly.

How? A company or client hires you for a one-off contract and you do the work and move on. If you do a good job, they may decide to recruit and retain you. See? That’s a winning situation for you.

So, while you may be looking for full-time or part-time remote work, you can also consider working on upwork as a freelancer in the meantime. Plus, there’s literally no kind of work you cannot find on Upwork.

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Towards a Better Work Freedom

The pandemic has pushed the remote work culture to the forefront of corporate work. With the current trends, there’s no going back. Remote work is here to stay.

To plug yourself into the system, you will need to find a website you can apply for a remote job. Find one that caters to your skill set and sign up as soon as you can and be diligent to apply to the ones that suit your skills.

Finally, work, as we know it has never been better. Send those applications today and get the ball rolling. You deserve to spend more time with your family and work from anywhere you want.

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