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Popular POS System Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common popular POS system mistakes and errors

Point of sale systems has made it very easy for merchants to now sell their products and services. Restaurants, retail stores, bars, salons, and many small businesses depend on POS systems to manage their business and increase their sales volume considerably.

While it seems like everyone is now using a point of sale machine to grow their business, only very few companies offer iPad POS for restaurants.

In today’s article, we will talk about a common point of sale errors retailers make and how to avoid them. Here’s a fact many people don’t know: No matter how small the mistake you make is when handling a POS system in your restaurant, bar or salon, if it is not addressed, it can impact your business negatively.

To save your business from losing money and running into an avoidable debt, here are common mistakes small businesses make when handling their point of sale system that you need to avoid.

Common POS System Mistakes to Avoid

Popular POS System Errors 1: Not Knowing Why You Need a POS

Like they said, “Abuse is inevitable when the purpose is not defined.” Not knowing why your retail store business needs a POS system means that you won’t know how best to maximize it. In such a case, it will be common for the people working with you to collect payment from customers outside the POS system, and as such it can’t be tracked.

In our previous article on why every retail store business needs a POS system, we outlined the following benefits:

  • A POS system gives you a good overview of your business’ financial health whenever you need it
  • A POS system enables you to keep better track of your inventory
  • A POS system can help you and your employees save time on manual bookkeeping, allowing you to devote more time on more growth-crucial tasks

Popular POS System Mistakes 2: Lack of Training

Handing the POS system of your retail store to a team of poorly trained sales representatives can mean a deliberate attempt to run down your business. Don’t do it.

What was supposed to help you get more sales can become your business’ biggest undoing if the service assistants at your restaurant don’t know jack about using a point of sale system to receive money. The worst part is when they don’t back up at the close of sales.

If you are starting your retail business on a small budget, it’s okay to train few hands to become professionals in handling your point of sales system while you give them the responsibility of training other members of the sales team. That way, you will ensure that the lack of training of a few people in your sales team does not affect their general productivity.

Popular POS System Mistakes 3: Using IPv4 POS Terminals Instead of IPv6 POS Terminals

It’s a common error for small business owners to think that they can save more money by ignoring modern technology.

While some retail stores still use IPv4 POS terminals, their competitors who understand the benefits of constantly upgrading their business tools have moved on to IPv6 POS terminals.

The key difference between IPv4 POS terminals and IPv6 POS terminals is that the later meets the demand of IoT products, giving it the opportunity to operate for a very long time.

When you talk about cloud storage of data, a POS system in this modern day that can’t execute that comfortably is purely too outdated to work with.

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Big-brand companies using IPv6 pos terminals are miles ahead of their small counterparts who are still comfortable with pos terminals that do not give room for IoT.

Popular POS System Mistakes 4: Failing to Backup

Anything electronics can’t be 100% trusted. You can carefully shut down a computer today and wake up the next morning to be shocked that the same computer has refused to boot. Knowing this, what smart retailers do is to back up their point of sale system every day.

Failing to do this means you stand a chance of losing details of your inventory and a huge sum of money in the long-run.

Even if you have worked so hard to choose a quality POS from a trusted POS vendor, it’s always good that you have a backup of the previous transaction and a backup plan to keep the business going.

What do you look out for before buying a point of sale machine?

Long before you start pricing any restaurant POS system for sale, ask questions like:

  • Is this point of sale machine I am about to purchase have hacker detection in-built to prevent risking my customer’s credit card?
  • Does this POS software have second-hand value?
  • How long does the battery of this point of sale machine last?
  • Is this POS system for iPad only and how mobile compatible is it?

The most guaranteed way to fix a POS system failure

Use the manual to trouble it and if it’s not working don’t let it ruin your day. Grab your phone and call your reliable POS system vendor for direct instruction of what to do next. In most cases, they will send any of their tech guys to come around and help.


Popular POS system mistakes
Credit card security

It’s not enough to train your staff, backup your sales, keep a backup plan at hand, invest in IPv6 POS terminals or even get the best POS system that uses cloud computing (retrievable by the admin from anywhere in the world) if you don’t invest in the security of your POS system.

Some of the POS security strategies you can implement include but not limited to: choosing a secured password, using a WiFi network that customers don’t have access to, and encrypting your WiFi network. Before settling for any POS system be sure it is PCI compliant.

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