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Quinton Oswald Vero Beach and His Exemplary Achievements

Quinton Oswald Vero Beach as an entrepreneur

Quinton Charles Oswald, one of Florida’s finest just got nominated for the state’s 2019 medical award.

He has for the past three decades, been a luminary in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Quinton has worked with high profile pharmaceutical companies across the globe. His influence in the international medical fraternity has impacted the success of a significant number of ophthalmic brands.

During an interview with Vero Beach, Quinton revealed the secret behind his exemplary achievements.

Quinton Charles Oswald Childhood and Education

Born, raised and educated in South Africa, Quinton Charles Oswald Vero Beach first joined the pharmaceutical world through South Africa’s arm of Brystol Myers.

His influence in this field was immediately evident since he played an instrumental part in the merge between Brystol Myers and Squibb which later became Bristol Myers Squibb.

Quinton Charles Oswald Career Life

In 1993, Quinton moved to the United States, where he leveraged every opportunity to make a great difference.

He had opportunities to work with giant biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the three decades he was in the industry.

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Quinton began at Neurotech Pharmaceuticals Inc and proceeded to Genentech where he served as vice president and business unit head.

At SARcode Bioscience, Quinton Oswald was CEO, and he was influential in the development of the lifitegrast ophthalmic solution for treating eye diseases.

Throughout his career, Quinton was at the helm of several development projects, and when he retired in 2018, he was installed as the CEO for Notal Vision. It is an internet-based company that deals with home-based healthcare.

Using this medium, Quinton gets to leverage artificial intelligence to remotely monitor the conditions of patients without them having to come in for a checkup.

How Quinton Achieved Exemplary Achievements

During the Quinton Oswald Vero Beach Interview, Quinton said that his personal credo is the key to his exemplary achievements. He says that he’s always aiming to build influence and networks.

He explained how his credo works with an example of when he joined SARcode Bioscience. Even though in the beginning he was not familiar with the top ophthalmologists in the company, he maximized the first opportunity he saw and his contribution positioned SARcode Bioscience as a thought leader in the area.

The Ophthalmologists were working on the solution to dry eye at the time, and Quinton not only contributed greatly to the development of the solution but also helped solidify SARcode as a leader in eye care standards.

Quinton as an Entrepreneur

Even though what he is mainly known for is his exemplary contributions to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical arenas, Quinton is also an entrepreneur.

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He joined the entrepreneurial world in 2009 and used his knowledge in pharmacy to commercialize his products.

What the Future Holds

Interview with Quinton Oswald Vero Beach as an entrepreneur

Quinton says he is quite excited about impacting home-based care today and in the future. His wealth of experience and knowledge will definitely be instrumental in the coming projects he’s taken part in.

Aside from practicing, he’s still very open to the generation of ideas and making a contribution to bringing other people’s ideas to life as well.

As a well-known entrepreneur and impactful contributor to the pharmaceutical industry, his advice is that people should continue studying and keep an open mind.

When asked how he maintained intellectual curiosity for all these years, he said that age is only a state of mind.

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The Vero Beach resident is one of Florida’s finest, and even with all the success he has achieved, he remains humble.


Quinton Charles Oswald is an exemplary scientist who has made impactful contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. The Quinton Oswald Vero Beach interview, revealed how he used his personal credo to glide to the top.

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