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What Every Successful E-commerce Funnel Have in Common

Elements of highly successful e-commerce funnel
E-commerce sales funnel

Unlike in the past, the e-commerce business model is fast replacing the old brick and mortar form of business. This is due to the high increase in the rate of online shopping habits of people these days.

However, just like every form of business, it has its highs and lows. And for you to be able to make sales, make lots of profit and even scale your e-commerce business despite the hiccups, you need to have a high-converting funnel.

If you’re trying to find more ideas on how to run a successful e-commerce business then you can’t overlook the importance of having a high converting sales funnel.

Because, this single aspect is one, out of the few key factors that differentiate those struggling to make a few bucks and those who make six, seven, and even nine figures consistently.

The following 6 tips will help you know and step-up your game on the features most successful e-commerce funnels all have.

Elements of Highly Successful E-commerce Funnel

1. Unique Niche

You may be wondering; can’t I have a single sales funnel that offers all my products at the same time?

Well, you can if you want to. But, trying to sell too many products in a single funnel (a sales page) makes your prospects confused. Besides, it’s hard to position yourself as an expert if you’re selling too many things at a time.

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Successful e-merchants know this, and it’s why they create separate sales funnels for different products.

You should do this too if you want to gain trust, dominate that niche, and be easily remembered in the minds of customers so you can sell more in the future.

2. Audience Avatar

This is in fact, one of the most important secrets the most successful e-commerce funnels are built on. So, what exactly is the audience’s avatar? Audience avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal audience. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorize people into groups. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them.

You can’t build a high-converting sales funnel without having almost every single information about the audience you are targeting. These include; their age, occupation, residence, nationality, religion, marital status, likes, dislikes, pages they follow online, groups they belong to, gender, income level, etc.

And also, knowledge about the people who are currently selling to them to enable you to know how to make a more irresistible offer that will convert.

HINT: you can download and use the Facebook Ads Manager app on Google Play Store to find out more information about your potential customers using the “Audience Insight” feature.

3. A Good Offer

The reason why some people profit more from their funnels is largely based on this factor. I mean, their offer is just too irresistible that you will feel somehow foolish for not buying what they are promoting. Except if, you’re not their target audience, you can’t resist a good offer.

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And what makes an offer very irresistible depends on how it’s been presented. It’s not just about having a “hot product.”

What makes an offer irresistible? You need to spice up your offer with features like; a good sense of urgency, (maybe a deadline or limited spots), bonuses, proof(s) that your product works or testimonials from past buyers and guarantee(s) too.

4. Quality Traffic

The value of quality traffic in building a successful e-commerce funnel cannot be overemphasized. If you want to grow your online business faster than you ever thought possible you can’t rely on your Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter friends to make many sales.

how to know a highly successful e-commerce funnel used by e-com gurus
Paid Traffic E-commerce Funnel

Focusing on social media alone to drive traffic to your e-commerce offer is slow, unreliable and hectic. You need a reliable source of traffic or platform where you can run ads and consistently get people to see your offer.

If not, even if you have a good product or a good sales letter, you won’t make many sales. Besides, it’s going to be hard for you to scale. Also, using this can help you know and target only people who can afford to buy your product.

5. Reliable Shipping

It’s one thing to be able to engage, convince, and convert a prospect and it’s entirely another thing to ship the product to him. According to a survey conducted by Statista and published by Alexander Kunst, 35% of online shoppers in the United States in April 2017 said that they cancelled their online orders because of “Too long delivery time.”

Now, successful e-commerce business owners know this secret and it’s why they ensure their purchased products get into their customer’s hands before any form of “Buyer remorse” sets in.

To avoid unnecessary refunds, always do everything to gain their trust in the long run by using a reliable delivery company or courier service to ship your products to your prospective customers on time.

6. User Experience

Successful e-commerce business owners also ensure that the entire experience the user has on their website is swift, smooth, and fast. Your sales will be hindered and you’ll likely not get repeated customers if your website is not loading fast or the web design is looking too amateurish.

You might need to constantly put your e-com site under serious scrutiny to discover the things that could be slowing down your e-commerce site long before your customers get to take notice of it.

In addition, your web copy must be convincing enough in order to make them buy. Nobody wants to risk his/her hard-earned money on a website that looks suspicious. Again, having a smooth checkout process in place like they all do, will help you avoid issues like; abandoned carts and high-bounce rates too, especially if your process is faulty.

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All these sales funnel tips are just some pointers to help you know the basic things you need to put in place in order to join the ones who are making it big in the world of e-commerce business.


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