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How to write refund policy
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How to write refund policy

Traditionally, companies that offer services don’t refund but we will do the reverse to let you see how transparent and committed-to-deliver on our promise we are. If after the first month of working with us you didn’t see any improvement that tallied with the options contained in your package, you can opt out, cancel your subscription and you will have your money back. We can guarantee you that. Our reputation in the online marketing industry is bigger than any amount of money we can charge any client. It’s a no-question asked refund policy. But if we deliver on our promise, we’d be glad to have the recommendation of your friends. Send an email stating your dissatisfaction to ebusinessroom@yahoo.com. If the bane of your dissatisfaction is from us, we will look into how to resolve it and if we can’t, we will send your money back with full deduction on the money spent already exhausted.

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