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Movavi Screen Capturing App for Windows Now Available

Movavi screen capture apps

Movavi screen capture apps

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Engaging users in reading is good, but it’s even better if you engage your viewers through videos.

Creating videos is an art, and it’s not a cup of tea for everyone. Showing a video is better because viewers can actually try the DIY method and that’s the ultimate goal of any How to guide.

Numerous screen capturing apps floods the web world, but very few of those actually work as you would want it to. Movavi screen recorder is a perfect example of what everyone would want to deploy on their PC to fetch a crystal clear screen recording on Windows 10. Try it, get the best and forget the rest.

Why You Need Movavi screen recorder for Windows 10

‘What’s there in a name?’ But actually, there are a lot of things in this name. Movavi, the name ensure these following features-

Comprehensive video recording

It’s too easy to use even if you haven’t used any screen recording. All you need to do is select the area of the PC screen where you want to record the actions.

Then just hit the record button and start recording whatever you want. Once you are done, hit the stop button and it will be saved in the predefined folder on your PC.

Easy to go with options

You can add some voice over and filters to make the video more real and intuitive. Every option is decked on the dashboard.

Hovering your eyes on the dashboard will reveal all the features. You can easily pick one of these and try on your videos without having any restriction practically.

Split, merge and slicing options

You can add two different videos applying some transitions in between using this app. It gives you a feel of the Movavi video merger to some extents. Getting the Movavi screen capturing app can permanently replace the video merger because it serves as the two-in-one app.

Some professional enhancements

Imaginations give wings, and you can make your creative minds fly far with it. This app gives you the freedom of adding Chroma key, slow motions videos, stylish titles and ability to record screen and webcam simultaneously, etc. These features make it a complete screen recording app for our YouTube channels.

Note: Putting some transitions in between the same video becomes easier. Once you render the whole timeline, you can add the basic filters and transitions wherever you want.

Special reminder: Movavi screen recorder works smoothly on Windows 10 through Windows 7, and XP users can also get the best out of it without doing many tweaks. But we don’t recommend it for Windows 8 due to its frequent crashes and it hardly opens.

Any Guarantee?

Yes! It comes with 30 days free trial period, but you can keep going with it if you don’t open it while connected to the internet.

Start making some creative, gorgeous and informative videos that add some values to your audiences’ lives while keeping the tips and notes in mind. Using this app, Movavi screen recorder for Windows, acting like a pro becomes a lot easier.

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