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Time to Stop Covering Employee Health Insurance Only

Employee health insurance

Employee health insurance is also known as group health insurance in which there would be a certain number of members. The employee health insurance compensates the employees or their family members in case of hospitalization due to any accident or illness or disease.

Most insurance companies provide group health insurance or employee health insurance policy if there are a minimum of 7 members or lives to be insured under the policy. 

Most organisations take group health insurance or employee health insurance as a part of employee benefits. Employees may be required to pay a part or complete premium under the group health insurance policy depending on the decisions taken by their organization. 

Organisations are covering the health of their employees against any illness or disease. This means that the insurance comes into play only if there is an illness or an accident that requires hospitalisation of the employees. But for a long time, organizations have not taken steps to prevent employees from falling sick. This may happen due to many reasons such as stress at the workplace, and lack of happiness. 

Gone are the days when enough attention is not paid to mental health. Due to the advancement in technology and other factors, the mental health of the employees is being affected heavily.

Previously the work was physical and there would be health problems related to physical work but due to the advancement in technology now most of the health-related problems are due to mental work. 

Since mental health issues are on the rise, it’s the right time for organisations to focus on this issue. Organisations can avail the benefits of employee happiness in addition to the employee health insurance with the insurance brokers

Ethika insurance broking has been leading the way by providing many benefits to their group health insurance customers such as employee happiness, employee engagement, employee assistance, and employee wellness programs. 

In addition to this, there is a red-carpet claim assistance program in which the employees need to spend only a few minutes sharing the claim-related information after which the entire process of claim settlement would be taken care of by the Ethika insurance broking. 

The employee wellness and employee happiness programs are conducted in the organisations to ensure that the employees get the required psychological support from the doctors to improve their work-life balance and vent out any other issues. There is much research that confirms that employee productivity or output is linked to the workplace environment. 

If the employee is having certain difficulties in the workplace which might lead to future hospitalisation, then it would be a concern to both the employer and the employee. If the employee is hospitalised both the employee and the employer would suffer due to the drop in productivity. 

The value Add-ons from Ethika insurance broking help the organizations to reduce the chance of their employees falling sick and if they fall sick the group health insurance policy would cover them.

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