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Top 10 Insurance Broking Software in the Market Right Now

Insurance broking software that you need

What would it be like if you add good insurance broking software to your arsenal? The corporate environment always has multitasking activities. Don’t you think having a process that ensures automation will help your career growth? 

Having insurance broker software is good but having the top ones that will serve your growth purpose is better. This is one of the reasons you have to pay close attention to this guide. We put forward the top 10 insurance broking software that will ease your multitasking and balance your work.

Before we delve into this, take note of this once more:

Difference Between Old Insurance Broking Software and the Top Latest

The main purpose of this guide is to expose you to top software that some of the big brands in the insurance industry are already utilizing. The fact behind this is, that insurance broking firms with a large customer base always find the latest software more helpful than the old ones.

This is why they are always on the lookout for information like this. This post won’t only assist them to come up with a list of good software, but will also be a guide on other related information.

Insurance brokers operating in the environment such as the USA, UK or Canada adopt the use of insurance broking software more than ever. The activities such as maintaining individual clients, capturing client policy, and premium calculation have been taken over by automation tools.

There’s a need for every insurance provider to start using broking software if they want to enjoy smooth operations.


What is the best insurance broker software? Below are the top 10 insurance broking software in the market right now:

1. KAEM – Auto Insurance Claim Tracking and Management Software

This software major in auto insurance. It is made to track payment and management of policy concerning automobile and other related vehicle insurance.

KAEM insurance software automatically sends email messages and also gives reminders about premium payments. This software could be of great advantage to insurance broking firms with multiple deals in auto insurance. KAEM is one of the most outstanding auto insurance claim tracking and management software.

2. Go-Insur Software

Go-Insur is a new insurance software that helps brokers gain more sales and distribute their services with good ROI. This software is easy to use. It gives its users the chance to cover more distance sales.

Its friendly interface makes the software faster and easy to navigate. Surely, almost all insurance brokers would want this as part of their tools in other to boost their sales

One of the daily operations that insurance brokers target every day is sales. The major thing that brings revenue for insurance brokers is sales. So, having software of this type is an advantage to brokers.


AUSIS is health and life insurance software. Very effective for assessment of policy risk, scoring, pricing and decision. This is even available for integration with individual agents or core insurance platforms.

Making use of this software could be an advantage for brokers with a large customer base in health and life insurance. Most of the time, factors such as premium calculation, and policy risk assessment rarely come easily. 

With this software, your rigorous work in this aspect will definitely be taken care of.

4. i2GO Insurance Software

i2GO is an insurance software that simplifies some important processes. This software was designed to be used for insurance companies of all sizes. 

With i2GO insurance software, a broker can launch new products faster, manage the claim process and sell policies online.

5. ALFRED Claims Automation Software

With Alfred software, your customers can make claims purely through digital processes. This is software with AI claims assessment and automation that enables insurance brokers and TPA businesses to allow their customers to file claims online.

This will make it easy for your customers to file any claims and you will equally have the opportunity to give a quick answer to them. The software closes the gap between you and your customers. It will in turn lead to a good relationship that may bring in more businesses for your insurance agency.

6. SmartAgent

SmartAgent is all-in-one software, easy and friendly to use for insurance policy management. It is also a reminder software and an app for insurance agencies. 

It’s a very useful tool for the management of any kind of insurance policy such as life, health, general motor insurance, etc. At the same time, it helps insurance brokers grow their company’s revenue.

This cloud-based software gives an insurer on a budget the opportunity to manage their customer data without breaking the bank. Proper use of this will help in managing various aspects of your company’s services.


This is a cloud-based software designed to help insurance agencies handle and streamline multiple administrative processes. It helps handle activities such as task management, reporting and overall management.

With this, supervisors can track employees’ productivity, based on defined benchmarks and can also generate performance reports.

The internal operation of your insurance company can now be well managed with this software. While there are some activities that can’t be easily monitored by automation, this software is sure to help you in many ways.


8. Commission Tracker

Different insurance broker software

Commission Tracker is known as sales commission software used by insurance companies to manage and track sales commissions. It systematically and accurately calculates the amount of money in commission needed to be paid to agents. 

An insurance affiliate program is one of the most exciting ways agents make money online. You can’t go wrong when putting this into use properly. Those with large employees can easily use Commission Tracker to program their payment system into it.

9. EZLynx 

Do you have an issue with marketing and management in your insurance practices? EZLynx is a cloud-based solution that helps insurance brokers streamline their marketing process.

The software handles marketing situations related to online quoting, lead management, customer retention and email marketing. These areas are vital when it comes to marketing and reaching more customers.

When this software is used for a long time, you would probably discover other marketing ways you can use it. Similarly, you can use this software for cost valuation and in submitting quotes on a centralized platform.

10. CaptaIMS

CaptaIMS is an easy-to-use insurance software that streamlines workflow. No new software in the market can organize your work better than CaptaIMS. It was designed to organize your commercial activities, life, and health-related matters

It helps agencies organize and manage all leads and clients in one centralized location. With this, brokers can choose what line of business to track or focus on.

Adding this software among others will put your work in perspective and help you remain more organized.

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