How to create your first information product
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How To Create Your First Information Product In 7 Days And Start Making Money Online

How to create your first information product

How people make money online

You must have probably become confused with the so many ideas and schemes flying around on how to make money online.

You may have even tried some of them and failed and I’ll tell you why you failed.

Most of those online business models are outright scam and no matter how you try, you’ll either fail or earn peanuts.

However, there’s one online business model that always works and will never fail. It’s been around for decades and will still be around for many decades to come.

It’s the same business model that has been paying all my bills for the past 5 years.

This model is digital product creation.

You see, online business is almost same as offline business. You must provide value to get paid.

SPECIAL NOTE: Any online business that promises to make you money without you providing any value is scam.

So to make money online, you need to provide a solution to someone’s problem and the person will gladly pay you.

Fortunately there are too many problems seeking solution and all you need do is to identify one, create a solution for it and sell…. that’s the best way to make money online.

And the best thing is that you can do this in just 7days.

I have taken the past 5months to write down the simple step-by-step process to finding a problem, creating the solution and selling it online.

You’ll learn:

  • The easiest way to discover sizzling problems that people can pay anything for its solution
  • The secret to creating a solution to any problem even if you have no experience
  • The easiest and cheapest way to sell the solution online…..most of the strategies are free
  • And lots more.

You’re going to discover all these inside “Cracking The Information Product Code

And for a paltry #3,000, you get this book now.

If you’re serious, 7days from now, you’d be in the market ready to start earning money online.

In addition to this eBook, I’ll also give you:

  • 10 Hot Selling Information Product Ideas You Can Start With
  • How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money In Nigeria (You need it to sell and earn in dollars with ease)
  • The Testimony Of A Young Nigerian Boy Who Made N160,000 In Pure Profit In 5 Days Using My Facebook Ads Strategy

Those are worth #35,000, but you’ll get all of them with your purchase of “Cracking The Information Product Code” for #3000.

Ready to start now?

Just make a deposit or transfer of #3000 to

Account Name: Emenike Emmanuel

Account No: 3045657185

First Bank PLC.

After your payment, send your name, email and proof of payment to [email protected] and you’ll get everything in 24hours.

And don’t forget, I’ll be here to help you along the way so you’ll make the money fast.

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