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15 Profitable Business Ideas to Start in Hawaii Today

Gain relevant knowledge needed for that business type, obtain the required permits and licenses and you are well on your way to start a thriving business.

Best business ideas in Hawaii

Do you live in Hawaii or are you planning to move there as an entrepreneur and you are wondering what the best business ideas are? The beautiful city of Hawaii with its rich cultural landscape provides plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Hawaii also known as the Aloha State is the only US state outside of North America. It is well known for its beautiful nature, beaches and outdoor recreation activities.

Here are 15 profitable business ideas you can start in Hawaii today.

1. Local Tours and Activities

According to Brittanica, the tourism industry is the largest in Hawaii. This American state has a robust cultural heritage and beautiful nature which makes it a very suitable location for tourists. 

You can seize this advantage of tourist flow and start a tour guide business. Through this business, you may help tourists understand the uniqueness of Hawaii’s culture and landscapes.

To begin this business, you will have to gain in-depth knowledge of the state. Build a thriving relationship with other tourist stakeholders. Obtain required licenses, permits and insurance.

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2. Hotel and Hospitality Business

One of the most profitable business ideas you can venture into in Hawaii is launching a hotel. Hawaii is a notable and renowned vacation destination and a hotel will be a lucrative business to cater to these travelers.

Carry out thorough market research to identify a suitable niche. You could choose to focus on luxury, cultural tourism or local tourism.

Having a strong online presence, digital marketing and advertising will enable you to reach potential guests.

3. Set Up Your Own Restaurant

Hawaii has a multi-cultural culinary tradition and local tradition and a restaurant will be a profitable business idea. 

You can choose a suitable concept that aligns with the lifestyle of the Hawaiian culture, whether fusion, cuisine or ethnic fare.

Look for a great location accessible to both the tourists and the local people.

4. Start an Airbnb Business

You can capitalize on the influx of tourists to Hawaii to start a viable Airbnb business. More than offering accommodation, you can in addition offer local insights and other amenities. People on honeymoons, seeking adventures and relaxation will be your ideal customers.

5. Start a Food Delivery Business

Food delivery is a profitable business you can venture into if you are in Hawaii. The state’s geographical layout and the residents’ lifestyle make it a lucrative business idea to venture in. 

You can secure a great location where there are plenty of people and likely to be high foot traffic. Leverage social media to also build a loyal base of customers who will patronize you regularly.

6. Transportation Service

This is a very profitable business idea that will meet the transportation needs of tourists to Hawaii. Offer varying options that can include airport transfers, and shuttle service to remote locations. 

You will need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Connecting with travel agencies and hotels will help you quickly build loyal clients.

7. Real Estate

Hawaii has high property values and a huge demand for living in or owning a property. Leverage this demand to start a real estate business that caters to the needs of those looking for residential houses as well as vacation homes.

You will need to understand the land ownership laws and how the local market operates.

8. Start a Travel Agency

Hawaii is a popular travel destination so starting a travel agency will be a smart business to venture in. Build a loyal client base by networking with local tour operators, hotel providers and event organizers.

9. Landscaping

Hawaii residents appreciate a beautiful environment. You can leverage this to start a landscaping business. Focus on indigenous plant species and practices that are not harmful to Hawaii’s ecosystem.

10. Healthcare Services

Start a healthcare business that caters to the critical needs of Hawaii residents. There is a huge scarcity of healthcare services in the remote areas of the state. 

Aside from having some of the highest healthcare needs, Hawaiians also experience barriers to accessing healthcare and quality services. Focus on these remote areas and build a thriving healthcare business.

11. Agriculture

Hawaii’s fertile soil and good climate support different agriculture. According to Farmflavour, 30% of Hawaii’s land usage is dedicated to farming. You could choose from varying agriculture commodities like nursery products, sugar cane farming, greenhouse, etc.

Hawaii generated an average of 357 million dollars each year from agriculture. In addition to this, only about 7% of available land in Hawaii is used for farming. This makes agriculture and food production one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Hawaii. You can explore different food business ideas as you wish.

12. Start a Photography Business

Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes and rich culture make it a popular tourist location and event destination. Consequently, there is a high demand for photography services. Starting a photography Business is a profitable idea you can venture into in Hawaii.

You can get a constant stream of clients by connecting with local businesses in event planning and real estate.

13. Information Technology 

You can start a viable information technology business in Hawaii if you are tech-savvy or love working on computers. The state has systems in place to give you all the support you need in the form of grants, education, and mentoring to build a thriving business.

14. Cafe

Hawaiians just like other Americans love coffee so a cafe will be a profitable business idea to start. You can prepare specially homemade coffee that both tourists and locals would love.

15. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant service is a profitable business idea that is in high demand that you can start in Hawaii. If you have digital skills and can work remotely, you can offer support to businesses and busy professionals from all over the world. 

You could offer a general virtual assistant service or niche down to support the common sectors in Hawaii like real estate or tourism.

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We have considered the various profitable business ideas available in Hawaii. Considering your skills and experiences, you can choose from any of them. Gain relevant knowledge needed for that business type, obtain the required permits and licenses and you are well on your way to start a thriving business.

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