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10 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

When it comes to running a profitable e-commerce business, one of the best ways to achieve that is to drastically reduce shopping cart abandonment. It doesn’t matter whether you are based in the U.S., UK, Australia or Canada

In today’s article, we shall be looking at smart things e-commerce entrepreneurs can do to stop customers from abandoning their cart when trying to make a purchase online.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is when a potential buyer starts the checkout procedure for an online order but discontinues the process before completing the purchase.

On average, more than seventy percent of e-commerce carts are left making cart abandonment one of the top challenges for online businesses.

People leave their carts for many reasons and they’re all about inconvenience. The supposed ace of digital stores is the experience of shopping in the convenience of their own homes – comfort.

If your site gives your users any amount of uneasiness, purchases will be cancelled.

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Here are various reasons why customers abandon their cart and walk away without completing the purchase, thereby reducing e-commerce website conversion.

  • Distrust – People are sometimes uncomfortable giving credit card info online.
  • Surprisingly high shipping costs – Users get shocked knowing how much shipping costs for their order.
  • Complicated check out flow – People hate payment processes that are too complex and time-consuming.
  • Window shopping – Some people have no intentions to buy. They come to the site just to browse.
  • Limited payment options – Customers will pay in the way they want and if you don’t have their choice mode, carts will be abandoned.
  • High prices – Users have the capability to compare your prices with the competition. If you are too expensive, they’ll choose to shop with the other.
  • Technical issues – If you have an inefficient site, your users will and will bump into your errors and glitches.

If your goal as an e-commerce entrepreneur is to increase your sales volume then you should know how to avoid giving your customers these inconveniences that make them abandon their cart during their shopping process.

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Make sure that your customers have a good experience shopping on your site and win purchases.

Ten Effective Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here are tips that will get your users to complete their purchases. Some of these can even be used to better client experience in physical stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and every other parts of the world.

1. Offer Free Shipping

Shipping costs can be a make or break for your sales. Forty-four percent of online shoppers abandon carts because of shipping and handling costs. Shipping costs are the #1 reason for abandoned carts.

The antithesis of this is, of course, free shipping. It is a major selling point and incentive that can even win you against the competition.

2. Smart Use of Scarcity

Scarcity gives a feeling of urgency that urges users to buy ASAP. Whether it is the number of stocks or time, when you put a limit on it, there will be urgency.

One way is by showing product count. When your customer sees that there are only a few remaining products of a style or size they want, they will be driven to purchase out of thinking it could run out.

Another is by putting a countdown clock when running flash sales and special deals. The closer to the limit, the more urgent people feel and the more they find the need to purchase.

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3. More Payment Options

Around fifty-six percent of online shoppers agree that sites need more variety in payment options. Your target clientele will have a preference, so know it and mainline it.

However, the more options you have, the more convenient it is for anyone. You must include the basics i.e. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

The more options, the more convenient.

4. Flex Your Trustworthiness

People like to know if their purchase with you is going to be secure. You should display security badges and guarantees in your site to help instill confidence on your customers.

The top three most trusted badges are Norton, McAfee, and TRUSTe.

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5. Use Cart Saver Tools

There are digital tools you can use to recover abandoned carts and lead them to sales.

Here are some of the digital tools you can use to recover abandoned carts and lead them to sales the easiest way possible.

BigCommerce Cart Abandonment Software automatically sends a series of customizable emails to shoppers who abandoned their carts. It allows you to show them the items in their cart and remind them to return and checkout via email.

CareCart helps you recover revenue on your Shopify store using real-time tracking and email automation. It has a unique social marketing feature that improves your customer support and sales and push notifications.

Chatra Live Chat + Cart Saver plugin proactively contacts customers stuck on the checkout. It shows you important visitor information like location, what page they’re on, device, while automatically saving your conversation history.

A better workaround to save abandoned carts is better email automation. Kasandz.com will save you plenty of sales from becoming wasted opportunities.

You can run A/B Tests in a sequence, finding the best converting emails for those groups, and pump your emails with the best content that works. If you have good email copywriting skills, you will experience lesser shopping cart abandonment.

6. Make It Easy for Customers to Get in Touch

Shoppers ask a ton of questions during checkout and you have to make the solutions available and easy to access. Your FAQ page must be easy to find, and it would be wise to give them the option to directly reach out with via a chat feature.

7. Convenient Checkouts

Make the best checkout experience for your customers. Make it simple and fast. Remove unnecessary pages and streamline the payment process.

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You should also allow guest user checkouts. Some people dread “another sign-up”. Do not push it. When they have a convenient experience with your site and products, they will return and gladly sign-up. This is where Royal Cyber comes in, in helping your customers enjoy express checkout.

8. Cart Visibility

Some people who abandon carts save their items for consideration in their next visit on your site. If you want those items purchased, make sure that the client can see it, else, they will be forgotten.

Place a cart icon in a conspicuous area on your site.

9. Be Transparent

People getting surprised by hidden costs and charges, taxes and shipping expenses they will only see upon checkout abandon purchase.

Make all costs and charges clear and eliminate the illusion and trickery of inexpensiveness.

Apply calculator tools on your site so shoppers have a good estimate of the total amount they will pay at checkout.

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10. Good Customer Service

This encompasses the whole list. This is the foundation for all of the tips and tricks to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

When a customer feels the convenience and comfort of shopping in your store, they return the favor with purchase.

You will need e-commerce SEO services to convert your traffic to sales. Make sure that your site content is user-friendly and fit the type of person who would visit it. Know your market and make the best content for them.

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