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The Number One Secret of Successful Bloggers in Nigeria

Secrets of successful bloggers in Nigeria

When it comes to making money from blogging there are notable Nigerians that we can now record as entrepreneurs who have had their share of the millions of dollars circulating in the industry.

A good number of them will NEVER tell you how they make their money. It is either they are too busy to share their secrets to building a highly successful blog or they are scared of revealing those secrets lest someone else takes over the centre stage of prominence from them in the industry.

However, having been blogging, monitoring other successful blogs and making pretty earnings as a blogger and writer too, I know I am qualified to teach you this.

At the course of this business lesson, I’m going to be sharing with you the number one secret that has made Linda Ikeji the most successful blogger in Nigeria. Yes. She’s number one. Her blog, according to Worth of Web is worth over sixty six million dollars ($66 million). Hmm… Isn’t that amazing? Please, don’t bother trying to know its equivalent in naira – it might break your jaw. Find out why you aren’t making as much from your blog.

What point am I trying to make here?

Blogging is no longer a child’s matter. It’s no longer something you should be handling with the kid’s glove. So many entrepreneurs in Nigeria are making huge money legitimately from it.

This blog you are reading makes thousands of dollars every month with our major traffic coming from search engines.

The business lessons I am going to be sharing with you might be a little bit lengthy but one thing is certain; you will get enormous value for your time on this blog.

And if you are impressed with it and would like to learn how to start and grow a highly successful blog then I recommend you check out my blogging course, Blogging Business Masterclass.

The Number One Secret of Successful Bloggers in Nigeria

Number 1 Secret: They Select a Suitable Blogging Niche

The place of choosing a specific niche to channel your energy, time and creativity cannot be overemphasized when it comes to blogging for success and money. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have no idea of this.

Personally, I never knew how important choosing a profitable blogging niche and sticking to it was until I failed in my first and second attempt to build a blog I will be proud of. It was painful abandoning those two blogs to build another two that as they are today have changed my story. But you know what, I had no choice. I just have to let it go.

Sincerely speaking, I wouldn’t want you to make the same mistake I made. You can shorten your failed attempts by simply reading this article in-between the lines. It does not matter if you are already doing well in your blogging career or just starting out. Choosing a niche to blog on is the first thing you MUST do if you want to become one of the highly successful bloggers in the next six months.


In case you are contemplating of what niche to blog on, here are some blogging niches you can considerably give a thought to: entertainment, news, business (sales, marketing, startup, entrepreneurship), technology, literature (writing, publishing, freelancing), blogging, medicine, sciences, psychology, insurance, health, pet, dog, engineering etc. Meanwhile, you can merge any of these niches together as they relate to your expertise like we are doing right on this blog.

More reasons why it is important that you choose a blogging niche:

  • You dominate your niche speedily
  • You will have the privilege to buttress ideologies in detail
  • You distinguish yourself in the marketplace
  • Google rewards you with more traffic and top ranking

3 Questions to Ask Yourself about the Blogging Niche You Want to Choose

Before you arrive at any conclusion that this is the niche you are going to build your blog on, I have outlined 3 basic questions you must consider if sincerely you want to become a successful blogger. Here are the questions:

What average of the audience I’m planning to target is interested in this niche?

Your blog is about people. When you don’t understand them, it becomes difficult to understand the business of blogging.

If the classes of audience you want to target are not interested in your niche, why choose it? That you love travelling does not mean you must build a travel blog even when your market has no need of it. Simply knowing that there are audiences out there that are hungry to read your next post has a way it influences you to research and deliver your best.

It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to give your market what they want. Linda Ikeji knew that a good number of young Nigerians crave for celebrity gossips; she built a hub for them and today, she’s a billionaire.

How well do I know this niche?

When people visit blogs, they are there to scoop the thoughts of the owner. It will be ridiculous to blog on a niche you know nothing about. In fact, it is a grievous offence to build a blog outside your areas of expertise. Why did I say it’s a grievous offence? It often leads most bloggers into plagiarism (see consequences here). Getting yourself involved in one can make you lose all your years of hard work in one day. I know you wouldn’t like to watch that happen.

Don’t select a niche because some bloggers are already making money from it. Think and use your mind. Tony Hsieh was right when he said:

“Don’t play games you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.

What is the profitability ratio?

We all desire to make money. Yes. Nobody can deny that fact. So before you choose your niche, make your research to know how profitable the niche you are choosing is.

There’s always a way to make money from every niche, but in a situation you couldn’t find it for your niche, consult a coach (check me out, winks) and if you can’t found any, overwrite that niche and choose another one.

A blog should not stay more than 6 months without being able to generate financial resources with which it will be maintained. Meanwhile, freelance writing can help you get there sooner than you expected.

Thanks for your time.

Are there some of other secrets you have applied to boost your blogging success? Please, feel free to share with us in the comment box. We are always eager to read your comments.

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