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8 Questions You Must Ask Before Integrating Magento Product Configuration Tool

Questions you need to ask before using Magento as your product configuration tool

There has been a huge paradigm shift in the printing industry since the advent of digital platforms and online marketing. While conventional marketing is not dead yet, a big portion of the expenses made on outdoor marketing and conventional marketing strategies have been transferred to the digital marketing platforms.

Thus, while the printing industry had to face a decline in printing demands from the marketing department, the printing industry itself has adopted the virtual world and has started a new and profitable business model of print on demand! 

 Printers and designers are leveraging e-commerce websites and product configuration tools to establish an online presence where they create customized designs on white-label products and are selling them in an open market to customers on a per-order basis under their brand.

The Rise of the Era of Product Personalization

Apart from that, one other trend that has emerged in the printing industry is that online print shops are rendering their product configuration tool to the customers and are empowering them to create personalized product designs which then the printers print and ship them! 

A wide range of products such as apparels to mugs to pillows to badges to labels to stickers can be personalized with a product configuration tool and the trend has witnessed an amazing uproar in the market. Right from gifts to corporate branding requirements to customized shoe wear, everyone in the niche and industry is joining the customization bandwagon.

The Dynamic Duo: Magento 2 and Product Design Tool

The customers are demanding it and industries are providing it! For instance, during Christmas of 2019 Deloitte found in their consumer review that more than 50% of customers were interested in buying customized gifts.

On one end where mass personalization trend was emerging, on the other Magento 2 was highly praised and adopted by the printing industry as most of the product configuration tools performed excellently on the platform and printers were able to increase sales and business with the e-commerce features and support from Magento 2.

So, if you too wish to introduce personalized products and increase your product range with minimal efforts and investment, you must invest in a Magento based online print shop and a product configuration tool that aligns with your business domain.

But instead of following a trend, why not make an informed decision? Instead of focusing on cost-saving why not think about optimum ROI? 


To help you with that, the following are the questions that you must ask your Web2Print Solutions provider about the product configuration tool.

The questions that you must ask your Web2Print solutions provider about the product configuration tool integration on Magento:

1. Have you integrated your product configuration tool in Magento for my domain?

To understand how well the product configuration tool works with Magento on your chosen niche and industry, you must first understand whether the product configuration tool has the capabilities to successfully serve the customers of your domain or not. Ask for reference websites from them and also ask the customization that the client made to get a clear idea.

2. How many types of customizations do your product configuration tool supports?

Not all product configuration tools support all kinds of customizations. Also, each tool has its pros and cons when it comes to customizations and you need to understand how compatible the product for your business and customers is. 

Although most of the Web2Print Solution providers facilitate customized product configuration tools, the customizations are paid and thus, ensure most of your requirements are covered in the standard solution.

3. Does your product configuration tool work on smartphones?

When it comes to product searches and buying, the majority of people nowadays use a Smartphone for online shopping and surfing. 

Thus, it is essential that the product configuration tool that you choose works perfectly fine on smartphones and that your customers have a delightful and satisfactory experience while accessing your product configuration tool from their mobiles.

4. How much time does it take for your product configuration tool to load?

No matter how good your product design tool is, if it takes long to load, customers will bounce to your competitors. 40% of customers have said that they have abandoned a website that didn’t load in 3 seconds! 

While the statistics are for websites, having a fast-loading application is a major boost to ensure that your customers have a positive word of mouth about your brand.

5. Can my customers and I share the designs on social media?

People nowadays love to share their purchases and ideas on social media platforms and businesses are also leveraging social media platforms to create brand traction. 

Thus, it is essential that the product configuration tool that you choose allows your customers and you to share the customized designs that they have purchased on social media platforms.


6. Can I upgrade the tool in the future?

The market of personalized products is a developing market and thus, there will be many upcoming trends and updates in the future. 

Ensure that the product configuration tool that you integrate with your Magento store has the required scalability and flexibility to be upgraded in the future. Also, try and understand how much it costs to update the tool. 

7. How do I manage the pricing of customizations?

Customers would love to design and buy the products immediately without waiting for you to quote for the design. Also, when the customers have a good idea about how much each customization will charge them; they can make an informed decision! 

Thus, ensure that the product configuration tool allows you to define the price for each customization and that the pricing reflects automatically in front of the customers.

8. Does your product enable users to track their previous orders and facilitate re-orders?

Customers don’t just love personalized products, they also love personalized experiences and thus, the tool must be able to provide personalized feed and facilities to the returning customers. 

Right from previous purchases to relevant product options to capabilities to re-order previous purchases, the Tool must facilitate all this and more so that you can deliver personalized digital experiences to your customers.



When you get answers to all these questions, you will be able to make informed decisions as to why you should choose the Product Configuration Tool and that cost of the tool will not be the only factor of the buying decision.

To grow in the market of personalized products, your Product Configuration Tool must be an investment that contributes to the bottom line of your business and helps you expand your product and customer base.

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