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Top 6 Places to Visit in Dubai for Free: Visiting Dubai on a Budget

Places to visit in Dubai for free

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Dubai during one of your vacations I’m sure you will be excited to know the best places to visit.

You’ve heard about Gate Avenue or the Dubai Marina Walk. Still, you need to figure out how to explore the locations.

Or get to the most attractive places, knowing where to go and what to do. You may also be curious to know the top places to visit in Dubai for free.

Worry not; this article will take you by hand and make you feel like you are in Dubai already. It doesn’t even matter if you have not gotten your tickets yet.

I currently live in the United Arab Emirates. And I can tell you for free that Dubai is not just a vacation place but the fourth most visited city in the world. Dubai recorded over 15 million visitors in 2023. Even though Dubai has enormous attractions, you must pay for it before accessing it.

Nevertheless, there are many attractive places to visit in Dubai for free. Amazing right? Let’s get into it.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai can be hot from the last week of April to the first week of October. This period is characterized by hot winds, high humidity, and scorching weather. Rainfall is scarce at this period.

Therefore, November to February is the best time to visit Dubai for maximum vacation enjoyment. In November, the average temperature can be as low as 19°c and as low as 15°c by February.

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Explore the Best Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

1. Gate Avenue

Undoubtedly, there are beautiful places you can visit for free in Dubai. Still, Gate Avenue is an attractive place you should visit. It’s an impressive structure with stunning interiors.

Suppose you have ever been to the Dubai International Financial Center. You must have noticed a sprawling development below the towering skyscrapers. That is Gate Avenue, referred to as Spine once upon a time, with a project cost of DH 470 million.

There are a lot of shopping stores where you can get whatever you want, including the menswear store black Amber, tailor shop Satoria Rossie, clothing store His and Hers, and Collars and Cuffs.

Gate Avenue also hosts festivals, cultural events, and live shows. If you need places to visit in Dubai for free, you have Gate Avenue to explore.

Gate Avenue is at the Sheik Zayed Rd – Trade Center, DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

2. Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is a man-made Channel and a waterfront destination you will be amazed to see. Visitors can rub, walk, and cycle along the 6.4km waterfront on either side of the Canal. Along the Dubai Water Canal are luxurious hotels and residential properties, which make the environment much more enticing.

You should access the canal boardwalk around the safa park to get to the Dubai Water Canal. There are many options to see the Canal because it extends from the creek through the central districts before it ends in Jumeirah.

3. Box Park

To have the best shopping experience in Dubai, you won’t want to miss Box Park hub experiences. Box Park is a trendy and new shopping concept in Dubai for like-minded people who love fashion, food, art, and homeward. Box park is located in the Jumeirah district, AI Wasl Road, and it’s very close to the Dubai beach and downtown.

There are diverse things you can shop in Box Park, from trendy boutiques with retro clothing to cozy cafes. The latest collection of Adidas and Nike can be found likewise in the Box Park stores. The shops in Boxpark are generally open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

You can get to this location by Bus or car. You should take the bus lines 12, 15 and 93 to get there by bus. And if you go there by car, you can park at the 200 private parking spaces in the shopping area.

4. The Beach at JBR

The Beach at JBR

One of the best beaches in Dubai is the beach opposite JBR. Is the beach at JBR free? Yes, it’s free. Let me tell you a bit about the beach. The beach is your perfect choice for a taste of an idyllic beachside lifestyle.

It’s also a relaxed district with hotels, lounges, and restaurants. It’s also a family-friendly beach; there is lots of fun for you and your family on the beach.

Now, how do you get to the JBR beach?

You can get to the JBR beaches by taxi. Or you can get off at the Sobha Realty Metro station from the red line. You will take the tram from there to the JBR1 or JBR2 stations.

5.  Dubai Marina Walk

The Dubai Marina Walk has become a fantastic tourist attraction for visitors and locals. It’s a picturesque waterfront destination. It featured the skyscrapers neighborhood and the tremendous man-made island.

There are various things of interest in this attraction. You can spend the day cycling and jogging when the season is perfect. Enjoy a delicious meal at any of the dozens of cafes and eateries.

There is also a spa at the location where you can relax and participate in other spa activities.

How to Get to Dubai Marina Walk

The location is just off the city’s primary highway, Sheik Zayed Road. Visitors can get to this location by taxi, Bus, or Dubai metro and tram. To get there by Bus, you should use Bus 8, one of the closest routes.

The Bus stops at the Minab Al Siyahi, Le Meridien Hotel 1, which is just a 10 to 12-minute walkway.

6. Jumeirah Beach Corniche

Are you a beach lover? Jumeirah Beach is a white sand beach where you can sunbathe and have fun during your vacation.

The beach and its frontage feature stunning hotels, resorts, and housing developments. It also features the picturesque Burj AI Arab and Arab Tower Hotel.

The beach is well known for its superb resorts, and it provides visitors with first-rate lodging alternatives. The best time to visit is during the warm months and during the tropical summer.

The nearest metro station to Jumeirah Beach is the Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station, a 13-minute walk away.

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Undoubtedly, Dubai is a fast-growing tourist city with enormous attractions and stunning structures. Most can be expensive, and you would need to get a paid ticket for it. Nevertheless, there are top and best places to visit in Dubai for free.

This article has given some of the best places to visit in Dubai. You can enjoy the best of Dubai without breaking the bank.

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