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Should You Be Selling Private Label Products?

Benefits of selling private label products

Selling private label products is a big decision and commitment, but the payoff can be huge in terms of profit and brand building.

Ever heard of Kylie Jenner?

She’s that 1997 born Kim Kardashian’s baby sister who became $900 million richer by simply launching her product line, Kylie Cosmetics using the same business model “Private Label Products” that we are discussing here. You can find details of how she grew her brand here.

No matter where you are in building your beauty business, you should consider selling private label products.

Here are a couple of benefits of selling private label products…

Selling Private Label Product Increases Client Trust

Having your own private label skin care line, makeup products, hair care retail, massage oils or other beauty products is a great way to demonstrate your deep knowledge of the beauty industry.

Understanding what goes into the product, what harmful chemicals that should stay out of it, and who it’s best-suited for shows a deep-rooted passion for creating a product that can help people feel and look healthier and more radiant.

Selling private label right product can also be a tool to develop a sense of trust among clients. If they can come into your business to receive a service and leave with their own custom product program, they will begin to think of you as a one-stop shop that they can keep coming back to.

Personalizing each customer’s product package can also help build trust and reinforce the idea that you care enough about your clients to learn what works for them.

Selling Private Label Product is a Huge Boost to Branding

Branding is crucial to running a successful business and, despite what you might think, it doesn’t have to be an expensive project.

Creating custom package labeling for your own products helps establish yourself as a thriving, independent retailer that can be recognized in-store and online. Talk about how to boost in-store customer experience.

After you decide what your private label products will be, create a simple, appealing, and easy-to-recognize label that you can share on your social media pages and line your shelves with.

Ensure the print was made on a high-quality paper and with good ink so that the labels will never lose their appeal.

If you play your cards right, customers will be posting your custom-labeled jars or spray bottles all over social media and be screaming about what it has done for their skin. This is a unique way to spark up word-of-mouth marketing – the most effective marketing strategy ever.

Selling Private Label Product is Not As Expensive As You Think

Believe it or not, you can create a private label line of products for as low as $11.  Over the years with the unfolding of dropshipping, it has become much easier for a business owner to decide how many units they want per product and how many customers are waiting to buy them before they even place their order.

Most of these best dropshipping products we’ve been talking about can be ordered that way.

After you decide how much you want to order, you have complete freedom in deciding what your retail value would be based on how much profit you intend to bring in to your business. This brings us to our final — and possibly most important — point.

Selling Private Label Product Will Increase Your Profit

Adding private label products into your business plan is a quick and simple way to increase your profit. No gimmicks here…

You don’t need to worry about unfair and complicated commissions like you do with outside retail products. You decide how much to purchase, what price to sell at and how you want to brand the products.

In summary, selling private label products can ultimately give you more freedom, higher profits and a chance for you to extend your brand beyond your actual business. 

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