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Renewable Energy in the Netherlands: A Sustainable Future for Blue Economy

How to build a blue economy using renewable energy

Is it possible to use renewable energy to build a sustainable economy in the future?

The global community significantly relies on the ocean to get food and energy. But the devastating human habits degrade over 60 percent of major marine ecosystems. The increasing use of traditional fossil fuel energy technology remains a constraint toward a sustainable economy. 

However, economists across the globe do consider the integration of renewable energy sources as the future of the maritime economy, also termed as the “Blue Economy.” The global community will boost economic growth, fight world poverty, and develop a sustainable ocean environment through responsible use of marine resources. 

Here are three social and economic sectors likely to benefit and boost a sustainable blue economy if we start using renewable energy for innovation.

Offshore Energy 

Renewable marine energy plays a crucial role in social and economic development. Despite offshore wind energy extraction being standard in most countries and mainly Europe, other renewable offshore extractions remain practical in producing commercial-scale energy. 

These other forms include:

  • Wave
  • Tidal
  •  Ocean Thermal 
  • Floating PV 

All these offshore renewables have more than twenty times the potential of meeting today’s global electricity demand. They consist of vital pillars of decarbonizing energy systems and fostering the blue economy. 

Climate Change

Renewable energy contributes more to the world energy transition to halt climate change. For instance, offshore wind is expected to increase 380 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and over 2,000 GW by 2040. 

Such potentials will significantly contribute to the sustainable use of oceans and boost blue economic activities like shipping, fishery and tourism. 

There is a need for swift global actions to achieve a climate-safe future. According to IRENA’s analysis, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions will trigger a decline of 60 percent to meet climate goals by 2050. About 75 percent, when renewable energy for heating and fueling are factored in and at least 90 percent with full use of renewables. Car-hailing companies in the Netherlands are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint.



Today, the human relationship with the marine ecosystem is rapidly changing; new changes are making the old marine economy adapt and respond to unique ecological needs, demands and dynamics of global climate change. 

By 2030, small islands, developing states, and least developed countries will benefit significantly from the sustainable use of marine resources. This is after a shift in management and protection of marine resources with their economic and social impact.

The blue economy is a global call to create one international definition of industries and relating with the natural marine ecosystem and resources. Innovative activities and a cross-sectional approach are necessary despite the shipbuilding and port activities having significant interrelations with the transport sector.

There are significant investments required in developing a healthy and sustainable economy. Crucial ocean actions like decarbonization of shipping, sustainable seafood production, restoring mangroves, and development of offshore energy will ensure global economic benefits. 


However, shipping is the most efficient mode of transport globally but accounts for about 3 percent of global human emissions. There are few efforts to improve shipping, as seen with the cruise ships, as wastewater management, emissions, fuels, and solid wastes are a concern.

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