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5 Ways That Gift Vouchers Can Be Used As Small Business Tools

Gift voucher ideas for small businesses

Gift vouchers are a great way to boost your brand and enhance your corporate and public image.

Both people and companies love gift vouchers due to their ease of use and the fact that they can be used for almost any product or service in virtually any sector.

But one of the biggest concerns these companies and individuals have is coming up with the best gift voucher ideas and designs that will be well received by their highly esteemed customers.

Small businesses are starting to take advantage of the numerous benefits gift vouchers have to offer.

If you are looking to broaden your marketing reach and enhance customer loyalty, gift vouchers are definitely worth looking into.

Facts about Gift Vouchers

A little-known fact is that when people are given a voucher as present, they invariably spend more than the vouchers’ value, some sources report up to 40% more.

Another report coming from Gift Card Granny says that approximately 72% of consumers will spend more than the total value of their gift card when making a purchase.

In 2016 alone, total gift card sales reached an astronomical $140 billion. This, no doubt was as a result of innovations like digital gift card, e-gift cards, and aftermarket gift card sales platforms. All indication proves that the gift card industry has never been stronger.

And do you know the interesting statistics that might be of great value to your marketing strategy development? It’s the fact that 20% of this gift vouchers are sold during the winter holiday season.

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When it comes to customer retention and how to improve on it, gift vouchers really do stand in a league of their own as they can be used to encourage a customer to perhaps spend more or even refer new customers to you.

There are reliable companies out there who specialise in voucher management systems.

Through this management system, you can create, manage and sell vouchers with ease. Some companies even have a whole host of customers from a number of different sectors.

Top 5 Gift Voucher Ideas for Small Businesses

There are many ways in which you can use gift vouchers to incentivise your client base and even your employees, a few of which are listed below in no particular order.

1. Mailing a gift voucher to a loyal customer on their birthday

Sending a gift voucher to a customer on their birthday is a sure-fire way to build up a great level of rapport between them and your brand.

This personalised approach to looking after good customers is sure to win you many friends and they will, in all probability, extol the virtues of your company to friends, colleagues and family members.

2. Drawing in customers to your latest offers

A gift voucher management system is a nifty way of enticing customers to the various packages your company is offering.

To help increase your website conversion, have gift voucher offers placed on the company website, and the customers can browse through the offers and click on a particular package that catches their interest for more details.

The voucher can be gifted to their loved ones, referring new clients to your business.

3. Trade shows and exhibitions

What better way to attract people to your business offerings than to offer free vouchers in return for a sign up? Less cumbersome than a branded pen, cup or USB stick and a lot more attractive to potential customers.

It doesn’t need to be a high value gift voucher, the gesture itself should be enough to stimulate interest in your company.

4. Lucky draws

Offering the chance to win gift vouchers for filling in an online enquiry form is usually enough to make people take notice.

This direct form of marketing is attractive and although not free is enough to generate interest, particularly if promoted via social media channels.

5. Employee incentives

Vouchers are a good way to make employees go that extra mile. It introduces a level of friendly competition within the workplace and can be awarded for things such as hitting target, unpaid overtime and even rewards for no sick days!

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A monthly lucky dip for all employees is also a good way to boost morale and give them something to look forward to after a long month.

You Can Create Gift Vouchers for Your Small Business

If gift vouchers sound like something your business could use to give the business and the brand image a boost, contacting an experienced provider of gift voucher systems should be your first course of action. At reasonable prices and a very fast turnaround, you really have nothing to lose.

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