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Why Ryan McAweeny of San Diego, Believes the City is Perfect for Young Online Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing executive in San Diego Ryan McAweeney

Ryan McAweeny is a successful marketing executive and one of the founders of a top affiliate and digital marketing firm based out of San Diego, California. His company was started during the economic recession but managed to weather the storm and generate revenues for his company exceeding $4million annually. He is therefore in a good position to provide insights for those seeking opportunities in the city.

Digital marketing executive in San Diego Ryan McAweeney

He is confident that San Diego can become the digital hub of the West Coast. A report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation titled “Innovation that Matters’’ reviewed the top 25 startup hubs and ranked them according to factors such as attracting investments, attracting talent, building a culture of innovation, amongst others. Of the top 25 cities, San Diego made it to the top five.

Recent studies have been trying to incorporate collaborative networks and an innovation culture as some of the key factors used to rank the cities reviewed. The city has organizations like StartUp San Diego which is a nonprofit that helps the entrepreneur to build startups by fostering a collaborative community. The organization has helped entrepreneurs get funding for their innovations.

Young entrepreneurs can benefit from moving to a city like San Diego. Other than the collaborative networks and support received young entrepreneurs can benefit from the lower cost of living which is much higher in Silicon Valley.

“When I first started operating businesses as a young adult the primary hurdle I had to cross was being able to afford to live during the initial stages of my business, Often, young entrepreneurs have to pour their capital into their business and don’t have the ability to live an expensive lifestyle, moving to a place such as San Diego, rather than traditional tech hubs and capital cities, would allow a young business person to live a comfortable life during the initial stages of operation”, says Ryan McAweeny.

McAweeny also advises young entrepreneurs to dismiss the startup myths that you have to be in silicon valley to succeed in online business. “But this is entirely unfounded, many of the successful online businesses and applications that you use today are run from all over the United States.”

He also points out that digital marketing offers more opportunities for young people, who often have a limited budget that is not fit for TV, Radio, and Billboard advertising. Mcaweeney which has been a top marketing executive in San Diego is now looking to help clients make the most of affiliate marketing solutions.


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