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The Spectrum Internet, Cable TV and Phone Customer Service

Does Spectrum offer promotional discount

Sometimes it gets difficult to choose if you have humongous options available. These are turbulent times but if you get discounts on your services, it will make things a bit more bearable. When you go out to buy something, the first thing you look at is the quality of the item, then you look for the best price and alternative options that you have for the same object.

Who does not like some extra features on top? Some providers offer you some enticing promotional discounts. The foremost important step before signing up for any provider is to look for additional features that they are offering.

Spectrum is the Provider that Provides You Services on Promotional Discounts

Everyone is aware of the present situation. Businesses and economic growth have been hit all around the world due to the shared global pandemic crises. The paranoia surrounding all of us is real. Just like a misty pathway, we are unclear of what the future beholds. We can grab the opportunity to make this path a little enlightened for ourselves and our loved ones.

Spectrum is offering undeniable promotional discounts to its new customers. They have made their policies more flexible. Just by making a swift call on Spectrum customer service via localcabledeals, you can achieve the status of Spectrum valued customers. 

You can find details of the bundle packages that they offer but keep in mind, you can opt for one service only as well, it all depends on your choice, and your plan is customized accordingly.


Triple Play Packages with Spectrum on Promotional Discounts

Spectrum is offering discounts by keeping into consideration the current scenario faced by all of us. As offices and schools have been shifted to our homes, everything is revolving around a good internet connection since then. 

The minimum speed of the internet that they are offering is 200 Mbps (varies from address to address), for a channel lineup, they have different options available.Bene

The Select Package

The first package they have is “Spectrum Triple Play Select.” This Spectrum Triple Play Select has high-speed internet that is off 100 Mbps (can be 200 mbps depending upon your location where services will be installed), and a channel lineup of more than 125+ channels that include all your local broadcast channels as well.

Just to give you an idea about the channels, they have some amazing channels like History, ABC, A&E, Hallmark channels, Spectrum Sports, HGTV, BBC America, CNN, Big Ten Network, Cozi, Disney, Disney On Demand and many other tempting channels are included.

With these services, you also get home-phone services with all popular features like a callback, call-forwarding, Unlimited Nationwide calling, call block and, much more.

All these services will be on the promotional discounted rate of $99.99 per month. 

The Silver Bundle Package

The other option that you have is the “Spectrum Silver Play Package.” Spectrum Silver Play Package has all the aforementioned features with additional channels. It has more than 175+ channels with two premium channels that include HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network.

Along with all these additional channels and premium channels, this package will cost you around $127.94 per month.

The Gold Bundle Package

The final option for a promotional discounted package with all three services including, your internet, cable TV and, home phone, is “Spectrum Triple Play Gold” this package is a premium package. It includes channels that are 200+ along with all the premium channels that include HBO, Straz, Starz Encore, Showtime, and NFL.

This package will cost you around $144.97 per month. Usually, you have to pay extra for premium channels but when you bundle up your services, you get it along with the package.


Additional Benefits Offered By Spectrum

  • Spectrum has a flexible policy that includes no contracts which means you can keep the services intact according to your priorities. You will not be forced to keep it. In case you decide to cancel your services due to any reason, you will not be charged any early termination fee.
  • Spectrum also offers you 30 days’ money-back guarantee.
  • They offer a free modem, and it comes along with any package you choose.
  • You also get a free Spectrum TV App with which you can watch your shows at your ease.
  • You also get free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots that make your internet services feasible and easy to use. You can connect your devices anytime with Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • If you are under any contract for your services with any other provider, Spectrum offers a contract buyout plan, so they will buy that contract and pay up to $500 so you can get services with Spectrum as soon as possible.
  • You will also get a free Spectrum Mobile App through which you can monitor your Spectrum account anytime on your phone.

Does Spectrum offer mouthwatering deals for existing customers? Spectrum is popular for offering a variety of deals for existing customers, but they are all incentives to add additional services like TV, phone, or mobile service.


The best service provider with easy policies is Spectrum and it is the second-best service provider in the United States since there are no contracts required. Their option that allows you to customize your package makes their offer more appealing. You can always sign up and you will find amazing discounts along.

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