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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Integrated Marketing Strategies


The marketing strategy used by a business, company, or brand goes a long way to solidify the position and dominance in the target market. We live in a world where at least two brands are competing for the same market. Therefore, it is expedient for your brand to have the upper hand. The use of integrated marketing strategies can help.

In this article, you will discover how these strategies can help in bolstering your brand’s exposure. The article also gives some instances of where is usable and how to deploy it.

What does an Integrated Marketing Strategy Mean?

What do we mean by integrated marketing strategies? Do you know what it means when someone or a brand says that it is integrating the marketing service?

Integrated marketing strategies refer to the combined marketing efforts used by a brand, business, or company to increase brand awareness.

Through these strategies, it will be easier for the brand or company to leverage a holistic approach to marketing.

It is a marketing strategy that combines all the marketing or promotional needs for the growth of your brand. That includes the setting up of the marketing campaigns, the market segmentation, and actual marketing.

Why Integrated Marketing Strategies Work for Small Businesses

Now, let us talk about some of the reasons why integrated marketing strategies should be at the core of your brand’s marketing tactics.

The following reasons are why it should be considered and integrated into your brand’s marketing efforts:

1.    Integrated Marketing Can Help in Increasing the Hype Around Your Brand and Its Services

Your brand or company has one or more services or products it is promoting. One of the marketing strategies for creating a buzz around those products, services, or offers is by generating hypes for the same. These hypes could be by using influencer marketing, televising the offer on the TV, or publishing it in the national dailies.

Yet, the use of integrated marketing strategies can go a long way to increase the hype around your brand’s offers and services.

Here is the idea:

  • Your brand would be able to explore most (if not all) of the available marketing options to promote the offer or service.
  • It helps you discover some of the target audiences’ interests. This includes the products or services they are yearning to buy.

2.    Your Brand’s Goals Can be Reached Faster with Integrated Marketing

Whatever the goals or objectives of your brand are, rest assured that the use of integrated marketing can help in getting the results faster.

Several marketing channels would be explored to drive more traffic and record more sales.

3.    It is an opportunity to “Get into the Customers’ Minds”

Have you always wanted to know what your customers or target audience may be interested in? Consider using integrated marketing, which helps in understanding the audience.

The idea is to discover some of the needs or things that the target audience may be interested in. This helps you to come up with feasible solutions. These solutions are designed to meet those needs or satisfy the demands.

4.    Market or Promote Your Services and Products from All Fronts

The most successful businesses are the ones that have strong marketing tactics. With integrated marketing strategies, the marketing options just got much better. All your branding solutions can be unified by using this marketing strategy.

By tapping into different marketing streams, your brand or company will gain better exposure. If you did the right thing, it would be easier to attract and convert more people.

Further Reading:

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Strategy for Your Business

It is one thing to understand the relevance of integrated marketing in today’s marketing system. You need to know how to go about it, and that’s what the strategy is all about.

I present to you, some of the steps to creating your first (and subsequent) integrated marketing strategy:

1.    Develop Brand Positioning by Defining the Audience

The first step is to define your target market. Do that by:

  • The location of your target audience
  • Income level of the demographics
  • The age bracket of your potential customers
  • The interests they may have.
  • Does the target audience/demographics have any need?

2.    Create Content

Create helpful content that helps your prospects understand their needs more, and how your business can provide the needed solutions.

3.    Decide on the Marketing Channels

Which channels do you prefer using? This is a holistic marketing approach, which is why it is important to explore as many marketing channels as possible.

Final Thoughts

Integrated marketing strategies could be the singular marketing solution your brand needs. Understanding how this works goes a long way to help you know what to look for and how to look for it.

I am sure that you now know what it means to use integrated marketing for your business? Now, go ahead and develop a solid integrated marketing strategy for your brand’s next marketing.

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