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5 Unique Online Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

5 unique online business ideas you can start now

In 2015, roughly 80% of UK internet users did their shopping online. By implication, online business owners experienced more sales in their business than their competitors who are stuck with only brick-and-mortar business.

In this world of information technology, people are doing many different kind of businesses online.

In fact, there are so many business opportunities online that new aspiring entrepreneurs can start and make good money. But hey, we are not talking about those stupid Ponzi schemes, survey sites and share a ride kind of making money. We are talking about unique online business ideas that are guaranteed to take you to the corridors of millions of dollars.

Unique online business for new entrepreneurs

If you are one of such aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to make money part-time or full-time running their own business, here are five unique online business ideas you may love:

1. Affiliate Marketing

When you do affiliate marketing, all you do is promote the products available for sale on different giant e-commerce websites like Amazon. What that typically means is that you are helping the real customers find the best products as per their needs.

You can have your own website and drive traffic to that site. And when the real customers visit your website and then go to the e-commerce websites through yours, you earn a commission.

Setting up and running affiliate marketing websites need some skills and experience. For instance, you need to know how to write affiliate product reviews. But you can slowly learn things and earn in quick time through hard work and dedication.

The investment requirement in this business is nothing significant if you are a skilled person.

To make your learning seamless, here’s a post from Ahmed Mukaila that will teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business with zero startup capital. He went further to emphasize the kind of affiliate products you should promote and the kind of commission that is more profitable both in the short-term and in the long run.

2. Content Website

You can start a content website on any of your most favorite subjects, irrespective of what it is. If you like to travel, start a travel blog. If you love fashion and lifestyle, you can start a fashion blog.

Most female influencers in the United States who are closing deals worth tens of thousands of dollar here and there today started by building a content website to showcase their passion for fashion. Gradually, they got on Instagram and everything magically changed for their good.

Once your website or blog has some good content, you should start getting traffic from Google and other major search engines. You can earn good ad revenue from ad platforms like Google AdSense.

Alternatively, you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing like we are doing on this blog using, GetResponse, Siteground, Namecheap and Amazon Influencer.

The more traffic you get, the more you earn. Just like the affiliate website, you don’t need much investment when you know the basics of building and running a good content website.

You can also make it open to your audience that you accept sponsored posts. When it comes to making money from sponsored posts, there’s no limit to the amount of money you will make in dollars. Sponsored posts from countries like the United States, South Africa, UK, Canada and Australia will always yield more money to your account than any other country in the world.

To grow a blog that will generate a truckload of money, focus on growing a niche blog. Using the basic template from our blogging business plan, you can come up with an irresistible niche blog that’s in hot demand.

3. Online Tuition and Tutor Finder

Did you know that both students and tutors struggle to find each other in their needs?

You can start an online tutoring website where both students and interested tutors can register themselves. All that will be required of you is to help the students find the best teachers in their locality. This looks a bit similar to the Craigslist strategy that many B2B marketers are using to up their game.

You can earn from ads on your site and even take commissions from the payments from each tuition teacher. It’s actually up to you to determine how you want to earn from your online tuition site. Alternatively, you can work as a tuition teacher in any reputable tuition agency.

The truth is, as more people are becoming aware of the endless opportunities that the internet provides, they will always be out to seek for knowledge. This is a huge advantage to anyone that decides to start creating online courses today.

4. Run a SEO Online Firm

If you are particularly an expert at search engine optimization, why not have your team of workers, create and promote a brand of yours and help clients to rank well on Google and other search engines for money?

Depending on your skills and experience you can earn some decent to handsome amount of money from this business.

In line with this thought, we launched a top-notch digital marketing agency in Lagos, Ebusinessroom Ventures to help people get their business online, rank for keywords important to their business and of course, automate some of their business processes.

Everybody, no, not everybody actually, but those who are serious about their online business desire to rank No.1 on search engine. And guess, what? A good number of them, especially SaaS are ready to pay any amount if your search engine optimization strategy is guaranteed.

5 unique online business ideas you can start now

Knowing the best blog post titles that rank well and convert like no other and with less investment gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to growing a profitable online business.

While some experts continue to rate down on free traffic that comes from search engine as compared to paid traffic, the truth is that there’s no better way to make Google your number one salesman if you don’t rank well on search engine.

Good website design, jaw-dropping sales copy and funnel are useless if your ideal customers can’t find you on search engine. Hence, the need for a SEO expert can never be overemphasized.

5. Social Media Marketing

These days’ businesses need a professional who can interact with their current and potential customers.

They need professionals to do social media marketing to reach larger customer base. You can have your own team and do social media marketing to earn good cash.

If you are not an expert, you can watch various tutorials online and learn social media marketing. If you know exactly how to bring in results for your clients, you will shine like a diamond.

One more good way to begin is to learn how to sell on social media. Since we incorporated Facebook advertising as one of the services we offer to our clients at Ebusinessroom Ventures, we’ve experienced an unprecedented increase in our revenue. It won’t be a bad idea if you can learn and master it and start offering it as a service.


There are so many online business ideas out there on the internet but these ones we listed here are obviously the cheapest of them all. What does that tell? It goes to show that you can start your ideal online business today from scratch.

You will have no excuse if after reading this, 3 months later you are yet to do nothing. That will be too pathetic. We encourage you to take action now. And if you encounter any challenge, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Now over to you… Which of these online business ideas are you currently into or would like to explore? If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, share with us your biggest challenge.

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  1. Hello Emenike,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    Indeed new entrepreneurs need to get something which can get them quick money so that they can contribute their side into
    this huge world of blogging.

    In the past years, there are many people who jumped into this and due to not getting anything from here, they closed their
    blogs, web site and switch to other works. Reason they were not making money through their blogs, no traffic was found on their
    blogs, and they were just paying the expenses from the money which they have saved down.

    These tips are great for the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make quick money apart from selling their own products.
    Affiliate marketing could be one of the best ways to earn some quick money, but this do needs some tactics which need to be
    done carefully so that one can create a win win situation

    In my views, social media marketing expert is one of the best things one can began with, just learn the tactics and
    work for a company who wants to grow their influence over the social media platforms. It will also help to
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  2. Awesome stuff Emenike !!

    What I have seen recently is, data and digital marketing fields have great potential and so these two fields can be one of the most profitable for building the business in this era.

    Thanks for sharing the other one!



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