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12 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Ireland

Is Ireland good for business? Ireland has a fast-growing economy and stands as the twelfth biggest economy in Europe. This country offers a thriving economy, a friendly business climate, and low corporate taxes.

Business ideas to start in Ireland

Ireland is known for its diverse and vibrant culture, tradition, and economy. From its ancient Gaelic roots to its modern cosmopolitan cities, Ireland offers opportunities for entrepreneurs. Whether arts, crafts, food, tourism, or technology, there are many profitable small business ideas to start in Ireland. 

Many wonder: Is Ireland good for business?

In this article, we will run an Ireland business search, share 12 of the best business ideas, and show you how to get started. We will also guide you through registering your business in Ireland and creating a company that suits your needs and goals.

Below are the best business ideas to start in Ireland with a great potential for expansion.

1. Digital Marketing Agency

Starting a digital marketing agency in Ireland in 2024 is a wise and profitable idea for anyone who wants to tap into the growing online market. 

Today, over 250 digital marketing agencies in Ireland offer services like SEO, Social media management, pay-per-click ads, email marketing, and more. 

A digital marketing agency assists companies (e-commerce, tech, fashion, and more) to achieve their advertising and marketing goals. If you have a high passion and knowledge for digital marketing, you can make this an income source in Ireland. 

2.  Fashion Boutique

Dear fashion enthusiast, this is the phase where you must awaken your passion for fashion. 

Starting a boutique in Ireland in 2024 is a lucrative and creative business idea for fashion enthusiasts. Ireland is a great place to start a boutique because of its rich culture, tradition, and economy. You can sell your designs, curate a selection of local and international brands, or specialize in a niche market. 

As a boutique owner, you must be creative because it will assist you in creating a unique marketing strategy for your business in Ireland. 

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3. Real Estate Agency

Start a real estate agency in Ireland and enjoy the benefits of a booming commercial property market. Ireland has a low business tax rate of 12.5%, a strong economy, and a talented workforce.

To set up your agency, you must choose a company type, register under authorities, apply for a tax and VAT number, and get a license from the PSRA. In Ireland, the natives and foreigners have an equal opportunity to start a real estate business in Ireland. 

4. Coffee Cafe Business

Starting a coffee cafe means you produce freshly brewed coffee, tea, and light snacks for your customers for comfort and refreshments. To provide your customers a pleasant experience, you can furnish your shop with a friendly and relaxing scene. 

Coffee businesses in Ireland have a high potential to excel with the best coffee quality, customer service, and environment. 

5. Online Fitness Coach

The beauty of this business in Ireland is that you do not need to own a physical store nor travel outside your home to work. As a fitness coach, you must record paid fitness classes for your audience. 

Online fitness coaching is a growing trend that allows you to reach more clients, offer personalized support, and use flexible schedules. 

To succeed as an online fitness coach, you must have a passion for fitness, a certification in personal training, and a website or platform to deliver your services.

6. Business Consultant

Today, business consultants are in demand because they help companies streamline their operations. 

Help entrepreneurs discover the best business oath to take to maximum profit in Ireland. If you have skills in business fields like marketing, e-commerce, leadership, technology, and psychology, you should consider this. 

As a business consultant, you can assist small businesses to grow and succeed. Your company in Ireland can also focus on helping entrepreneurs to discover new business ideas to implement. 

7. Home Healthcare Service

Medical professionals will agree that some patients heal faster when isolated from general healthcare facilities like hospitals. As a medical professional, you can leverage this report to create an income source in Ireland. 

Starting a home healthcare service requires a medical niche, a license, and a business register. Some people prefer to partner with existing medical teams, while others prefer to create their health devices from scratch.

8. Web Development Business

Help companies build and manage their website from the comfort of your home in Ireland. Web developers apply coding and web designing skills to create unique websites. 

If you have coding, web development, or UI/UX design skills, you should consider making a profit as a business in Ireland. 

9. Online Bakery

An online bakery is another business that requires less capital and does not require owning a physical store. In this business, your responsibility is to sell baked goods to your clients by marketing them online. 

To start an online bakery in Ireland, you must have a skill in catering and own the necessary baking equipment. Depending on your choice, you may create a website and apply SEO to attract your target audience or use a social media platform for your promotions. 

10. Electronics Store

In this business, you will provide various forms of electronics from smartphones to televisions, microwaves, and other appliances. Advances in technology make this business have a progressive demand rate in Ireland. 

To start an electronic store, you must get a store, register your business in Ireland, and get a tax ID.

11. Grocery Delivery Service

How did you feel to sit on your couch and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep? 

Grocery delivery in Ireland is a high-demand service that requires delivering groceries to clients’ addresses. 

To start this business, you must have a means of transportation to use in delivery and network to shopping malls and grocery stores for awareness. 

12. Niche Blog

The last Ireland business idea you will learn in this article is a niche blog. This business requires that you have an online community to share your ideas on a specific topic of your choice. You can create a blog focusing on fashion, catering, technology, video games, and more. 

A niche blog provides income when the bloggers optimize the blog to be loved by Google through best SEO practices

To monetize your blog, promote and market your brand to your followers, create a YouTube channel, and network with brands in your niche. 

In niche blogging, the possibilities are endless! 

If you have been reading to this point, you have learned about the 12 best business ideas for small businesses in Ireland. But, some readers are still curious about starting a business in Ireland. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Business in Ireland

How can I register my business in Ireland? 

The first thing to do is to register your business name in Ireland. To do this, you must have a business stress in Ireland and then apply for registration using CORE (Companies Online Registration Environment).

What is the Ireland business tax rate? 

The standard Ireland business tax rate is 12.5% for trading income and 25% for nontrading income. 

How can I join an Ireland trade union? 

Joining an Ireland trade union depends on your business niche. So, first, check for a trade union in your workplace or business niche. Entrepreneurs enjoy Ireland’s trade unions because they offer collective bargaining, legal protection, training, and advice on employment rights. 


Is Ireland good for business? Ireland has a fast-growing economy and stands as the twelfth biggest economy in Europe. This country offers a thriving economy, a friendly business climate, and low corporate taxes.

You have discovered 12 of Ireland’s best small business opportunities in many industries and niches. You can leverage these ideas and create a successful venture in Ireland.

Are you ready to join the ranks of Ireland’s business leaders?

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