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How to Start a Large-scale Fundraiser

Large-scale fundraiser

Are you considering starting a large-scale fundraiser?

Hosting a large-scale fundraising event is a brilliant way to raise much-needed funds.

Yet, organising and hosting a global fundraiser takes time and bucket lot of energy and enthusiasm, especially if you fail to avoid some critical event planning mistakes.

But with careful planning, you’ll be able to persuade people with cash to spare to donate to your good cause.

When putting together a global fundraising strategy you should consider; why, where and what.

Why Go into Large-scale Fundraising?

Knowing exactly why you want to set up a large-scale fundraiser will help you
Why do you want to raise funds?

The ‘why’ of the strategy focuses on the reasons behind raising the money.

Is it because a natural disaster has severely damaged an area? Or is it because money is needed to fund research into a cure for a particular disease?

Whatever the reason, you need to be able to clearly articulate this to donors and explain how their money will be used and the benefits it will bring. By using one of the top online fundraising platforms, you can provide the full details of your fundraising reasons and your goals to donors. Potential donors will appreciate the transparency you provide and may be more likely to donate if you can give a good overview of the purpose of your fundraiser.

You also need to be able to justify the reasons for approaching global donors. Some reasons may be that you’ve exhausted all possible leads in your local area.

Or it could be that you want to raise your profile in another country and the publicity of partnering with a global brand or personality may help you achieve this.

Where to Launch Your Global Fundraising?

Identifying which countries you are going to target as part of your fundraiser can be extremely tricky as it takes an intimate knowledge of the international fundraising environment, which is something very few organisations have.

It will take a long time to research each country and without knowing where to look it can make it difficult to find the information you need.

However, you can cut down on the amount of time that is needed to complete this stage by working with a fundraising consultancy.

Not only can they help you grow the support of existing donors, but their highly experienced consultants can undertake feasibility studies to determine which countries show an interest in supporting your campaign.

They also have a thorough understanding of the local laws in your chosen countries, which is a huge plus, as it means any campaigns you do will be legal and compliant.

What Are the Needed Requirement in Global Fundraising?

The ‘what’ part of the global fundraising strategy details how you are going to raise the money. It includes who your ideal donors are i.e. individuals or corporations.

It also needs to cover how you plan to raise awareness of the campaign.

Do you plan to hold a fundraising event in the country? If so, you’ll need to decide on a date, find a venue and organise volunteers to assist with the event. Read up on how to organise a successful event in your city.

Or, do you plan to advertise in newspapers or on TV? If so, do you know which channels have the largest audience near you?

These things, plus many more are what you need to consider when organising a large-scale fundraiser. But, as we mentioned earlier, a fundraising consultancy will be able to assist you with this.

The good work that your organisation provides is dependent on the provision of funds by donors and by branching out internationally, you have a greater chance of delivering your projects to those who really need them.

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