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Everything You Need to Know About Pearl Dental Care

Pearl Dental Care services

When it comes to dental care services in Hamden, CT, know that your pearly whites are in safe hands with Pearl Dental Care, believed to be one of the most trusted and eminent names in dental services.

Established under the able management of Dr. Gary Pearl in 1987, Pearl Dental Care continues to provide comprehensive dental services integrated with the highest standard of care to ensure absolute patient satisfaction and care.

At Pearl Dental Care, they make it their mission to offer the best in oral healthcare while ensuring the maximum degree of comfort and convenience to their patients.

Preventative care is fundamental in their routine, and they offer the best in class preventative solutions to protect your teeth from any prospective damage. They are committed to delivering the most advanced oral solutions relying on the highest standards of hygiene, sterilization, patient confidentiality, and technical innovations.

Pearl Dental Care obliges to the needs of their patients by discussing their ailment, proposing the solution, and designing the treatment plan based on full patient participation and knowledge. Personalized patient care is the hallmark of Pearl Dental Care.

Interesting Highlights about Pearl Dental Care

  • Excellent patient service with complete regard for patient privacy
  • Personalized care and treatment plans
  • Blankets, pillows, and comfort chairs
  • Stringent hygiene and sterilization standards
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Emergency On-call
  • One-time visit dentistry
  • PDC Membership

Services Pearl Dental Care Offer


They offer single visit dentistry through CEREC, a CAD or CAM based system that helps accomplish crown fittings, onlays, inlays, bridges, as well as veneer fittings in a single visit. These procedures previously entailed multiple visits and a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. CEREC has revolutionized dental care by offering speedier solutions and sparing patients of enduring the drillings, injections, and provisional components over multiple times. CEREC delivered restorations are not only quick and convenient; they are more aesthetically pleasing as well.


Lasers are more effective at eliminating bacteria, whitening the teeth, eradicating cavities, treating cold sores, and stimulating tissue regeneration. All this with minimalistic bleeding, lesser swelling, reduced pain, and faster healing. Pearl Dental Care engages the use of several types of lasers for different procedures. They use diode lasers and Nd:YAG lasers and have witnessed tremendous success and patient satisfaction with their use.

Dental Implants 

They use the sophisticated 3D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) technology to evaluate patient tooth structure and deliver a safe and precise implant placement.


The revolutionary orthodontic treatment Invisalign is administered safely and effectively by their seasoned practitioners. Digitally images are captured for the teeth impressions, and the treatment plan is conceived using the Invisalign software.

Apart from this, other oral care services including root canal, tooth extraction, veneers, bonding, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dentures, etc. are provided by Pearl Dental Care in a patient-friendly environment while assuring the highest quality of care and safety. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Pearl Dental Care also caters to the dental needs of children, right from toddlers to adolescents. The team at Pearl Dental is experienced and committed to delivering dental services to children in a friendly, fun, and positive environment. They are trained to address the concerns and anxiety of the little ones towards the treatment and guide them through the treatment plan with the active participation of both the child and the parents. They provide numerous orthodontic treatments for correcting any malocclusions such as crowding, misaligned teeth, and crooked teeth to prevent any future disfigurement.

Sedation Dentistry

Although with the advancement in technology, most dental procedures have become virtually painless, some treatments require some level of sedation to calm the patients who tend to nurture a phobia for dental treatments. Sedation dentistry helps relax such patients to facilitate a comfortable, painless, and uninterrupted treatment. Sedation is administered either intravenously, orally, or using nitrous oxide (laughing gas). 


PerioProtect is a novel treatment choice for the periodontal disease of minor to moderate nature.

The gums do not retain traditional medicines for periodontal diseases, and so PerioProtect uses personalized trays for insulating the medicine at the bottom of the gums so long as the trays are in place, thus ensuring that the medicine can fight off the infection in a more effective manner.

At Pearl Dental Care, they believe that dental care is a highly personal experience, and hence, they have the utmost regard for their patients’ needs, safety as well as privacy. Compassion, quality of care, and comfort are what you can be sure of on your visit to Pearl Dental Care as they make your experience a highly personalized and successful one.

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