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9 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your TikTok Marketing Strategies

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TikTok has over a billion active users every month. It is now a strong social media platform when compared to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is only natural for business owners looking to expand their audience to seek ways to leverage TikTok for business. Indeed, there are a handful of TikTok marketing strategies that can increase the publicity of your brand on the platform.

In this article, we discuss the nine (9) different strategies you can deploy to form a part of your marketing ideas on the platform.

TikTok Strategy #1: Tap into TikTok Trends

Several TikTok marketing trends come up at different times in the year. It could be users lip-syncing to a new song or dancing to the latest dance video competition. It could also be standing with personalities or countries in times of trouble, as we saw with Ukraine.

A Quick Word About TikTok Trends: While trends can amplify your brand based on their virality, you must be careful about how you go about it. Do not tap into any trend that comes your way. Some may be hurtful to your brand in the long run. Only leverage trends that revolve around entertainment; try to stay away from religious or political trends.

TikTok Marketing Strategy #2: Utilize TikTok Hashtags

Just like we have on Twitter and Instagram; hashtags can increase your brand’s exposure. That is provided you are choosy about it.

Here are quick tips on picking the right hashtags with which to run your TikTok marketing campaigns:

  • Use the TikTok search bar to check for the latest trends in your niche. Simply enter a term and look it up. For example, if your niche is fashion, enter “fashion,” “dress” or “designer” in the search bar. You will be able to see some keyword suggestions based on the trending hashtags for those keywords.
  • Pick and use hashtags that generate millions of usages every day.
  • You may also want to watch a couple of videos to see how the creators used the search terms/hashtags in both the description and voicing of the content.

TikTok Strategy #3: Be Consistent but Strategic

Some brand owners mistake consistency to be the same thing as doing the same thing every time. You might be doing the same thing that doesn’t work in the favor of your brand’s exposure on TikTok. As you consistently post new videos on the platform, be strategic.

A few tips will put you through:

  • Check the analytics of your previous videos to see the number of views and engagements generated.
  • Monitor the geographical location that viewed your content the most.
  • Pay attention to the average duration or number of seconds/minutes the viewers spent watching your videos.

With that data, you can decide on the best time to post your new TikTok videos. The data also plays an important role in optimizing your videos for specific locations, especially those that watched your previous videos the most.

TikTok Strategy #4: Create a Branded Challenge to Increase Engagement

Trends are not new on the TikTok platform. At one time or the other, you will find a greater percentage of the users vibing to the latest song or using hashtags for a particular cause.

Narrowing this down to your brand, it is possible to use it to increase engagement. Here are some branded challenges you can create on TikTok:

Themed Song

Does your brand have any upcoming event or offer, that you want many people to know about? Create a themed song and make a challenge out of it; asking interested TikTokers to lip-sync the song in their videos.

Come up with Branded Hashtags for Your TikTok Marketing Strategies

You can start a hashtag trend on TikTok by creating a hashtag that must be used by anyone looking to win the challenge.

TikTok Strategy #5: Engage Your Target Audience

Like other social media platforms, TikTok uses engagement to rank content. Since the platform focuses on video content, it is imperative to get as many people as possible to watch your videos.

Unsure of how to do that? Here are some ideas to get you going:

Ask Questions

One mistake brand owners make on TikTok is to overlook the relevance of creating “human-centric” content. By this, I mean that the content should be created in a way that goes down well with the viewers (who are humans). If done the right way, they should be able to take to the comment section to express how they feel about the content. And that’s how to build engagement!

One effective strategy to do this is by asking questions. You can do this either by asking the question in the video description or the video itself.

Respond to Comments on Your Post

Take to the comment section to respond to comments dropped by some of your audience. It is a great way to increase your video’s ranking potential.


TikTok Marketing Strategy #6: Include a CTA

Selling something – maybe a ticket to a show or a product? Always add a Call-to-Action (CTA); a statement that triggers the viewers to take the desired action.

Ideal ways of using a CTA in your TikTok content are:

  • Keep the CTA short
  • Add a deadline to make them take action faster.

TikTok Strategy #7: Start a Live Video

TikTok permits its users to make live videos, where they get to interact live with the audience. You can use that medium to promote your products or services while keeping your audience entertained.

TikTok Strategy #8: Incorporate Content Marketing

Sometimes, don’t appear too “salesy.” Quit talking about what you have to offer all of the time. Instead, use storytelling, real-life case studies, and elicited responses from your audience to create content.

The amazing thing about using content marketing on TikTok is that you are indirectly educating them about your service. So, by the time you introduce your offer, they will be in the mood to buy.

TikTok Strategy #9: Partner with Influencers

Who are the influencers on TikTok? They are individuals with both lots of followers and thousands of engagements on their content.

Partner with them by:

  • Paying them to feature your brand’s product in their next video.
  • Asking to join any of their upcoming live videos.
  • Sponsoring any promotional campaign they have coming up, such as giveaways.

Note that influencer marketing on TikTok is an excellent way to promote your brand – but it has some downsides. Top on the list is that choosing an influencer that has a different audience than you are looking to target may not bring the sales you want. So, take the time to study some TikTok influencers in your niche before making a decision based on their audience demographics and engagement.

Use TikTok to Expand Your Brand’s Marketing Strategies

TikTok created a “fun platform” for people to get over their depression and get entertained in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the platform has been active before then, its explosive growth can be attributed to the global lockdown that forced more persons to port to it for fun. Today, TikTok is one of the social media platforms with billions of users and millions of engagements on video content. Your brand can tap into this platform’s virality to bolster its marketing efforts. When you are set, leverage the TikTok marketing strategies I shared in this article.

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