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5 Underrated Talent Sources for Filipino SME’s

Underrated talent sources

If your goal is to site an SME in the Philippines and you are looking for the best places to recruit employees, we’ve got something exciting to share with you.

The best way to find dedicated and self-inspiring employees is to scoop through all the underrated talent sources

The growing economy and emergence of new technologies have led to the proliferation of a new generation of Filipino small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) in the past decade.

However, finding the right employees to fill positions continues to be a problem, especially with roles becoming more and more specialized.

Mainstream job listings are often oversaturated and full of dead ends and false leads, making the task of filling a position all the more difficult.

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Thankfully, there are a variety of new and old sources for talent that SME’s can use to fill open positions with the right kinds of people. These talent sources are often underrated but they have proven to be the best places to hire employees for SME in the Philippines.

The Best Places to Find Talented Employees in the Philippines Ready to Grow Your SME

1. Localized Job Portals

Job sites have changed the way businesses look for talent. Unfortunately, many of them are plagued with navigation issues or a lack of purpose. Others lack strong localization features, making it difficult to find talent close to your business’s location.

While you should definitely check out bigger job portals, you should definitely look into sites that have an emphasis on localization, such as Mynimo job listing.

These sites make it simpler to find talent close to your location, keeping you from having to sift through irrelevant inquiries and job profiles. If you’re especially interested in hiring for a specific location, sites like Mynimo can save your business a lot of time and money.

2. Networking

It’s surprising that some aspiring entrepreneurs do not take networking seriously. Most of us have a preexisting network of friends and relatives who may already know someone qualified who is ready to fill a position in your enterprise.

And even if you’re not especially well connected, it’s not the end of the world either. Contacts can be cultivated and earned over time.

SME’s that need to quickly fill vacant positions may find it useful to reach out to industry associations, schools, and local government units. This is one of the most amazing but underrated talent sources most business owners aren’t maximizing

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While reaching out may not necessarily give you job inquiries immediately, it can go a long way to raising a business’s profile and help it gain recognition among professionals who may know someone that fits what you’re looking for.

3. Internships/OJT’s

Internship and on-the-job-training programs are an especially underrated way to scout for talent and fill essential positions without having to spend as much as you would for a full-time employee. Especially talented trainees can be offered a full-time job.

Check with educational institutions in your area to see if they have relevant job placement or vocational programs that could meet the needs of your business.

Unfortunately, OJT and internship programs are often abused by businesses, and word often gets around about which businesses compensate and train their interns correctly.

Be sure to offer fair compensation in order to avoid getting blacklisted.

4. Viral marketing

Witty social media ads are a good way of attracting the attention you need, for a relatively low cost.

However, while this method can be a good way to raise the profile of your business, it can send the wrong message if it’s not strongly in line with your brand.

These ads may not always reach the intended audience as well, which means that your ad expenditure isn’t always being used efficiently.

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When an ad goes viral, it becomes easier to find good employees in a small city or country because almost everyone will see it.

5. Headhunters/Recruiters

Smaller businesses may often balk at hiring recruiters thanks to the added cost of placement. Recruiters aren’t exactly the most affordable way to source talent, but they also can be the quickest way to fill a very specialized position.

They’re also a good way of taking the load off an overburdened HR department by saving them from having to find and interview what may be a huge pool of candidates themselves. This is where headhunters agency in the Philippines comes to play.

Given the time savings, they can be a good bet for SME’s who need employees with a very specific skill set but don’t have the resources to locate them.

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As the country’s economy diversifies and the jobs become even more specialized, it’s likely that SME’s may have to turn to a wider of variety sources to find the talent they need.

These sources of talent also continue to evolve and change in utility, themselves, which also makes it important for HR professionals and recruiters to constantly reevaluate their own methods as well.

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