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Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Australia

If you are an expert in software development, cyber security, fintech, cloud computing, hardware manufacturing, and biotech, you should think about launching your net into this sector.

Profitable businesses you can start in Australia

Have you ever thought of the most profitable businesses to start in Australia?

If yes, congratulations! This article discusses the top 10 profitable businesses that can fetch you a significant income in Australia.

The report reveals that Australia is a good place for business for citizens and foreigners. In 2021, the CEO World Magazine ranked Australia third globally for ease of doing business.

According to the Benchmark Report 2022, Australia is ranked first for financial freedom and second for trade freedom. 

In terms of business efficiency and environment, Australia ranks highly as shown by the report. 

This goes a long way to prove that Australia is viable for business exploration and establishment.

What are the top 10 most profitable businesses to start in Australia?

Some profitable businesses that you can start in Australia include:

1. Interior design

Due to the increase in population, interior designers are in high demand in Australia. This is because more people are passionate about giving their homes and offices an aesthetic feel.

If you are creative with making indoor spaces beautiful by rightly positioning decorative items, then you should give this a shot. 

2. Babysitting

Are you a lover of babies? Do you have the grace and charm to capture these little creatures’ attention? 

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you should consider taking this up as a business in Australia. You will make a significant income, babysitting for busy parents.

3. Laundromat

How about helping homes with all their laundry needs? People who have tight work schedules will gladly hire a laundry helper who can provide home laundry services for them. 

This is a very profitable business to start in Australia. What’s even more thrilling is that it does not require huge capital investment to start.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers refer customers to companies and get paid a certain commission when purchases are made. 

The first step to starting affiliate marketing is choosing a niche–one that aligns with your passion. 

Some profitable niches to consider include fashion, travel, gaming, finance and fitness. 

Furthermore, you can join affiliate programs and networks like the popular, Impact and Commission Junction (CJ)). 

This CJ pays commissions worth over US$1.8 billion globally and annually to its affiliate partners.

5. Graphics design

The average salary for a graphic designer in Australia is AU$59898. To research more on graphic designer salaries in Australia, visit Payscale. 

If you are skilled at creating stunning visuals, or you understand the principles of composing texts, colors and visual elements to communicate ideas that inspire, then you have an edge in the Australian market. 

Go grab it and start making cool cash. 

6. Tutoring

Another very profitable business to start in Australia is tutoring. You can offer private educational services to students at a price.

Your price range largely depends on your mastery of the subject to be tutored and your qualifications. You can begin with 30 dollars per hour and subsequently to 90 dollars per hour.

7. Technology

One of the industries that has contributed tremendously to the growth of Australia is the tech industry. If you are an expert in software development, cyber security, fintech, cloud computing, hardware manufacturing, and biotech, you should think about launching your net into this sector.

8. Home cleaning services

Not only is this business rewarding and flexible, but the startup capital is pretty very low.

You can generate a good source of income by starting a home cleaning service as there is currently a high demand for the providers of this service, especially in the densely populated cities of Australia. 

9. Pet care

According to the Australian pet industry trends, top insights and statistics for 2024 reveal that the number of pets in Australia is over 29 million, making Australia one of the highest in the world in terms of pet ownership rates.

If you are a pet enthusiast with qualifications in animal care, you can have a rewarding career pet sitting in Australia. Take a quick look at the things you may need to start a pet-sitting business.

10. Aged care service

It will interest you to know that there is an increasing demand for elderly care services in Australia. 

According to the infographic by the Aged Care Puzzle, there is a significant workforce supply challenge in the aged care sector. 

If you have experience in aged care, you may consider launching into this sector. 

To help you with information on how to get started with this business, visit my Aged Care, a government agency where you can commence your application.

Aged Care Puzzle

Image source: Aged Care Puzzle

Can a foreigner start a business in Australia?

With a specific work visa, you can start and run a business with efficiency in Australia, as a non-citizen. 

To help you understand what visa to apply for, visit the Department of Affairs and read more on exploring your visa options. 

In addition, you can visit austrade.gov.au to discover how your business can be helped to thrive in Australia.

What are the four types of business structures in Australia?

A business structure is the type of setup an individual or group of individuals deploy in starting and running a business in relation to its legal status.

To effectively run a business in Australia, it is important to know the common business structures and choose the type that suits your enterprise.

There are basically four types of business structures operational in Australia.

  • Partnership
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Company and
  • Trust

Partnership business structure

Partnership involves ownership and running of a business by two or more individuals. 

These individuals source the capital to start the business and also share the losses and profits of the business amongst themselves. 

A detailed written partnership agreement stating:

  • The modus operandi of the business
  • How the income will be shared amongst the partners(equally or not)
  • What each partner needs to bring into the business is important for this kind of business structure, in order to prevent loggerheads amongst the partners. 

Sole proprietorship business structure

This is the simplest and most common form of business structure. This is because the business funds and management is done by an individual.

The individual makes decisions for the business and provides for exigencies that may occur along the line. 

In addition, he bears the profits and losses of the business and has total control over all the business assets and liabilities. 

To help you with more information about the operation of sole proprietorship in Australia, go to business.gov.au.com

Company business structure

The company business structure is when an individual decides to register his business with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). 

By implication, the company becomes a separate legal entity and can own assets or enter into direct contracts with two or more parties.

Trust business structure

Trust business structure is a type of business that allows an individual or company to legally hold a property or income for the interest of others- the beneficiaries.

The owner of a trust is called a trustee.

The trustee holds, manages, and passes on shares or properties belonging to a family or individual from one generation to the other.

To run the trust business structure, the trustee needs to have a trust deed which basically states:

  • The ownership of the trust
  • Method for distribution of the business assets for the beneficiaries
  • The names of the beneficiaries

If you’re looking to establish your trust, proceed to taxopia.com.au. To find out more about the tax obligations for a trust, visit the Australian Taxation Office.

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There are many profitable businesses to start in Australia. Knowing the various business structures obtainable in Australia, and exploring the business options outlined in this article, you will make a significant income whether as a citizen or non-citizen of Australia.

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