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No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Try These 3 Options


The biggest misconception that I hear from people who want to start a business is that, you need some kind of money to start a business.

I think that is an excuse that people use to dismiss the idea of starting a business.

How to create your first information product

You do not need money to start a business and in businesses where you do need money, you don’t need your own money. Let me explain what I mean.

Based on coaching hundreds of people in starting an online business, here is what I have learned. You can start a business online from nothing, and it is not going to be much harder than people tell you.

But I suggest you keep your job and work on your business after work or on your free time.

If you are absolutely broke and you have a job that is not paying a lot, here are ways to start a business in you spare time that does not require you to invest any money at all.

Become a Freelancer

The easiest and fastest way to start a business in my opinion and in my experience is to become a freelancer.

This is not a real business because it is more similar to having a job, but it is one step closer to a real business.

How do you Become a Freelancer with no Money to Invest

To become a freelancer you need to learn a new skill. For example, writing articles, copywriting, landing page or funnel creation, web or graphic designing, etc.

Learn one of these types of skills. There is a huge growing market right now of companies which do not want to hire employees and staff, they want to hire freelancers.

Even if you have no skills, you can still write or help drive traffic for bloggers. You do no need a degree to do that. You just start from scratch. You can start your business from even day one.

How do you Start?

You don’t need much money to invest in this kind of business, you need to get in front of people and let them know you are for hire. Tell them what you do and how you can help their business grow using your service.

Use your social media platforms that you belong to and you can also use other freelancing sites available to advertise yourself to potential client looking for freelancers.

You may also want to save yourself stress, time, energy and money by taking this course, Freelance Writing Coaching Class.

Information Marketing

You can start an information marketing business with no money as far as you have the internet and a good social media following.

There are vital information that you may look as normal and free to everybody but the truth is, they are people who don’t have access to those information you overlook.

Information marketing is all about selling information that people are willing to pay for and can also help them make money.

It can range from starting an importation business, making money on Fiverr, how to start Forex trading, making money from blogging etc.

Information that you need to package in an eBook format is everywhere on the net, email list of top bloggers, YouTube videos and in some personal finance and business books.

Your job is to package these information in an orderly manner and sell them via your social media platforms.

Important! Buy this eBook, How To Create Your First Information Product In 7 Days And Start Making Money Online.

Become a Traffic Crusader

Some time ago, a blogger who was having issues with ranking on Google search engine approached me to help him increase his Alexa ranking by driving traffic to his blog.

I gave him my fee and he agreed. But I only did it for one week and stopped the project because it was not my thing. I am a writer and not a traffic crusader.

If you have a good number of social media following on different platforms and you are member to different Facebook and LinkedIn groups with good number of members, you can become a traffic crusader by approaching bloggers and tell them that you can drive traffic to their blog.

They must first give you a try to see how many page views you can give them. Impress them and you have a deal.

Bill them accordingly and you are in for a long term contract as far as you deliver a good job.

You can learn how anyone can double their blog traffic overnight here.

So, what are you waiting for again? Do you still have that excuses you have been saying again? If yes, then contact the admin of this blog for prayers and counseling.

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Okon Joseph is a freelance writer who help bloggers and online entrepreneurs generate contents that drive traffic. He's the owner of http://www.okonjoseph.com


  1. Nice one sir, most people think that money is a problem stopping them from starting a profitable business. Money is not the problem, the problem is MENTAL BLOCK. Some will start thinking “How will I make it when there are more that 10 million people that are already doing it. I started with no money but along the way, i got them money to invest in online business. I will encourage potential entrepreneurs to stop thing about the money. Deal with your MENTAL BLOCK and start from social media.

    • Hello Anyaogu,

      I really appreciate your time spent in reading this post and I also want to thank you for sharing your story with us.

      I know for sure that it will take time for some people to believe that having no money to start a business is no longer an excuse in this digital age that we are living now. I personally started promoting my freelance writing career using Facebook before I got enough money to build my blog.

      I just hope more eyes see this post so they can just shut up and go start up something they will be happy with.

      One more time, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi @Entrepreneurshiply!

    It’s great to have you here. Thank you for stopping by.

    Yes, freelancing is a great place to begin. What most don’t probably know is that they already have something which they can freelance to money.

    Okon Joseph nailed it here. I wish everyone will come in contact with this post.


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