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9 Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Applications of artificial intelligence in business processes

Thousands of applications powered by artificial intelligence for business abound in the market. Software developers have done a great job by coming up with various apps that serve different purposes depending on what is needed in the market.

What is your business goal? Which stage are you exactly? Don’t you think you will need automation to smoothen the next stage of your business operation? How well do you think the application of artificial intelligence will help your business growth?

Being able to identify your business phase and what it needs at various points in time is important. At the same time, it is also important to understand the technical aspect of your business.

Which area do you need marketing technology? Have you ever thought about how applications for business automation using artificial intelligence will ease your workload? The more positive and accurate your response to those questions, the closer you are to utilizing business applications correctly.

Why is artificial intelligence important in speeding up your business processes?

In business, one factor that sends a business to an abrupt end is spending on things that don’t add value to the business. If the accounting department of a company needs correction for better operation, spending money on business automation could be useless and destructive at that time.

If you automate a business process that does not balance, your result will not be attractive in the long run. This is why you need to understand that apps for business automation are only used to augment an existing working process.

Different departments use business automation applications for different purposes. You should clearly understand which aspect of your business needs automation. Marketing is a common area in which entrepreneurs use artificial intelligence for their business automation.


Of course, there are thousands of applications powered by artificial intelligence that is used for business automation processes. Our team of experts has handpicked the top 9 applications for business automation you can consider. 

1. Drift – Artificial Intelligence Powered Conversational Marketing & Sales Applications

This is a very important marketing tool for a business with a large customer base. It is a conversational marketing app. Drift has a large and powerful segmental structure. It offers chatbox, lead engagement and live chat. You may find it difficult to operate it at first but will eventually find it useful after long use. 

2. Frase – An AI-powered Writing Tool

Frase is AI-powered. It is programmed to target the audience’s queries. With this, it creates capable content that answers customers’ questions. It provides answers to curious or confusing questions. Almost all businesses that handle different queries and questions will find this very useful.

3. Buffer – Social Media Management Tool

This is a good app for managing social media content. The app is even more useful for businesses that use content marketing as part of their marketing tools. 

When it comes to social media marketing, content is always king. But, the work that an entrepreneur needs to do on a daily basis is ever-increasing. Having a tool like Buffer for managing your social media content and sharing it eases the stress.

4. Salesforce Einstein – The First Comprehensive AI for CRM

This is a futuristic app that predicts possible results of how a customer will interact with their business based on previous data. You will surely need this to evaluate how your customers interact with your business and what could possibly be the possible outcome. It’s one of the most powerful customer relationship management tools you would like to have.

5. Timely – Time Tracking & Management AI Tool

This AI-powered app is highly useful for tracking billable hours spent on projects or works. A business that uses online employees will find it very useful in managing the time for work and delivery time. 

Time management is a very important topic in every business. So, having a tool like this is a good addition among other necessary materials that will needful for a company to succeed.

6. Zoom Info – A Leading Sales Intelligence Platform for B2B Database

The app does augment and helps the works like sales funnel, prospecting, targeted outreach and more.

Mainly looking at it like this, you would see that the app is very useful in business analysis. And, various companies use it for this purpose across different departments in their businesses.

7. Textmetrics – Smart Writing Assistant

Testmetrics is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses create and translate content to various languages. Its effectiveness is very useful in building a good communication culture for corporate entities.

8. Clara Labs – Appointment Scheduling AI Tool for Recruiters

The tool is a powerful scheduling assistant that uses NLP and ML to respond to emails and schedule meetings automatically. It is a good tool that the recruiter and HR team use to schedule and conduct remote interviews.

9. Fyle – Intelligent Expense Management Software

Fyle is an expense tracking software program built for a significant process in expenditure accounting. It makes accounting work easier. Having a tool that can help you track how you spend your money with accurate records will help your business manage your revenue properly.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Benefits of artificial intelligence in business

Understanding what artificial intelligence is and how it can benefit your business is necessary. AI is technologically built to mimic natural human intelligence. Its aim is to function rationally while handling activities intelligently, faster and accurately.

Businesses harness this for the development of various aspects of their operations. One of the obvious benefits of AI is its capability to process a large amount of information and interpret it accurately in real life 

This is also an apparent factor when NLP (natural language process) is built into a machine. Now, a machine is able to listen to human voices and give correct answers. Different companies around the world are now using AI-powered machines as security and as attendants in offices.

Just like in other numerous apps for business automation, you can use AI in almost every angle of the business. Machines can now accurately prescribe medication for patients in the medical line. 

Similarly, self-driving cars will help subsidize the expenditures on drivers while human death caused by vehicle accidents will reduce.

When automation is put into use, the stress you will encounter in doing some tedious activities is cut off. This leads to high productivity. You can use your free time gaining strength and focusing on more productive work.

According to research noted in ResearchGate, Artificial intelligence will take over all human relative jobs in the next 120years because it will do better work than humans. AI has better intelligence than humans. Research shows that artificial intelligence’s cognition can translate jargon into plain language and write an analytic report.

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