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How Do I Transition from Non-Tech to Tech as a Woman After 35?

A 2022 survey reports that male developers accounted for up to 91.9% while female developers amounted to only 5%. Are you willing to be among the women in tech changing this narrative in 2024 and beyond? 

How a woman can transition to the tech sector after 35

Would you like to transition into tech as a woman after 35 from your non-tech career?

“When you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask, what seat? you just get on,” says Sheryl Sandberg.

Many middle-aged entrepreneurs like Sheryl Sandberg can tell that changing one’s career later in life can be challenging. Do you also feel the same as these entrepreneurs? 

Perhaps you are considering changing your career to one that is lucrative and offers flexible opportunities, but, you are unsure which steps to take. Today, many women above 35 are looking for ways to shift from non-tech to tech fields, as they offer more opportunities, challenges, and rewards. However, making such a career change can be daunting, especially if you do not have a tech degree or relevant experience. 

How do you discover the skills you need, learn the skill, build your portfolio, network with other professionals, and land your dream job in tech?

First, you need a skill!

The Art Of Discovering Tech Skills for Women Aged 35 and Above

When considering a career change,  one strategy that works is leveraging the current skill set from your career. What do I mean? 

As a woman who wishes to transition to tech after 35, you will discover that applying the skill set from their regular 9-5 jobs makes it easier to learn tech skills. Women working in a career that requires skills like project management, data analytics, communication, problem-solving, and media management can apply these skills in a new role (tech). 

For example, in 1993, Sheryl Sandberg enrolled at Harvard Business School and acquired an MBA before starting her tech career at Google. This knowledge from Harvard played an excellent role in adapting to the new work setting and helped Sheryl in scaling the market. 

Although Sheryl resigned from her roles in prominent tech companies like Meta, she remains a reputable member of the companies she worked for due to her powerful impact. 

What if you never had a job for over 35 years as a woman? Perhaps you enjoy devoting time and energy to your family and household management. 

Full-time moms within the age range of 35 can learn new tech skills too! 

One way to do this is by enrolling in training sessions either virtually or in person, reading and listening to self-development books, and researching.

At this stage, I assume you must have found new skill sets that apply to the tech industry! You can choose from the ones we linked to above.

Next, how can you apply these new tech skills in the marketplace to land your new job? 

Learn a New Tech Skill

Women above 35 who desire to transition to tech from non-tech jobs can learn new tech skills like problem-solving and data analytics, project management, computer programming, or web development.

Online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX are great tools for learning new tech skills. Some successful women entrepreneurs today like Fei-Fei Li found physical learning programs as practical tools for learning new skills. Fei-Fei Li is famous for her work on the machine learning tool “ImageNet.”

Her ambitions in her academic career motivated her to advance after her Ph.D. by joining as an assistant professor in electrical engineering. This new role gave her insights into computers, technology, and machine learning. It is remarkable to learn that Li launched a tech Lab “Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab” after her role as an electrical engineering professor. 

However, the same method does not apply to all women! 

Other tech women like Tracy Chou discovered that integrating your academic career into the tech space is less tasking. How so? 

Tracy Chou is a software engineer with a great passion for programming since childhood. Her passion motivated her to study and earn a degree in computer science from Stanford University at a young age. Immediately after her studies, she resumed work for popular tech companies like Pinterest, Quora, and the US Digital Service. Today, Tracy Chou is the founder of the tech company “Project Include” whose primary aim is driving technological adoption. 

Full-time mothers or working women aged 35 and above can create tech skills from their academic portfolios. Similar to Tracy Chou, academic knowledge when applied to tech will scale because of the high amount of knowledge already acquired in that field. 

If you have been following up on this stage in this article, you certainly have ideas on the tech skills to adopt in your career. Next, how do you build that skill? 

Build a Tech Skill

This stage involves creating strategies to grow your knowledge, improve your new tech skills, and promote this journey to the public. To be a tech woman, you must be able to brand your skills and services to be better perceived by potential employers and your target audience. It involves consistency. 

As a woman, you must be ready to sacrifice quality time to stay updated on your skills because the tech industry advances each day. This is earned by enrolling in internship programs, bootcamps, mentorship programs, and learning new courses related to your tech skills.

Next, you must build a portfolio around your tech skills to promote your best projects or work. This portfolio includes past and present experiences, remarkable projects, contact details, and a description of how you succeed in your career. It is crucial to apprehend how to build a portfolio and how best to present it to the public. 

For example, women who choose content writing as a tech skill may use “Medium” as the platform for promoting and building their portfolio. Tech content writers may share the link to their medium account with potential employers. It is also crucial to update the portfolio to ensure that employers and potential investors may get information on your skill level. 

After discovering a new skill, the next step is to network with similar minds in your niche. How so?

Network with Professionals

As women and tech newbies, building a network around the desired tech skill is very important. 

Women can identify authorities in their niche (area of tech specialty) and build valuable relationships with these authorities or leaders. Also, tech women can volunteer to lead rookies and educate and empower them on technology and its use cases.

Gwynne Shotwell serves as the best example to women in tech today. How so? 

Before Gwynne Shotwell started her career as a tech woman, she enrolled in a management training program at Chrysler Corp. However, she changed her course to one related to “Aerospace Corp.” Gwynne’s powerful networking ability and other factors earned her a chief engineer role for an MLV-class satellite program. Here’s something women above 35 who want to transition into tech can learn. 

During her reign as a chief engineer, Gwynne boosted her research and created new policies in her field. Today, Gwynne serves as the President and COO of the tech firm, SpaceX.

A November 2023 report shows how women tech leaders have risen from 8% in 2015 to 14% in 2023! It shows how tech women are eager to embrace leadership roles and networking opportunities and their positive results. 

Women in tech can leverage tech events, online tech X (formerly Twitter) space and webinars, internships, and volunteer roles to build their network. 

At this point, you are likely overwhelmed with information on how to begin your tech career. Below is a list of top tech jobs you can transition into in 2024 as a woman even if you are above 35. 

Best Tech Jobs for Women Aged 35 and Above


Although women are a minority in the tech industry, they have played a vital role in advancing science and technology. 

To transition from non-tech to tech as a woman after 35 can be a rewarding and fulfilling career move. Many women have successfully transitioned and have discovered new opportunities, challenges, and pride in their work. However, it also requires careful planning, research, and skill development. 

A 2022 survey reports that male developers accounted for up to 91.9% while female developers amounted to only 5%. Are you willing to be among the women in tech changing this narrative in 2024 and beyond? 

Do not let your age, gender, or background stop you from pursuing your tech dreams. First, discover a tech skill, build the skill, build a portfolio, and finally, network with experts in the field. 

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