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The Anatomy of a 6-Figure Blogging Business

Anatpmy of a 6 figure blogging business

Today, I woke up by 10:30am, mopped up my floor, took a cup of tea and few slices of bread, took my bath, switched on my generator and pulled my laptop closer to my bed and started work immediately.


I find it difficult most times to follow the ideal home-based business work ethics some experts recommend, where I have to dress like I’m going to work in a corporate office. I have tried it, but it’s not just working for me, I won’t lie.


Going by what’s already common with me, I can say that I woke up earlier today compared to how I used to when I work till day break, like till 7am in the morning.


I didn’t have to struggle with beating Lagos traffic which can be so frustrating. I nearly cried the last time I was trapped in traffic for 3 hours.


I didn’t have to bother if my colleagues in the office will sabotage my effort. You remember those sadists that always love saying negative things about their colleagues just to gain favour from their supervisor?


I didn’t have to worry about trying to meet up with the endless expectations of a boss. This pressure could be good sometimes but when overstretched, it becomes frustrating.


Aside God, I have only one person I’m answerable to about the work I do, and that person is my CUSTOMER.


I hold my clients in high esteem.


One of the beauties of online business chosen is the freedom it gives me to work from any part of the world as long as I have access to power and internet services.


I’m obviously not where I hope to be yet but I’m most-grateful to God for how far He has brought me using the power of the internet.


Get this right, once and for all…


Blogging business is not a get-rich-quick business.


Blogging business is not an awoof business that won’t require your financial involvement, except you are willing to struggle through your first 5 years. * Add 5 to your current age now *


And my amazing results since the last 18 months I finally built successful blogs are not typical. I have had my bruises. You too will have yours, though it may be minor.


I’m not saying this to scare you but to let you know that where there’s gain, there’s also pain. If you’ve been an ardent student of Entrepreneur Business Blog you must have read tons of stories of how people failed before they succeeded.


If you are just starting out, it will be insane to think you will make millions of naira in your first day of blogging. Maybe you can hit that in your second day, just maybe.

If you think otherwise, your chance of ending up in Yahoo Plus is high.


Just like every other business, in blogging business, you must invest your TIME, MONEY, CREATIVITY and ENERGY to make it work.


But if you stay-put to it, in no distant time, the reward will come. In fact, it will come in droves.


Having said all these?


I would like to ask: Are you still interested in building a blogging business?


If your answer is, Yes, come with me as I walk you through the strategies of building a 6-figure blogging business. This is just Part 1.



 Anatpmy of a 6 figure blogging business

Based on what I have discovered over the years of blogging, there are basically 3 factors that will determine what you SHOULD blog on.

A. Passion
B. Skill
C. Experience


No matter how much a dummy a person is, he or she must have at least one of these three things; passion for something, skilled at something or a great work or life experience at something.


This is the only way to make blogging flow naturally.


It’s either you are blogging about your passion, a skill that you have or a work/life experience you’ve had in the past or currently.


Last week, my company, Ebusinessroom Ventures concluded a blog setup for clients in the legal niche, accounting niche and now, we are working for a client in the Agro niche.


They want to blow their own trumpets themselves on search engine without having to wait for any media house to feature them.


Building a blog based on any of these 3 factors I listed above will not only boost your authority status, but we will also help you to generate income from your blog faster.


You wouldn’t want to wake up a year later just to realize that you’ve been speaking Espanol to an English man. That’s what happens when you go outside your area of expertise to build a blog – you will hardly connect to your audience except you are doing content spinning or have people who write for you like I do.


Which of these 3 factors; passion, skill and experience did you consider or would like to consider before choosing a blogging niche?

Let’s interact in the comments section.


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  1. It’s very knowledgeable post I read it well, that’s why my self-force me commenting something here.
    When you have a strategy of requests, you would configuration be able to out a development of related blog entries that check you as an authority figure on the point course of action.
    Similarly, since normal improvement is as regularly as conceivable the most qualified wellspring of leads, you’ll be setting up your blog to draw in the perfect individuals who are set up to change over.

  2. Emenike, deciding what you will blog on is the most important decision you can make. You also must know who you readers are and what they are having problems with so you can HELP them.
    I believe passion is the #1 skill needed today. Blogging covers so many things today than ever before between technical issues, social media management, SEO and marketing. You have many balls in the air at once 🙂
    Have a great day and rest of the week Emenike!

  3. Hi Emenike,

    It is really a great idea to chose to blog abiut what you have a passion for, or skills and experience of some niche market and decide to blog on that area. This qualities will make possible for your writing to flow smoothly because you will be able to bring out the juices in your chosen niche.
    However, inasmush as these qualities are needed ti setup a successful blog, you might also want to consider the profitability if your chosen niche.ets say your chosen niche is not profitable, obviously you will not want to keep blogging about that because you must pay the bills. Thus, I always advice my audience who want to venture into the blogging industry to keep ab balance between passion and profitability.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Emenike,

    Really a good post how blogging business change your life especially you said about bruises. Initially everyone failed their blogging journey. But their passion will take them to the success eventually.

  5. Hi Emenike,

    Really this is one of my favorite post, how blogging business change your life especially you said about bruises. Initially everyone failed their blogging journey. But their passion will take them to the success eventually.


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