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7 Things to Do When You Land Your First Remote Job

Don’t get stuck in the job. Always be on the lookout to get more skills and extra certification.

When you land your first remote job

Do you know exactly what to do immediately after you land your first remote job in the United States? You may not know because you’ve not been used to it. But that’s why we are here for you.

Remote jobs are the new normal in America. While many people were working from home before the pandemic hit, the pandemic took it to the next level. Many employers in America prefer their workers to work from home.

The reason for this is the availability of technology that has made working from home easy. Software like Skype, Google Docs, Google Meet, etc., make it easy to work from home

According to SelectSoftware Reviews, Colorado has the highest number of remote workers. 37.3% of their workers work from home. Maryland comes next. Massachusetts follows after.

While the numbers differ from state to state, there are plenty of remote jobs in America.

What is important is not getting the job. As wonderful as that may sound, landing a remote job in America can be an excruciating experience. That is, when landing a remote job is not accompanied by certain knowledge.

The following are things you have to do when you land your first remote job in America.

1. Treat your Remote Job Like a Regular Job

You should treat your remote job like a regular job. By this, I am referring to how regular or onsite workers relate their work as it regards time.

The average regular worker is expected to be at work at 9 AM and leave at 5 PM. Joinhorizons.com corroborates this fact. It says that “the standard working hours in the U.S. are 8 hours per day from 9 AM to 5 PM with a 30-minute lunch break”.

Before and after 9-5 are the hours that regular workers use for other aspects of their life.

The tendency to bury yourself with work in the name of meeting a personal deadline will rob you of a lot. It will steal away the time you should have invested into your social life. It will also replace the time you would have spent with your family.

Have a time you start and end work every day and stick to it. No one will do this for you, you have to take the initiative.

Software like TimeOut for Mac and Smart Break for Windows will ensure you stick to the work time you decide to use. They will lock you out of your system at the time you instruct them to.

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2. Be Clear with the People in Your Life about the Nature of Your Job

Not doing this can cost you your job. As you share the news of your first remote job, inform them of what it entails.

The reason you should do this is that they may not be aware that the GOOD NEWS comes with responsibilities. They need to know that it is not right to do certain things while you are working.

Let them know that they cannot reach you at the time you are working. They should not make loud noise or play loud music while you are working. Set the rules they have to live by moving forward. Don’t assume they will know.

If you have a family, tell your kids and spouse that from this time to this time, Daddy or Mummy should not be interrupted. Setting these ground rules will save you from having divided attention while working. This can affect your performance and put you in the bad books of your boss.

3. Have a Separate Phone for Work

This had to make the list. Many persons have neglected this to their own peril. They don’t do so because they think it does not matter. It does.

A separate mobile device helps you to be organized. When the phone rings, you know it has to be work-related. That is because only those within your workspace have the number. And when your phone rings, you know it is from somebody in your life.

Being organized is setting you to deliver at the highest level possible. Having a work phone is the right step in the right direction to getting that done.

You don’t want to be in this situation. You ignore a call because you think it is from someone else and later discover the caller is your boss. This is not what you will want in your first remote job in America.

4. Have a Life Outside Your Job

This could mean many things to many people. But whatever it means do you, do it. “Do what?” you may ask. Do whatever you love doing. Your first remote job should not be the only thing in your life. It’s just work.

Burying yourself at work is not a healthy way to live. And I am not saying you should not bury yourself in work. You can strike a balance is what I mean.

Go out! Have a life. Do fun stuff. Take long walks. Go on a date. Visit friends. Heck! Have a life! Whatever this means to you, by all means, do it.

Having a balanced life should be your goal. You don’t have to miss out on cool stuff because you landed a remote job in America. The best companies to work with will encourage you to have a good work-life balance.

5. Keep Your Eyes Out for Newly Released Software

As remote jobs are the new normal of the 21st century workplace so is AI. AI will always get better. And as it gets better so does working in the 21st century.

There are two things to do about this. Either you turn your back on AI or align with it. Guess which of these will work for you!

I guessed as much!

There are many places you could go. YouTube is one. Google is another.

You could also join communities on social media where other remote workers are. Emerging technologies designed to aid remote workers are bound to come up.

When you get these updates, get them – the technology. Go with the trend. Don’t be a 19th-century person in the 21st century. If you do, you will work slowly and be left behind.

6. You Should Ask Your Boss for the Gears You Need

There are a lot of employers in America that give gear to employees employed to work from home. A good number of these may forget to hand them over to you when you come on board. The onus is on you to ask.

Ask them for the gears. A laptop, a laptop stand, a home office chair, a microphone, etc., are some of the gear you need to carry out your job. Make the ask! The worst that can happen is that you will learn from the experience.

No one fires their workers for asking for these things! You will not be the first. You can’t actually.

What if your employers give them to you? Just what if!

7. Keep on Learning New Skills

A lot of companies do annual in-house training for their employees. If you are lucky to land one of these, hurray! But, it may not be your lot.

That it is not a perquisite of your work is nothing. You can always get the knowledge and certification that you need online. The best online learning platforms include Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Skillshare, Codeacademy, etc.

Don’t get stuck in the job. Always be on the lookout to get more skills and extra certification. These could make you get a promotion in your job or get a better job.

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These 7 things are sure to help you in the remote job you are currently in. They will help you get better out of the job. Heck! They could even help you get a better job.  And there are always a lot of them out there.

In case you are wondering where you can get these “better jobs” I speak of, I will tell you. You have to see these 10 websites to apply for remote jobs from anywhere in the world. It will answer your questions.

Whether you landed your first job or it is your 1000th, these 7 things will prove to be invaluable when you put it to work.

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