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Process at a Glance: 5 Steps to Take Before Passing the CPA Examination and 5 Steps to Take Afterwards

5 Steps to Take Before Passing the CPA Examination

What does it take to study and pass the CPA Examination in a short period of six months?

Accounting is much more than a series of debits and credits. It’s a practical and systematic way to analyze business performance. To help clients, it’s beneficial for an accounting practitioner to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Taking the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination enables accountants to legally work jobs many non-licensed accountants can’t perform. Learning the steps to take before and after the examination assists exam takers in being successful on the exam and productively completing the entire CPA licensing process.

Take a Reliable CPA Exam Review Course

One of the best ways to increase the chances of passing the CPA Exam is to take a reliable CPA Exam review course. A review course like the MDS CPA Review helps an exam taker increase time efficiency and retention. This educational tool does this by streamlining study habits. Gaining knowledge about the 4 parts of the CPA Exam assists in reducing anxiety related to exam-taking. Reduced stress enables CPA candidates to focus on learning the skills necessary to pass the CPA Examination.


Practice Relaxation and Stress Management

Practice relaxation when preparing for your CPA Examination

Taking the CPA Exam involves learning many facets of accounting. Integrating this learning process into daily life can be stressful. Be mindful of daily activities and how long it will take to study for the examination. Structure daily activities and study time. Get plenty of exercises, such as walking or jogging. 

It’s also beneficial to have a sufficient intake of nutrients including proteins and minerals. A healthy diet helps to increase concentration and improve stress management. If you are caught up with activities that require you to travel often at the same time you are preparing for your CPA Exam, here’s a guide on how to get rid of stress at a time you are always on business travels.

Create a Study Area

It’s essential to have a place to study that facilitates productivity. This area should include supplies such as pencils, pens, paper, and accounting review books. A study area does not have to be totally quiet. In fact, some exam takers prefer to have some sort of background noise, such as motivational music, when studying.


Prevent Last-Minute Delays

It’s important to prevent situations that can lead to being late or missing part of the CPA Examination. It’s prudent to find the test site at least a few days before the examination. Drive by the facility and learn an alternative route in case an accident creates excess traffic. Also, check the tires and the gas tank before exam day.

Prepare the Night Before

Prepare the night before by setting 2 alarms to wake up on time. Pick out your outfit the night before the examination. Go over study notes thoroughly. Get a good night’s sleep. Exercise to rejuvenate the mind.

Wait for a State Board Congratulatory Letter

A CPA candidate must wait for a congratulatory letter from the state accounting board. This time it varies from state to state. It can take up to a few months to receive a confirmation of successfully passing the CPA Examination.

Take Time for Yourself

It’s important to take time for yourself after the CPA Examination. Realize that you have done your best and get back to a normal schedule.

Learn About State Requirements

Determine where you want to practice accounting. Visit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (https://nasba.org/licensure/gettingacpalicense/howtogetlicensed/) to find out whether you meet all state requirements for practicing accounting with a CPA license.


Meet Unfulfilled Requirements

Some states require certain levels of education and years of experience to get a CPA license. Use this time to fulfill these requirements to successfully acquire a CPA licensure.

Understanding the steps to take before and after a CPA examination is necessary to prevent mistakes and undue hardship. It also elevates a person’s chances of getting a high score on the examination.


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