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Trying to fix all that are required to get your business blossoming on the internet by yourself can be tasking and frustrating.


First, you are not an expert when it comes to internet marketing.


Secondly, you don’t have all the time in the world to do that even if you are an expert.


And thirdly, while you are trying to multitask and save money, (which you will eventually wake up one day and discover that you’ve lost them all) your competitors are hiring internet marketing ninjas to help handle their online marketing.


Would you rather prefer to spend your entire profit running A/B testing than to use a fraction of it to hire experts that will help to double (2x), triple (3x) and even quadruple (4x) your income in just 90 days or less?


We want to believe your answer to that is, “No!” Right?


If so, we’ve got a range of services to show you so that you can select which one is applicable to your business right now. But even if you don’t know where exactly your business needs help, don’t worry, we will offer you a 5-minutes FREE consultation to help identify the specific service option(s) that will work well for your business based on your budget.


Awesome! Right?

We understand how important it is to have an online presence in this digital age. Not only does it help you to reach more people beyond your locality, having a website also helps you multiply your stream of income. Today, building business nest on social media alone doesn’t just cut it. You need a website or a blog. Not just that, you need one that’s optimized for search engine, user friendly, responsive and with an SEO strategy in place to keep it growing.

If you need a website or blog for your business, church or organization, or you just need it to secure and build your personal brand online, Ebusinessroom Ventures is your best digital marketing agency to speak with. Check below for what you will get:

  • Website setup
  • Blog setup
  • Discount on your web hosting
  • Pagebuilder installation
  • Website search engine indexing
  • Chatbot installation on your website so that your customers can open a conversation on your website
  • Free web-push notification installation

Did you know that 74% of consumers consult social media before making a purchasing decision? That stat is an indication that you are already losing a ton of your customers to your competitor if your business does not have a ninja strategy for turning social media followers into loyal customers and brand evangelists.

When we at Ebusinessroom partners with your company in the area of social media marketing, we will:

  • Create professional social media accounts for your business (if you don’t have any yet)
  • Analyze and optimize your social media accounts to make it look professional
  • Create highly engaging contents that will represent the core values of your brand effectively
  • Interact and close deals with your customers on your behalf (while effectively communicating with you)
  • Social media advertising
  • Reputation management

The No.1 priority of over 53% of marketers using inbound marketing to grow their business is blog content creation. This is because when it’s done well, lead generation becomes a walk in the park and prospects will organically walk up to you begging that you sell them your products. No matter how big or small your business is, you need a content marketing strategy that will help you become the King in your niche, and this is exactly what we will help you achieve when you work with us. Based on your preference and budget, your content could be published on your blog or ours.

Here are services deliverable in this area:

  • Blog post writing for your niche
  • Product review writing
  • Press release
  • Sales copy writing
  • Email copy writing
  • Email list building
  • Chatbot setup and list building

Would you like to make Google your No. 1 salesperson? By that we mean turning Google to a sales rep that will keep sending customers your way organically even when you are on vacation. This is a rare thing to have but it can only be possible when your search engine optimization is handled by experts like us. When it comes to online marketing, we take pride in delivering topnotch results by helping our clients rank for keywords that will have direct impact on their business growth (income and visibility wise).

Expect the following:

  • Analyze and discover simple but not-widely used keywords that your business can penetrate the industry with
  • Increase in your organic traffic
  • Local SEO keywords identification
  • A peep into the ranking keywords of your competitors and ninja strategy for overthrowing them
  • More backlinks to boost the authority of your website
  • Weekly SEO audit report
  • SEO strategy you can continue to use even if you want to pause or terminate your subscription

Gone are the days when you have to do everything manually; from lead capturing, nurturing, product offering, the real sales, follow up email sequences and upselling. Yes, those days are gone. Today, you can automate all of these things and go about your other activities. If you love hopping on horses at the beach, you can do that knowing that you’ve automated everything from start to finish. In case you’ve not been using marketing funnel or you are not maximizing it to the fullest, may I shock you that you’ve been underutilizing your most valuable asset – TIME. This is because having a marketing funnel does not only make you look and act professionally, but it also saves time for you.

You want it, right? Here are the things you will get:

  • A unique marketing funnel setup that suits your brand and budget
  • Lead magnet guide
  • Email sequences for your niche
  • PayPal setup and integration
  • Implementation guide

When you see a social influencer (someone with a massive following on social media) saying positive things about a brand by way of recommendation or merely posing before the camera with it, 99% of the time, they were paid to do that. This strategy on its own isn’t bad, after all, stats have it that 73% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers and role models. Now, come to think of it: Imagine if it was your product that respected a highly adored entertainer, thought leader, religious head with diehard members, or just any public figure is holding?

In case you are thinking of turning your eyes away from this part of our service, it’s our pleasure to remind you that your competitors are already implementing it and those of them that haven’t are seriously planning towards it. I’m sure being behind the trend isn’t why you built your business in the first place.

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with top bloggers, entertainers, thought leaders, freelance writers, social influencers, religious heads, etc. Based on these relationships we’ve built, we know their various capabilities in promoting your brand and can also twist their hand to do that in the most affordable cost.

Here are things involved:

  • Influencer marketing strategy that suits your brand
  • Influencer–Brand match
  • Outreach and execution
  • Influencer accountability
  • Public endorsement of your brand
  • More traffic, leads and sales


 If after the first month you are not satisfied with our services (something that has never happened), you can cancel your subscription and we will give you back your money, following our refund policy.


A hub for topnotch digital marketing services

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