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How to Start a Business Blog and Grow It into a Million Dollar Asset

How to start a blog and make a million dollar
Start a million dollar business blog

Turning your business blog startup into a multi-million dollar brand is possible. If you’ve always wanted to make money with business blogs, this is for you.

If a blog gets over 250,000 unique visitors per year, the blog can successfully generate well over a million dollars per year as its revenue and at the long run build a multi-million dollar asset.

How Can Business Blogs Help in Making Money?

For making money using a business blog that concentrates on business growth, the blogger must provide quality content.

He should use content writing tools to avoid plagiarism, and he/she needs to do content topic research as well.

The blogger must understand that in blog marketing, to reach many consumers, the blog needs to rank higher on the Google search engine. Hence, he/she should take time and plan every step.

The writer and even organization should remember that digital marketinghas now become the most cost-effective and the most effective tool for brand promotion.

What is a Business Blog?

Nowadays global business scenario involves a severe contribution from the social media and internet and to introduce the business to a large number of clients. Most business organizations prefer business blogs.

In short, a business blog works as a marketing channel that helps the business to reach a large number of people by increasing its online visibility. These business blogs play a vital role in increasing brand awareness.

The increasing number of blog subscribers help and support the growth of a newly established business.

Therefore, it is crucial to schedule and plan the business blog because this makes a considerable difference when publicity and marketing of a business are concerned.

Plan and Then Start Blogging

  • The fact that a business blogger first needs to know is what his/her blog is going to talk about. The blog may not be about direct marketing, but the blogger must keep in consideration what the consumers want.
  • The consumer mind should shape the blog content. Once the blog successfully gets several subscribers who are interested in the particular type of business the blog is talking about, it is far more comfortable for the blogger to do the publicity of the business.
  • To attract traffic or ideas, the blog must address the questions and feedback of the subscribers of the visitors of the blog.
  • It is valid for all sorts of blogs: the subscribers, who are either consumers or potential consumers of the business, deserve attention. A fruitful online interaction can help a potential consumer to be more interested in the business.

How to Start?

The first note that every business blogger must keep in mind is that it is easy to create a blog, but it is quite challenging to keep the traffic.

Therefore, the first thing the blogger needs to do is to collect all his scattered thoughts and then arrange them based on the market relevance. Business blogs have another unique quality of its own. A business blog must not follow the guideline an average blog follows. A business blog is all about quality, and the quantity is not significant.

How to start a business blog and make millions of dollars from it
Why Blogging is Good for Your Business

However, business blogs must follow the strategy that once they have launched a campaign or issued some marketing concept, they need to stick to it and must get a follow-up regularly, until they notice a change, either positive or negative.

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A business blog is all about finding a unique marketing strategy and at the same time, sticking to the fundamentals.

The fundamental guideline for a business blog is to master the art of listening to the subscribers and consumers and then incorporating them in its action.

Promotion of the Blog

A business blog should select its content according to the demand of the current market scenario.

For a new business blog, it is often the case that a subscriber finds it while searching for a particular product or service online.

Bloggers Should be Well Aware of Market Trends

Therefore, a blogger needs to keep in touch with the market trends continuously. The right amount of market research is needed to keep up with the trend.

A consumer or potential consumer who is looking for a particular product can end up reading several blogs.

For most consumers, market research always starts with Google. Statistically, 78% of internet users do basic product research online. Therefore, presenting a business blog in a well-written manner can capture the attention of the visitor.

A blogger needs to remember the fact that most subscribers or consumers primarily started as a visitor to the blog.

Therefore, it is more important to provide a certain amount of useful information through the blog posts.

Importance of Content Writing in Business Blogs

Content writing plays an integral part in introducing a business blog also and adequately contributes to give it a professional look.

A fluent, well-knit original write-up can attract consumers and potential consumers towards the blog.

Consumers more often tend to rely on blogs that depict their approach and point of view.

Frequency Can Help in the Business Growth of the Blog Page

The frequency of blogging also helps to reach a blog to a massive number of readers. If the blogger chooses to post relevant content frequently, addressing the problems of the consumers, it effectively reaches the top list of the search engines.

Impact of monthly blog stats
Impact of Business Blogs

It is also important to choose SEO words because the search engine optimizationaffect the traffic of a blog page.

If the blogger knows how to dominate the SEO, then he knows how to reach a large number of people fast, which is very important for business growth.

The blogger can take the help of online tools that select specific SEO to fit the content. This SEO selection can help the content to rank better in search engines, and it can successfully get good traffic. It helps to optimize real-time search engines.

The SEO words must be in the page title, headlines (which include H1), Meta description, URL, ALT text, and the main body of the content as well.

The blogger must build a post based on particular keywords. It helps the blog to reach a higher rank in search results and eventually reach more people.

Marketing Plans and Strategies help to Gain Success

Blogging has to do a lot about the content of its posts. The content must have a unique concept, and the language of the presentation must be catchy as well.

The blog content plays an important role when it comes to reaching a lot of consumers and potential consumers.

For business growth, the strategy is to increase the trustworthiness of the business and the blog.

The content of the blog must be original and free of plagiarism. A duplicate and copied content may fail to show the reliability of the blog and the business the blog is trying to promote.

Therefore to make the content better and free from plagiarism, the blogger can take the help of the content writing tools available online.

After a particular content topic research, it is also essential to make sure that the topic is presented excitingly and formally.

It is not always necessary for a blogger to post a perfect blog, but the blog should hit the right kind of audience, and the approach of the post should be right, and the blogger should make sure that it does not give rise to any controversy.

Proper Promotion of the Blog is Necessary

Writing and selecting good content for a business blog is just a part of it. A business blog needs the right amount of promotion.

A part of business blog subscribers finds the blog’s articles via Google while doing market research.

However, waiting for subscribers to reach the blog is not a wise choice. A business blogger must concentrate on how to promote the blog.

To increase the number of subscribers or readership fast, the blog needs a well-planned promotion.

Social media and email marketing which can be used as tools of promotion are well-acknowledged nowadays.

It is essential to pay attention to digital marketing to help promote the blog. The very initial step can be sharing blog content to social media groups that are meant for business.

This way, it is apter when a blogger wants to promote a particular piece of content. However, for business blogs, it is essential to promote the blog as a whole, as well as through bits-and-pieces. It is essential to select those contents, which have some sorts of relevance.

It is better to double-check if the posts have a social sharing button. The blogger can set up Google Analytics to track the visitors of the blog.

Social media and email marketing
Social media vs Email marketing

Social Media for Promotional Activities

It is easy to reach a particular set of people via email.

After launching the blog, the blogger can ask the visitors for their email IDs. The blogger can later get back to them using email to inform them about a new product, services, or new blog posts. Except for this, there are specific other ways to use emails for digital marketing.

There are tools like MailChimp that helps the blog to have 2000 subscribers to start with and also sends about 12000 mails for free.

There is Aweber that adds 500 subscribers and sends unlimited emails for a cost of $19/month. Hence, for bloggers who have just started, email marketing is a great tool for e-commerce gurus, and it also saves money.

Like emails, social media are also useful to reach a large number of people within a short period.

The blogger needs to post the contents of his blog to social media regularly. After each post, the blogger should check the reaction of the readers, and he should send a message thanking the readers for sharing a post or giving feedback.

For Twitter, the blogger must use proper hashtags. The keyword phrase can be a single word or a set of words but without spaces.


Hashtags work almost like links. If the blogger knows the popular hashtags, it helps the blog to get more exposure to the tweet.

There are several automated tools like Buffer to pre-schedule the tweets to increase the traffic or reach out to more consumers or potential consumers.

How to Do Better?

For blogs, it is essential to track which of the social media is getting the blog more visitors. For earning money using the blog, it is essential to have visitors.

The blogger, therefore, needs to concentrate on promoting the blog on other social media more often, and he/she also needs to find the reasons for which the blog is failing to get significant viewers from other networking sites.

If a blog gets over 250,000 unique visitors per year, the blog can successfully generate well over a million dollars per year as its revenue. It is not easy for a new blogger to generate this much viewer on the first go.

Therefore he must take care of both content selection and promotion of it. For promotion, the blogger can choose a digital media plan. It can help him to save money and spare time as well.

The first thing that a blogger needs to select is a proper writing tool for content writing. After starting the blog, he must start thinking about promotion, along with improving the content.

A web host is exceedingly helpful these days because they help at web content to get more views on the internet. As a business blogger, if the target is to make money fast and save money as well, he/she must keep on thinking about how to create better content consistently.

If the content is right, then the consumers and visitors look forward to revisiting the blog.

If you are fired up to start your own blogging business now, check out our Blogging Business Masterclass.

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