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2 Types of Customer Support Outsourcing Services You Need to Know

Types of Customer Support Outsourcing Services

Why is customer support outsourced? The very motive of customer support outsourcing is to help a company focus on what they are good at while at the same time engaging the services of professional customer relationship experts.

The bottom line of your business can be affected if you fail to outsource customer support when it’s evident that your company lacks proper training programs for it. The average value of a lost customer is $243. Multiply that by the number of potential customers you will likely lose due to poor customer service relationships if you fail to outsource.

According to outsourced customer support statistics, 31% of companies outsource their customer support for the purpose of improving the quality of their service while 59% outsource to reduce or regulate their business cost.

In this article, we shall be looking at the various customer support outsourcing services, the cost of hiring a call center agent and how they can contribute to the growth of your business.

1. Inbound Call Centers

Your business can actually benefit from outsourced customer service when you hire an expert to handle your client’s inbound queries without risking the reputation of your company.

The role of an inbound call center is to help you take incoming calls. Experts who man the inbound call center are not responsible for making calls on behalf of the organization.

An effective customer support outsourcing service like an inbound call center will take care of the following: help desk, order-taking, and 24 hours telephone answering. They also handle social media and live chat on the company’s website.

Anyone that recently lost their job as a result of the impact of the pandemic or desires to start a business can actually become a live telephone receptionist. Here’s a guide on telephone answering services that can put you through.


2. Outbound Contact Center

Just like the name implies, an outbound contact center is the opposite of an inbound call center. An outbound contact center is a type of customer support outsourcing service where an expert working for an organization contacts your customers or potential customers for the purpose of making sales.

The ultimate goal of an agent working in an outbound contact center is to make a sale. Always have this as one of your primary objectives if you would like to build a successful virtual call center serving the American market.

Below are some of the services outbound contact centers in the United States offer their clients:

  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer survey
  • Third party verification

What is the difference between an inbound call center and an outbound contact center? The key difference between these two types of customer support outsourcing services is that while inbound call centers handle the requests of existing customers so that they will be retained and turned into loyal customers, outbound contact centers try to attract new customers.

How to Hire the Best Customer Support Outsourcing Company in the United States

Knowing the right and wrong way to outsource customer support in the e-commerce sector is the key to hiring the best agency.

Business process outsourcing is a big industry, with market size of $131 billion in the U.S. alone, according to an IBISWorld report. In the UK alone, the market share is £15bn.

The biggest companies in the business process outsourcing services industry in the US are Accenture PLC, Conduent Inc. and SYNNEX Corporation.

Customer support outsourcing statistics

Before engaging the services of any of these companies, here are factors to consider before hiring the services of the best customer support outsourcing company in the US.

  • Do their company cultures align with that of your company?
  • What do they consider to be most important when sourcing talents?
  • What language are they proficient in?
  • Have they worked with any other company in your industry?

How Much Does Customer Support Outsourcing Cost in the United States?

The cost of outsourcing your customer service to a third party in the United States depends on the services you need, how long you would want them to work for you and where you hire them from.

For as low as $25 per hour, you can hire the services of a dedicated call center agent to offer premium customer support on behalf of your company. 


You can also get reliable and affordable call center services from the Philippines and eastern Europe.

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