Ninja Strategy for Marketing on Social Media 

Social Media Marketing Hacks

Discover the ultimate guide to marketing your products on social media without trying to sound like a boring salesman

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Do any of these sound familiar:

You already have an existing business whether online or offline.

Or your business is growing but not at the pace you anticipated.

Your competitors are massively dominating social media and you are wondering, “How am I ever going to compete with them?”

Or it happens that each time you see a thought leader in your niche getting praises from almost ‘everyone’ on social media but deep down in your spirit you know you can do what they do but how to come into the spotlight seems like an impossible mission, such that the more you try to press forward, the more people feel you are trying to push your ideology on them. In fact, some of them think you want to sell them something with the approach you are taking so they avoid you like a plague.

“They” said you should be posting in different groups so as to organically attract MORE customers to your business but none of those seem to work. Some groups even banned you and Facebook dwarfed your reach for duplicate contents.

Now you are wondering if all these social media marketing things aren't for a person like you.

 I understand that the money needed to acquire the training if you find any is not your problem BUT how to get started…

You know, what?

I have been there. I perfectly understand how you feel. Trust me, I do.

But what changed my life was when I discovered the power of SOCIAL SELLING. Simply put… The ability to sell my products and services on social media without necessarily running ads for them, without sounding like a boring salesman but by simply utilizing the relationships I have built with my ideal clients.

Some of the niches I have products (physical and digital) selling in have nothing to do with digital marketing. But they can’t help but sell because the man behind them has mastery of social selling.

Right now, I don’t want to be the only person that know these secrets. I want to share it.

But only on the condition that you must have an existing business.  

Oh yes! You must have an existing business.

I said that because I don’t want you to read this without having a place to implement it. So if you don’t have an existing business, don’t enter your email address above.


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  • What social media has evolved into

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  • How social influence controls people’s buying decision

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  • 6 Basic steps to marketing your products on social media

  • How to know the right social media platform to market your product

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