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6 Most Essential Skills for Fast Professional Growth

Helpful skills you need for professional growth

A manager needs hard skills as well as well soft skills in order to fully maximize their true professional potential.

Often times, newly employed millennials would ask why soft skills are so important in today’s corporate setting.

Unless you are self-employed or working in isolation, you will probably have to get acquainted with professional/corporate culture at some point in your life.

While not all jobs are created equal and there is a world of difference between what is required in one job and another in a different field, there are many universal qualities and soft skills that are beneficial to professional growth, regardless of your position.

But before we dig in, let’s look at the definition of professional growth.

What is Professional Growth?

Professional growth is personalized, individualized learning pathways that help each staff member be their personal best. Among every other professional responsibility that you may have, planning for your professional growth is the most important career decision you will ever make.

You can boost your professional growth through courses from Impact Factory and other reputable organizations, or relying on self-education and planning.

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While there is no universal formula for professional growth, we would like to share some of the most essential skills that contribute to it.

The 6 Exact Skills You Need for Professional Growth

1. Planning 

Timeframes and deadlines are essential components of most projects and work tasks, so your success in achieving results is as often dependent on efficiency as it is on the quality of the end product.

Therefore, if you look for ways to streamline your work and carry it out in the most efficient way without sacrificing quality, implement them in your work, it should demonstrate your talent and value to superiors.

2. Communication

 According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73.4% of employers want a candidate with strong written communication skills.

Here’s why…

Working with a team of people requires some level of communication, and most office workers find themselves addressing many issues and tasks daily both in verbal and written form.

Furthermore, communication is a key part of cooperation, and one of the greatest factors influencing the success of group projects and collaborative work. Thus, learning how to communicate clearly and appropriately in your work environment will have a profound effect on the work in your team and how others perceive you.

3. Adaptability

Being ready to face challenges and adapt to unforeseen circumstances are qualities characteristic for not only great leaders, but also any professionals in their field.

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Even if you are taught to do things a very specific ways, you should not be afraid to let your creative juices flow and think outside of the box when facing challenges that are new and unknown.

Adapting to any circumstances to a large degree can help you in your professional growth because everyone will always look up to you to lead your team.

4. Emotional Intelligence

We are all human, and all of us express our emotions in one way or another. From a professional perspective, it is important to not shut out or suppress all emotion, but rather let out your feelings in a way that is mature and not disruptive to others.

Leaders with a high degree of emotional and love intelligence are the easiest people to work with. The reason is because they tend to understand their subordinates more than everyone else.

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The best kind of teamwork is achieved through mutual support and dedication, so you should be ready to provide a shoulder for a colleague to lean on in a difficult moment.

5. Negotiation

Negotiation is a crucial skill to master in the business world and outside of it, as life throws many situations at us that cannot be resolved with a simple payment or trade.

Great negotiation skills will influence your job interviews, promotions, and all walks of life when it is required to just “sit down and hash it out”.

Seeing that your role in your organization is constantly up for negotiation, it is important that you have mastery of negotiation among other essential skills needed for professional growth.

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According to a publication by Katie Shonk on Harvard, some of the important things you negotiate for that will have positive impact on your professional growth include but not limited, long-term career success, business deals and your role.

6. Mindset

Maintaining a certain mindset can be a real challenge for someone new to a profession or task, but becomes practically second-nature with practice.

While the traditional approach is to just radiate confidence and positivity in your work, the greatest kind of mindset is one rooted in passion and interest for what you do, so these are the things you should focus on in your work.

Like Steve Jobs rightly said, “People with passion can change the world.”


When you acquire all these different soft skills we talked about above, you will experience an unimaginable growth in your profession. The best part, your company will always look in your direction to lead a team.

Which of these professional skills would you want to improve on? If you need help in developing any of these helpful skills needed in your professional growth, please, contact us and my team will be glad to work with you.

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