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5 Secrets of the Most Wealthy Employees

These 5 secrets of the wealthy employees will work anywhere and in any time zone. They are the principles of wealth and success.

Tong Judy Wenhong knows the secrets of wealthy employees

When the discussion is on how to become wealthy, paid employment hardly comes up. Part of the reason for this is the lies that have been peddled on mainstream media. But, Can a 9-5 job make a person wealthy? Yes! Are there employees wealthier than many business owners? Yes!

Forbes puts Ms. Tong Judy Wenhong’s net worth at $1B. She does not own a company nor has she owned one before. She started her career in Alibaba as a receptionist 18 years ago. 18 years later, she is a billionaire. How she rose to such a height is not rocket science. The secret to wealth can be learned and the result can be reproduced.

Microsoft is another company that has produced wealthy employees. Charles Simonyi’s net worth is $5.2 B. Steve Balimer’s net worth is $111.8 B. These are employees of the company.

So, it is possible to become wealthy as an employee. The remaining part of this article will show you how employees become billionaires. It will also show you how you too can become one in paid employment. These are the greatest secrets of wealthy employees.

1. They Forget Who the Boss is

I don’t mean that they actually forget who the boss is, that would be career suicide. Every employee must know and respect the boss. What I really mean is that they take the company or business as their own.

You will not see them busy only when the boss is looking. They are always busy whether the boss is there or not, whether s/he is watching or not.

Wealthy employees are most of the time mistaken for the boss. Anyone who walks into the company or business and sees them at their tasks may mistake them for their boss. This is solely because of how much of themselves they put into their job.

These wealthy employees go beyond what they are paid to do. They do it as a way to add value to their workplace. This could mean contributing their talents to the success of the organization.

News has it that Ms. Tong Judy Wenhong shuffled between a receptionist and an office manager. She did everything she knew to do to ensure Alibaba grew. For many of the job titles she took on, she was not compensated for them. It did not make her relent. She kept on doing what she knew how to do and it paid off!

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2. Wealthy Employees to Be Treat their Boss as THE CUSTOMER

At face value, this point and the previous one are to be at variance. You will have to read to the end to see if they are.

The boss is THE CUSTOMER as much as the employer. If you look at him/her as a customer more than as an employer, you will without fail break into wealth.

What treating the boss as the customer means is to please him/her. Don’t forget that the goal is to become wealthy as an employer. Pleasing the boss is inevitable to the success of that goal. This will not be without its discomfort. It could even earn you mockery from fellow employees who will see you as a slave

Does it matter? Not really! As far as it gets you to the goal of being a wealthy employee, it does not matter. Keep your eyes fixed on the goal. You will be glad you did not relent at the end of the day.

Pleasing the boss could mean running errands for them. Or sending them text messages telling them how great a boss they are. Sending gifts over to them, etc. You could also share ideas on how to make the business more profitable. Or you could volunteer when your boss has a project that requires volunteers.

3. Skill Up!

Those who get promoted or richly rewarded are the ones with the top certifications. This is an indispensable secret of wealthy employees. They know this secret very well. This is why they are never tired of enrolling for relevant training.

By doing this, you show to your boss that you are an asset to the workplace. This will not only put you far away from the redundancy list, it will earn you quick promotions and more.

Ms Tony Judy is currently the Chief People Officer of Alibaba Group, an e-commerce giant. She started as a receptionist in the company. She was able to rise to her current position because she did not stop learning.

You can run the business as though it is your own. You can also please your boss to the point you become his/her favourite. If you refuse to go after training, you will lose juicy opportunities.

Don’t wait until there is an in-house training before you get trained, seek out training in your field and go for it. Gather certifications. Enrol to be trained. Get an MBA. Go for a graduate program. By all means, SKILL UP! If you desire to transition into tech, there are key skills you may need to acquire.

4. Think Long Term

This is one of the dark secrets of wealth, particularly as touching employees. The tendency to give up will arise if you are not thinking long-term.

Richard Branson is famous for the epigram “Love the Journey”. He says that when he shares his secret to wealth and success. It is a journey to amass wealth. True wealth is built incrementally, one day at a time, one step at a time.

Looking at the calendar to see how much time has been invested into the goal is unhealthy. Rather, be concerned about doing all the above. Do it till it becomes second nature. Do your job like you own the business. Please your boss. Skill up! Repeat. Wealth will come as a byproduct of these practices.

5. Set Being a Wealthy Employee as Your Goal

This should have been the first on the list of the 5 secrets of the wealthy employees. But, I reversed the order to make a point. That is, it might not be the mindset you had when you started the 9-5. You might have ventured into paid employment because your business failed. Or it can be that you want to save money to start a business.

Whatever the reason is, it is not too late to set being one of the wealthy employees as a goal. It is not difficult to do this. Desire to be wealthy. Wealth is not the exclusive reserve of business owners and investors. Employees can also be wealthy. The desire to be wealthy is crucial to that.

Napoleon Hill wrote the Bestselling book of all time, Think and Grow Rich. It is a book about the secrets of millionaires that have gone on to raise millionaires. The first step in the book to a life of success and wealth is DESIRE.

Desire wealth and set a goal to achieve it.

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These 5 secrets of the wealthy employees will work anywhere and in any time zone. They are the principles of wealth and success.

You may not have begun your career to achieve the goal of becoming wealthy. You can start now to become the next wealthy employee that Forbes will announce. It begins when you follow the clearly spelt-outspelt-out secrets in this article. Repeat it till it becomes second nature and it is only a matter of time.

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