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7 Tips for Measuring Your TV Advertising Performance

Metrics for measuring TV advertising

How do you measure the effectiveness of TV advertising? What is the KPI for TV advertising?

Businesses spent over £59 billion on UK TV advertisements in 2021, reports Adweek. With such high stakes, you need to know if your ads are working, and if not, why?

Get TV advertising right, and you maximise the number of impressions your business makes. But get it wrong, and you will burn through your marketing budget for wasted airtime.

You might wonder how to measure TV ads effectively. Internet analytics make online analysis easy, but TV is a different story. Don’t worry though, we can help.

Our guide will help you get the metrics you need. Read on for 7 tips for measuring your TV ad performance.

1. Know Your Objective

What do you want to achieve? This will help you set the right key performance indicators (KPIs): raise brand awareness, boost sales, increase web or foot traffic, and optimise click-through rate (CTR).

2. Set a Baseline

Review your existing marketing metrics before you run your TV ad. Take note of your traffic, conversion rates, acquisitions, and how well your sales funnels are working – these will form your baseline. Analyse increases or decreases from this base.

3. Use Unique Links in Your TV Ad

You could use a unique URL, branched from your main site. Emails, coupon codes, phone numbers and even QR codes work well too. TV advertising attribution is tough to measure, but these methods let you analyse your ad’s direct response rate with ease. Don’t use the same link for billboard advertising in running your TV ads.

4. Use Cohorts and Addressable TV Ads for Precision

Use time and date value types to zone in on new acquisitions. Set your dimension values to a date and time range just after your ad hits the air. This lets you focus on acquisitions directly attributable to your TV Ad.

Advanced TV targeting enables you to target different ads to different addresses. If you use content aimed at a demographic, you will have a better idea of its effectiveness.

5. Use Brand Surveys to Measure TV Advertising Effectiveness

Monitor Web And Foot Traffic

Create surveys to assess your audience’s awareness and perception of your brand. Distribute these via social media, on the street, or via email before and after you run your ad. This feedback will inform your future campaigns – it is budget-friendly and a key marketing tool.

6. Monitor Web And Foot Traffic

Did store visits increase after your TV advertising? How about the number of visitors to your home or landing page? Assess the quality of these metrics against your conversion rate; if your ad is effective, it should generate quality leads who want to buy from you.

7. Stay Tuned in with Social Media Listening Tools

Listen for any mentions of your brand across social media channels. Track keywords linked to your brand or TV ad to see what your audience is saying about you. You can engage in direct conversion in social media groups, ask for feedback and get ideas for your next TV ad.

Social media listening tools allow you to build a solid understanding of exactly how customers and potential customers think about you by analyzing what they say on social channels.

How Well Did Your TV Advert Perform?

The time-limited nature of TV means you have little room for error. Most ads are less than 30 seconds long, but with performance measurement, you can fine-tune your next efforts. 

There is a vast toolkit out there to help you analyse your results. For TV ads, the traditional methods of measurement still work well. Footfall analysis, surveys, sales, enquiries and custom contact details all give the data you need.

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