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5 Things to Do If You’ve Suffered Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment at work

Have you ever suffered sexual harassment at work? Do you know how best to handle it so that the suspect doesn’t end up suing you?

We spend most of our time at work so being comfortable in your work environment is vital. However, for many, this is not the case. With over 50% of people experiencing workplace harassment not even filing a complaint, many feel as though they can’t step forward and share their mistreatment. 

If you have suffered from sexual harassment at work, now is the time to raise your voice and come forward about your treatment. Although it may seem daunting, you will be safer in the long run and we’ve put together a list of things to do to help you in your plight. Read on to find out what you can do to end your injustice.

1. Consult a Lawyer

The first thing you need to do is speak to an employment attorney to see if they think you have enough evidence to bring forward a case. They will be able to discuss your situation with you and instruct you on what proof you need to move forward. Click here to find the best employment lawyers in your area

2. Check Your Company’s Harassment Policy

Most companies will have a harassment and discrimination policy, so make sure you check it in great detail so that you can build your case around your perpetrator. You want to be very clear on what rules they are breaking and how so having a list of wrongdoings that are clearly against company policy will make it easier for you to complain.

3. Gather Evidence

If you feel as though someone is sexually harassing you, you will need some evidence to prove your case. Retain any communications whether it be by email, text, or WhatsApp, and transfer the communications to your personal devices. That way, if you’re not allowed to access your work devices you will have the proof on your person.

Make detailed notes of any in-person harassment but do avoid recording any encounter as it is illegal to record someone without their permission in some states and you may find yourself subject to a legal case of your own if you’re not careful.

The 12 US states where it’s illegal to record someone without their permission are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

4. Book a Meeting with HR

Sit down with your HR representatives and also your manager (unless they are the perpetrator) to report your situation. Before going into this meeting try to be as fully prepared as possible so you can put forward a clear and concise case. You are protected by law from any retaliation, so you should be as honest and open with them as you can manage. Your employer understands the risk of wrongful dismissal and would do anything to avoid it.

5. Try to Look After Yourself

Whether you stay in your job or not, mentally and emotionally, harassment can take its toll. Try to focus on self-care and healthy ways to channel your negative emotions. Consider therapy as a way to work through your feelings, or start journaling to better understand your feelings and how you can manage them. Remember any form of harassment you experience at work, be it sexual or otherwise is not your fault. It is only the perpetrator who is to be blamed. 

If the challenge is coming from any member of the management team it shows that they aren’t doing anything to protect their business from getting sued by the employees.

Have you been sexually harassed at work? Share your experiences in the comments to help others through their journey.

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