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The Most Sought-After Remote Role Companies Are Hiring For

Whether you're an accountant, developer, executive assistant, or any other professional, the remote work system presents a vast job market ready to be explored. 

Remote roles companies are hiring for

As the nature of work shifts and more companies embrace the remote work system, more remote jobs have continued to emerge. And every year, the number of these remote jobs rises steadily. 

The major source of concern for remote workers, however, is the disparity in the demand rate of these remote jobs. This is mostly evident on remote job boards. 

While some roles are posted daily, there are a handful of other roles that are not posted as often. This is mostly because these postings follow the demand needs of companies. Essentially, companies only hire for the roles they truly need. Knowing the best websites for apply for remote job is a great advantage.

If you are wondering what roles are highly sought after, we are here to help. This article explores all the most sought-after remote roles companies are hiring for. Let’s get into it.

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Following a report by FlexJobs on remote work and research from other job boards, we gathered a list of these jobs. So, here are some of the most sought-after remote roles companies are hiring for.

1. Accountant

Surprisingly, FlexJobs lists accounts as the topmost remote roles most companies hire. With the many businesses springing up, accounting is a core aspect of business operations. And no business wants to get it wrong.

Because this is a highly specialized job role, businesses are willing to outsource it. So, if a company does not have an in-house accounting team, they could easily reach out to qualified remote accountants to handle their accounts. 

Interestingly, these companies are willing to pay accountants an average annual salary of $73,156. If this appeals to you, consider applying for this role if you are a remote worker with accounting qualifications.

2. Mobile App Developer

The demand for websites and applications and on the rise and it’s not waning any time soon. Since no business wants to be left behind in this digital era, companies often have openings for tech roles like web and full-stack developer.

Though not listed by Flexjobs, remote work job boards always have a generous amount of developer jobs available at any time. 

This means that you’re in for a lot of opportunities if you have website and mobile app development skills. Given that web developers earn an average annual salary of $91,663, you might want to consider a career along this line.

3. Executive/Virtual Assistant

CEOs and Business owners do not have as much time as they would love to. Yet, there are a myriad of tasks waiting for them every day. This is why they go to remote job boards seeking virtual assistants.

If you are either an executive or a virtual assistant, you are in luck. This job role is highly sought-after. As long as you are knowledgeable about the job requirements and dedicated to duty, you will never run out of EA or VA jobs.

The good part? This work is super flexible. You can work full-time or part-time as you deem fit. The only requirement is that you do your tasks as and when due. You also get to earn an average salary of $50,749 annually from this job. That’s a great job right there.

4. Financial Analyst

No business jokes with their financial analysis. Every business wants to have a firm grasp on their financial health. As a result, companies seek individuals with a solid understanding of financial data to provide insights and support strategic decision-making.

Expectedly, the ability to analyze data, identify trends, and communicate findings effectively are essential skills for success in this remote role. 

Since companies continue to prioritize financial stability, qualified remote financial analysts will always find abundant opportunities. FlexJobs confirms that financial analysts are in high demand, so you can begin to apply for remote jobs in this area if they meet your qualifications.

5. Product Manager

Currently, remote product managers are in high demand as companies strive to innovate and stay competitive in the market.

A product manager liaises with the developer and marketing team of a company to bring a product to market successfully. These professionals guide the development process, ensure that the product aligns with market needs, and oversee its successful launch. 

This role usually demands a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and project management skills. So keep this in mind if you plan to transition into this role any time soon.

6. Customer Service Representative 

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and many companies are keen to satisfy them. Because of this, they hire customer service representatives to ensure that their values and services are well represented to these customers.

A scroll on remote job boards like Remotive, FlexJobs, and Remote.co will reveal lots and lots of jobs in this position. 

If you are an individual with strong communication skills and a customer-centric mindset, you’ll find rewarding remote roles in this category.

7. Software Engineer

The demand for software engineers remains high in the remote job market. Companies are seeking talented individuals to design, develop, and maintain software applications. 

Remote software engineers contribute to the digital evolution by coding from anywhere in the world. As technology continuously advances, the need for skilled software engineers is unlikely to diminish. 

Remote work allows software engineers to collaborate with global teams and contribute to cutting-edge projects. It’s important to note that software engineers earn an average salary of $147,524 annually.

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8. Writer

Content creation is a fundamental aspect of digital communication, and companies actively seek talented writers to produce engaging and informative content. 

Whether it’s crafting marketing copy, blog posts, or technical documentation, the demand for remote writers is high.

If you have a way with words and a solid understanding of various industries, you will find a wealth of remote opportunities that match your expertise. In no time, remote writing roles might be your gateway to a fulfilling career.

9. Social Media Manager

Since social media became a powerful marketing tool, it has led to an increased demand for remote social media managers. 

Social media managers are responsible for creating and implementing social media strategies, managing online presence, and engaging with a brand’s audience. 

If you love interacting with people digitally, you could turn this into a career. Who knows, taking up a remote social media management role could be an exciting career choice for you.

10. Online Marketer

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of skills, including SEO/SEM marketing, email marketing, and online advertising. 

The new economy allows people to make buying decisions on the internet. And so many businesses have taken advantage of this trend. 

In that regard, companies are actively seeking remote marketers who can drive online visibility, attract customers, and contribute to the overall marketing strategy.

Develop a Sought After Remote Career

In conclusion, the remote job market offers a plethora of opportunities across various industries. Understanding the most sought-after remote roles companies are hiring for can guide job seekers in honing their skills and positioning themselves for success.

Whether you’re an accountant, developer, executive assistant, or any other professional, the remote work system presents a vast job market ready to be explored. 

So, gear up, refine your skills, and embrace the exciting world of remote work!

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