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Top Tips for Creating Opportunities for Employees to Feel Connected to the Company & Their Work

Top opportunities for employees

Employees are a key resource for any business. Without HR, nothing would get done and for a company to be successful, all the workers need to be pulling in the same direction.

It is the role of the management to motivate the workforce, and that means ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This short article mentions some of the ways to motivate and engage your workforce, which is the driving force behind success.

1. Meet in a Social Environment

When people are at work, there can be barriers to relationships, and keeping things at a professional level, and this can impact the team. Hire a hall, provide food, drink, and music, and let your employees get to know each other on a different level.

Most corporations do this to ensure that human relationships blossom and it works on every level, from the small local business to the multi-national corporation.

2. Performance Recognition

There is no better way to boost team morale than rewarding specific employees for a job well done. When you hand out that ‘employee of the month’ award, all those that didn’t quite make it last month will be determined to do more and be the ones receiving the praise. If an employee goes a complete year without taking time off, that deserves recognition, and it will make the workforce understand that the management is paying attention. Make this part of the monthly staff gathering and this will go a long way toward motivating your workforce. If goals are reached, they should be recognized and celebrated.

3. Personal Development

Staff training is an integral part of every organization; people love to have opportunities for personal development, which, in turn, boosts productivity. Contact one of the small business HR services in your area and they will put together a list of suitable staff training programs to engage your employees. If a company does not offer personal development, employees will look for alternative employment with a firm that has much to offer in terms of training and education.

4. Hold Monthly Social Events

Most companies have a monthly get-together (outside of working hours) with food and drink laid on. The more social time your employees have, the better their understanding of each other; you are promoting a family. Incorporate recognition awards into the evening and get some comedy going! Resist the temptation to bring work into the equation, this should be a time to unwind.

5. Hold Short One-on-One Meetings with All Employees

Yes, this is time-consuming, but with Zoom, you can connect with individual employees. Ask about their welfare and make a human connection, which helps the employee to feel like they are part of a large family, which they are. There is another way; contact a leading HR agency in your area, let their team carry out a needs assessment, and put together a series of systems and strategies to promote employee morale. There should be a file for every employee, which contains information about all interviews. Setting personal goals also forges a connection with employees and provides training programs that empower them.

It is essential for management to have an HR plan that is inclusive and by engaging your employees, they will feel connected to the organization. Perhaps now is a good time to review your HR initiatives and let a leading agency carry out an HR needs assessment, which is free and without obligation.


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