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5 Unique Ways to Grow Your E-commerce Business in Australia Consistently

Strategies on how to grow your e-commerce business from home

Steady cash flow is the lifeblood of every successful business. To grow your e-commerce business, there are some unique strategies you must start applying.

In today’s article, we shall be looking at some simple yet uncommon marketing strategies of successful entrepreneurs in Australia like Sabri Suby, Ian Bentley, Jeff Bullas, Darren Rowse, Laurel Papworth, etc.

There’s no doubt that most businesses that came back from the brink achieved that using some of these strategies.

Here are the five practical marketing tactics small business owners in Australia can implement to grow their customer base:

1. Know your customers better than your competitors do

Gone are the days where all you needed to know about your customers in order to succeed in business are their gender, geography, demographics and other basic info.

Now, more than ever before, for you to grow your e-commerce business effortlessly, you must know the attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours of your ideal customers more than your competitors do.

It’s only when you understand the needs of your customers that you can develop products and services that perfectly suit them.

From time to create a poll, ask your customers simple questions and expect honest feedback from them.


2. Give your customers the best experience if you want to grow your e-commerce business in Australia

How far can you go in satisfying your e-commerce customers? What kind of experience would you like to give anyone that walks through your business door?

This is not something you have to guess. You have to be clear about the kind of customer experience you give anyone that patronizes your business.

How to grow your e-commerce business in Australia

Customers may forget what they bought from you but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Don’t tolerate arrogant and hot-tempered employees who are constantly getting into a fight with your customers. If you don’t ethically relieve them of their job, they will soon drive all your customers away. 

When you want to relieve an employee of their duty, always consult your lawyer to avoid wrongful dismissal that might end up costing you millions of dollars in court.

3. Develop a strategy for retaining your existing customers 

One of the most pressing problems e-commerce entrepreneurs in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada and developing countries have is that they don’t have a working strategy for retaining their customers.

Customers walk in through the front door and walk out through the back door because business owners lack customers retention strategies.

To grow your e-commerce business in Australia, Europe or America, you must develop strategies for nurturing cold leads into hot leads and paying customers.

A super-effective approach small business owners can take in nurturing their customers is to have a database of everyone that indicated an interest in your products and services, and those that eventually bought so that you can keep in touch with them through emails using any of our highly recommended autoresponders like Getresponse or Constant Contact.

Marketing statistics have it that it’s 6-7 cheaper to sell to an existing customer than selling to a new customer. That goes to show that retaining customers will not only help you grow your business but also help you in saving costs.


4. Learn how to use social media for business

I recently published a short report on how to use an internet-enabled smartphone or laptop to grow your business on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Google and YouTube and made it available for mass download at a giveaway price of $2.

In that short report, I taught how to leverage social media and Google to grow any business of your choice.

Despite the depth of penetration of the internet in Australia, there are still small business owners who are not utilizing this powerful tool called social media to grow their e-commerce business. According to Australian e-commerce statistics, only 12.3 percent of Australian retail sales were conducted online in March 2020, with 5.2 million households shopping online by April 2020.

By listening to the conversations your ideal customers have and leading in some, you can create products and services that solve unique and pressing problems.

You can as well use social media, especially Twitter to offer support to your customers in real-time. If you are considering using Twitter to expand your e-commerce business, here’s a guide that will show you how I grew a targeted Twitter audience of over 1500 followers in 14 days without any form of paid promotion.

5. Ask for referrals if you want to grow your e-commerce business in Australia 

Ask for referrals if you want to grow your e-commerce business

One of the problems limiting most small business owners in the e-commerce sector in Australia is that they don’t ask for referrals. It’s either they don’t know how referral marketing works or they don’t truly care about the growth of their business, be it dropshipping, outsourcing or packaging.

Never allow a satisfied customer or client to walk out of your door without asking them if it’s cool for them to refer their friends, colleagues or family members to you.

To make it easier for them to refer customers or hot leads to you, request a shoutout on social media.

There are about 22.31 million internet users in Australia according to a 2020 report. That accounts for over 86% of Australians. Imagine what will happen if you are able to convince a satisfied influencer to talk about your business on their social media platform. That’s free traffic, right?

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies ever used across the globe. 

Be it in Europe, America or Asia, people tend to trust recommendations from their friends more than the conventional ads that most big-brand companies spend millions of dollars on.

If you can get enough people to keep talking about your business, it’s only a matter of time, and you will be forced to open new branches across all the states in Australia.

Learn how to grow your business in Australia without breaking the bank using unique marketing strategies 

If you surf the internet, you will see a thousand different ways on how to grow your e-commerce business on a budget. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Dubai, Australia, Canada, the UK, or America, these marketing strategies have universal relevance. 

Real estate agents in Greece can apply these tips and get an entirely different result from a digital marketing agency in Auckland. Not because they are less effective for a particular industry but because of the network they have and their degree of expertise.

I said this to say that while you invest your resources in trying to apply these mind-blowing marketing guides, do not fail to network with the power circles within and outside your industry.

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